A few days ago, editor, web-master, and comment box overseer Court Sullivan sent the PIC staff the following e-mail.

Thought you guys should know about an email I got today, from a “Mark in DC”:


My house quite frequently enjoys reading your site, and we feel obligated to invite you and your writers to our Labor Day Kegger in Washington, DC. It will be on Sunday night at 8:30 PM. If anyone would like to come, please email me and I'll give you an address. The main student base will be The Catholic University of America. We've come a long way since being rated as a party school in Playboy, and we'd like you guys to help us further our reputation (especially since most people have never heard of us). We all realize it's a stretch that any of you would actually come, but we'd be honored to have any of you here. Thanks!

-Mark in DC

None of us live in or close to DC, right? Nonetheless, I can always appreciate a thoughtful, alcoholic gesture.


Unfortunately, I have busted blood vessels in my face (which is why I’m not allowed to go out in the sun for two more weeks, which is why I’m spending my labor day weekend inside writing instead of outside fishing. Feel free to cry for me) and could not attend the Labor Day Kegger. I can’t speak for the entire PIC staff, but I wanted to thank Mark for the invitation.

So thanks Mark.

Seven hours to sunset. Seven long hours.

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