Just because Points in Case has added intramural sports master Dan Opp as the resident scribe de athletic (that’s Frenchish, bitches), doesn’t mean that yours truly is gonna stop tapping the keys in a sports related fashion. You see, the sports lull officially ends today with the tip off of the first game of the NCAA tournament. By the end of the tourney, baseball will be in full force, then we get the hockey playoffs and the NBA playoffs, then football’s pre-season, then baseball’s post-season, then football’s playoffs, then another sports lull. This is the way things ebb and flow. And with that flow goes I.

March is one of the greatest months in Florida. The weather is perfect, the girls come down on Spring break ready to blow off steam (and a whole lot more) and the only baseball going on is either here or in Arizona (and they ain’t got no beaches in Arizona). Because of this, I get happy.

And, as we all know by now, when I get happy, I write lists about why I’m happy. You see, happiness is very important. And so are lists. That’s why I combine the two. It’s like peanut butter and celery only not as good for you. Anyway, here are the top five reasons why I am looking forward to the next few months.

5) Two words: March madness. Buzzer beaters, sitting in front of the television in a drunken stupor while Dick Vitale jumps up and down and screams about diaper dandies and prime time players, and over-thinking my bracket to the point where I have Wisconsin Milwaukee in the sweet sixteen. Man, do I love the madness.

4) Two words: Spring break. Chicks from all over the country coming down to let me drink shots of liquor out of their belly buttons, combing the beaches to find the girls who (for whatever reason) don’t have hotel rooms (“It’s cool baby, I’m a local. I got a place for you to stay”), and pretending I’m still in college and that my name is actually Jonathan (no last name. Jonny’s too cool for that).

3) Five words: Court Sullivan is a punk. PIC editor Court Sullivan actually plans on coming down this April with the intention of drinking me under the table. To quote that one guy from that one movie, “No way you win. No way.”

2) Two words: Spring Training. It’s relaxing. It’s peaceful. It’s bright and sunny out. And it’s almost major league baseball. I love the training of the Spring even more than I love the madness of the March. Mainly ‘cause I live in Florida.

1) Three words: cable baseball package. The Cardinals are in a new stadium. And yours truly just dropped $160 on a baseball package that will allow me to watch the Cardinals in their new home almost every air-condition-filled day. My girlfriend figures we’ll break up because of this. Probably in June.

Yes, Spring is truly one of the best seasons around. And in Florida, Spring means pre-season baseball, hot and clueless chicks looking to party, watching basketball from a tiki hut on the beach, and getting my punk bitch editor so drunk that he starts speaking German (and he doesn’t speak German). Yes it is Spring, and love is in the air.

Along with the smell of coconut oil, rum and a little bit of oak pollen.