(My students taking tests and hiding tears) 

I haven't written jack dick in the past few weeks, mostly because of grading stuff, writing midterms, and now grading midterms. I guess I'm making up for the two-month vacation I took at the beginning of the year. 

So, in the great tradition of stealing my best humor from other people, here are the best answers to a bonus question from my midterm question: “How can Casey Professor improve this class?”

  • I think Professor Casey that handsome teacher and I want to enjoy class.
  • Professor Casey is good and well.
  • Give the shocker to annoying students.
  • You are a good teacher but I am not a good student.
  • I think a professor casey is very smart and handsome guy…Thank you I love you.
  • Professor Casey is my GOD! I love you. Casey = holy = lover. Don't give me F….??
  • Casey Teacher is very good teacher because you have warm heart.
  • I think teacher to angry because many student's talking too much.
  • I think there is many student sleeping in TOEIC class. Maybe, The reason is the class is so boring. So, professor Casey, please teach us more friendly, interesting and funny.please~~~~
  • Professor Casey is fast please slowly!
  • I'm sorry I don't understand this question. 

(And the best part of this particular blog is that I don't have to proofread anything these kids wrote.)