Hospital signHey folks, it's Court, pardon the interruption.

Kc had an accident this past weekend and his friend WAM tells me that his neck and spine are injured, but that he is doing very well considering the extent of damage.

The official "kc report" (a text message from the hospital!) is that he broke his neck and will be out of commission for a bit. My favorite part of each of his text messages to the same effect (the drugs must be working) included either "I'm not kidding" or "This is not a joke." As if all I hear all day are jokes! Or perhaps that breaking one's neck is such a comical, loosely thrown-around injury that no one on PIC could be expected to take such a thing seriously. Well, readers, here's your chance to finally see that comedians aren't invincible. Occasionally we go out on a limb, stick our necks out, and dive off into what we think is the deep end and come up several feet short on a joke and bump our heads. That doesn't mean we won't get back up and try again.

If you're reading your own blog from the hospital, kc, we're all thinking of you and hoping that you're getting better every day. And maybe that the pain meds drip a little faster and the flat screen is a little wider than your neighbor's.

YOU'RE the best!

-Everyone at PIC

Update (Aug 21): I talked to kc on the phone and he is indeed alive and being taken care of. Though the only words I could make out were "I'm alive" and "feeling woozy."