Ladies and gentlefolk, Nathan DeGraaf is dead (he's the one on the right).

As we all know, Mr. DeGraaf usually uploads his Snippets on Wednesdays, which, I'm sure, fills you all with merriment and mirth and smiles and such. Unfortunately, we will hear no more excerpts from his weekly conversations. I will wait for you all to grieve.

I'm not entirely sure what circumstances precipitated his untimely demise, but I think we can all take comfort in the fact that it involved copious amounts of booze, a beautiful woman (slut), and some measure of witty banter. Truly, he will be missed. His was a rich and varied and soused life.

His, too, was a rich and varied writing. From the best way to abuse your significant other, to a several-part dissertation on strip clubs, to a heartfelt and genuine account of one man's reaction to last year's Virginia Tech massacre, The Flying Dutchman brought us laughter and quiet introspection and delicate subjects, each through the lens of the everyman lush within us all. I, for one, am on my tenth beer in honor of our late friend Nate DeGraaf, the Missouri Grizzard.

But, as we all know, Points In Case's most prolific blogger and columnist would as soon die as miss a deadline. The Snippets are on Wednesdays. Other content follows, usually on Monday and Friday, with a bit sprinkled in between.

So, with only his absence to signal his departure from this mortal coil, let us all remember Nathan DeGraaf, the writer. Nathan DeGraaf, the internet colleague. Nathan DeGraaf, who once dumped a hot chick for insulting Lord Stanley's Cup.

Cheers, you crazy Dutch bastard. Send down some heavenly Snippets down between you and St. Peter for all us sinners.