A delivery room. A woman has just given birth to a beautiful baby girl. Smiles all around. The doctor holds the baby up triumphantly and then gives her to the woman, presumably the baby’s mother. The mother looks at her new baby girl in awe as the girl moves her arms around, stretching into the new world for the first time. Then the doctor grabs the baby back from her and sets it down on the floor.

He says in a doctor voice, “Okay, guys, time to get down to some serious business now. No more foolin’ around.’


“You know what I’m saying, bro…” He looks at the guy but receives no response.

“Come on, guys, orgy time! Let’s do this! Whooo!!! He knocks over a tray with several medical tools on it and rips open his shirt, buttons flying everywhere.

“What? No.”

Sadness hits. He looks like he’s a kid and he’s just been told Santa, the Easter Bunny, the Tooth Fairy, and professional wrestling are all fake.

“What? Is it because I don’t have a Facebook?”

“What’s Facebook?”

(mocking) “ ‘What’s Facebook?’ the bitch says! You believe this shit?” he says to the guy.

(yelling) “Listen, my wife just had a child!”

“Oh, boo-hoo! That’s no excuse!” His voice cracks. “Nobody ever wants to have orgies anymore!” he blurts out as tears start rolling down his face. “I just wanna have an orgy once in a while, is that too much to ask?! I've already seen your vagina, so…..” He trails off as he kneels down on the floor, his head in his hands.

“Awww….listen…it’s okay.” The guy starts patting and rubbing him on the back. “Cheer up, sport. Everything’s okay.”

“Then let’s have a orgy.”

The doctor looks up, tears stained on his face, at the man, then the woman, then the baby over on the floor.