You probably can't tell by that sweet sexy picture of me, but I get called a nerd, dork, or geek more times than the average person. When I ask people to describe me those words never come up. I don't look like the nerds brilliantly portrayed in the Saved By The Bell series (who's names included Nerdstrom and Geekman). I don't wear glasses or poor fitting clothing. Yet, people are still convinced that I'm a nerd and they usually don't pass up a chance to remind me. So, I decided to take a good long look at myself while standing naked in front of a mirror to figure out why I may come off as a dork.

It could be that I can form a compelling argument on why TNG is better than DS9 (that's Star Trek: The Next Generation and Star Trek: Deep Space Nine for all you “cool” people). Maybe because I've actually been to a Sci-Fi convention. I didn't dress up as anything. I just went to see what new effects and ideas I could come to expect in the near future. For the record, there are women at Sci-Fi conventions, but they are horrible places to pick them up. Unless you're willing to talk about shows and movies that you've never heard of then get condescending looks for the remainder of your time there.

So, what if I like science fiction movies and TV shows. I contradict that by sucking at math and having sex with women (even if they don't admit to it).

Perhaps its my comic book collection. I don't think my friends found it cool when I complained for an hour after the first X-Men movie because it left so much out from the comic books. I don't see why comic book collectors are seen as nerds or dorks. Am I a geek because I know the difference between Manga and Gekiga? Actually, don't answer that. A lot more work goes into producing those than baseball cards. Plus there is an abundance of scantily clad women in those things. Its like porn that your parents will tolerate, and there's nothing nerdy about porn, right?

Movies based on comic books make millions. Obviously I'm not the only into them. Plus I contradict my comic book collection by playing sports and sucking at quantum physics.

I've been called a nerd because I new how to play the Magic Card game. I don't own any Magic cards, I just know how to play the game. You can win a lot of money playing that game with your high friends who think the characters are coming to life or spend thirty minutes telling what they would do if they were a fire spirit. However, using lingo from this game does not help your cause when you're hitting on girls.

Alright, I can't really defend myself on this one

So I may have a few nerd like qualities. It shouldn't change how I'm perceived as a person. I still get turned down by women who have no clue that I own a Geordi LeForge replica visor or keep a few comic book issue in a safety deposit box. I'm still the same guy who can sit in a bar drink some beers and talk about baseball. Who cares that the conversation could quickly turn into a debate about comic book villain should be the most feared.

Either way I'd be flirting with Nerdism.