It's funny how her smile never seems to keep me alive
And yet I'm here
And she is smiling

"What?" she giggles when she speaks. 

I kiss her happy lips
She laughs
And the stupid morning sun
Pulls the covers from us
And she has to leave. 

The curves of her body
The smells of her skin and hair
The sounds of her happiness
And the dimples on her face
All leave. 

And my day is coffee
And charts
And money
And clumsy goddamn words.

Then there's whiskey
And barbecue
And shit that needs to get done. 

The sun says goodbye
With a wink of the horizon.
And then there're the headlights
Of her car rolling up

And I smile
And I laugh.

"What?" she giggles when she speaks.

I embrace her until she squeals. 
My hands in the small of her back
My arms tight around her waist.
And she kisses my happy lips. 

It's funny how she keeps me alive.