I came to PIC about a week or three after the whole “Day In The Life” scandal went down, and so all the PIC fans were left crying in pools of their own sadness, wondering what the hell Tyler Haggard does on his regular days. Well, when I'm not out and about Raleigh saving animal shelter kittens from adoption and releasing them into the wild (indoor shopping malls), I lead a fairly normal, yet surprisingly interesting life! Just how interesting, you ask the person next to you? “Very,” they respond coldly.

Well, here's MY day in the life piece. And, like all good chronologically chronicled blog entries, this one starts at the ripe ‘ol hour of

1:57 AM: Fuck this, man, I'm going to bed. I pop in Disc 4 of the 3rd Season of LOST, and head into a blissful, whiskey-and-ginger-ale fueled sleep.

12:43 PM: Wake up, piss.

12: 47 PM: Get back in bed, fall asleep.

5:26 PM: Wake up; shot of whiskey.

5:27 PM: Shot of whiskey.

5:30 PM: Walk out to car; start car. Drive to Cookout (NC-exclusive drive-thru joint).

5:46 PM: Get in bed; eat Cookout while watching Season 4 of Maury on DVD.

11:17 PM: Wake up, clean barbecue sauce off sheets from falling asleep while eating; fix bourbon and Coke.

11:29 PM: Finish 5th bourbon and Coke. Start calling ex-girlfriends and their families.

1:57 AM: Finish crying; fall asleep, dreaming about tomorrow's possibilities!