If you were a New York transportation employee, well, you’d have to be pretty happy with the timing of this transit strike. Imagine a city with an extra million people (in town for the holidays) stuck searching desperately for a cab or a car or a horse or hell, anything that could get them to and from the airport. The way I figure it, New York has two choices: cave in to the employee demands or fire everyone and replace them with lesser employees as soon as possible. If I were a transit employee in New York right now, I’d be home with the heat blasting and CNN on the tube while laughing my ass off at the mere thought of eleven million people trying to get in 40,000 cabs. I mean, what’s the over/under on this strike? Three days? If only the New York Transit Authority Employee Union Rep had been in charge of the NHL Player’s Union… Maybe we wouldn’t have lost that year of pucks on wet ice and toothless mouths in thick skulls. And while we’re here, could someone out there get me some stats on NYC auto thefts during this transit strike? It’s gotta be at least a forty percent increase, right? And yes, this is the kind of stuff I find interesting.

For no reason at all, here’s a snippet from the Atlanta trip that I forgot to put in (oh, and by the way, remembering a good snippet a few days after writing my snippets has replaced leaving the house without my phone then going back to get it after driving three miles as my least favorite act of forgetting. Just thought you should know):

Court: My friend bet against the Falcons even though he’s a fan of them. That’s just wrong. Especially when you consider that he knew I was going to that game.
Me: What does that have to do with anything?
Court: Dude, I’m really loud.

I just looked up the word yuletide and learned that it is that period from December 24 to January 2. No other tide or time can be a yule. That seems like discrimination. So, in case you were wondering, if you want to make the yuletide glow or whatever, you only have like a seven day window. Time waits for no one. And yule waits seven days.

And finally because this is one of those entries where I go on a miniature strike and demand an increase in logic and fluidity, I leave you with the following, which my friend Luke told me last night while we were discussing the transit strike:

“Dude, that’s what those idiots get for not being completely dependent on the combustion engine. Suckers.”

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