Canned crowned prince,
15 cents a give-a-shit.

Funny you should say that you never said that before.

Will work for fluid.
Will work for fluidity.

Won't work for the white man?give a brother a job.
Thirty eight cents a pound for your limbs downtown.

Funny you should laugh, I was serious.
Seriously, have you ever seen such a varied scene?

This is the season of the dawning of the age of a new beginning around the bend, getting ready to grab you by the lapels and yell, “Freedom” in your closed face.

One God for sale:
Revelation or best offer.

Bring me the middle man,
I want to hear his story.

“Normal sir,
Why normal is a state of being plain, I believe sir, and generally frowned upon in the higher ranks.

All the same.”

The difference between play time and nap time is purely kinetic.

On my way to the world I lost my wits
And can only remember to forget to know what
I meant
When I said what I felt and I felt what I said,
When all there was
And there wasn't no now.

Just hang out and someone will show you how.

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