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Lastname Current City
F., Aabye-Gayle The Epicenter, New York
Jiang, Kevin The Mariana Trench (above Cthulhu, below Cyber-Elvis's submarine)
Asange, Julian The Sweden
Savva, Sophia Tokyo, Japan
Geiger, Ashley Toledo, Ohio
McLean, Jesse Toronto
Pyszczyk, Kristen Toronto
Bullen, Ross Toronto
Ralph, Michael Toronto
Churchill-Smith, Jane Toronto
Brown, Rick Toronto
Parrish, Taryn Toronto
Burnstein, Eli Toronto
Blackwood, Clare Toronto
Lester, Ryan Toronto
Chown, Aaron Toronto
De Vita, Giulia Toronto
Seely, Matthew Toronto
Waite, Geoff Toronto
Peckel, Ariel Toronto
Hardie, Paul Toronto, Canada
McLaren, Rebecca Toronto, ON
Kilodney, Crad Toronto, Ontario
Tighe, Sarah Treviso
Jenkins, Scotty Tucker
Simon, Eric Tucson, AZ
Wann, Josh Tulsa
Rosenberg, Meisha Upstate New York
Chow, Jackson Vancouver
Alexander, Paul Vancouver