Five Ways to Mess with Your Friends on Facebook

Facebook 2 out of 3 friends

There are many creative ways out there to have a little fun messing with your friends on Facebook. Below are five I think would be great, and the screenshots to prove just how much fun I've already had with them. Remember, a true Facebook friend is a friend NO MATTER WHAT!

1. Put your friends' stuff up for sale in the "Marketplace."

Sell friend's Jeep on Facebook Marketplace

Freakin sweet-ass ride. 2010 Jeep Wrangler with Hemi, twin supercharged and quad turbo. Recently replaced the Flux Capacitor with a newer one by Doc's Customs.

2. Invite all your friends to a drive-thru lunch event.

Wendy's Facebook lunch event invite

It has the Mopar afterburner upgrades and the doors extend outwards to stabilize the vehicle during flight. It gets roughly 43 mpg city (fuck you, Prius!). Yo yo yo, it’s almost that time again, LUNCH TIME! Woo Hoo.

3. Comment on a post from years in the past.

Comment on Facebook post years ago

4. Become a "public" Facebook stalker.

Facebook stalker post

Come on out and show your support to that red-headed bitch Wendy! I can fit 4 in my truck, unfortunately passengers cannot ride in the bed within city limits so we might need to car pool.

5. Take your stalking to the next level.

Facebook stalker Kleenex post

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Mike Lamb's picture

My personal favorite is befriending pornbots then spamming the hell out of them.

Joshua Bartel's picture

Very funny.

Gavin Pitt's picture

Awesome stuff.

Love the pics, and their escalating ball of Wrong!

Brian Jones's picture

This gave me a good laugh. Nice article!

Andrei Trostel's picture

Haha Nice!

The only thing more fun than messing with people on Facebook is messing with them in real life.

(Spoiler: article to follow)

you are a homosexual, yes? Not that is anything wrong with that, but you might want to try some cleanser before you post your pic. I don't think the men will go for that to feminine side you show.

Andrei Trostel's picture

No I'm not a homosexual, sorry to disappoint you. Let's get something "straight" though, offering people advice on using cleansers is pretty feminine in and of itself. Not that [there] is anything wrong with that.

Missy K's picture

random person: My grandmother is in the hospital =(
(you like this)

Gordon Dryfus's picture

That is so funny. I want to see more of that.

awesome. thanks >:)

Frenchie's picture

Great article!

My personal favorite is posting something offensive or sexually explicit as their status when they forget to log off on my computer.

our friends call it getting "pooped on"

We call that Fraping. Facebook raped.

Michael J. Galt's picture

Hilarious. I laughed out loud several times.

chance your name to the name of a friend, (and photo too )

Jimmy Sticks's picture

My friends may hate me soon aha.

The best way I have found is to get friends talking about a subject, respond, then delete your own comments.

changing a friend's birthday is great; by the next time they logon, they have 100 notifications from random people.. also changing their url name is funny but permanent.

The absolute best is changing your name to your friends name (and stealing their current profile pic). For best results, be sure to steal the identity of a super well known individual ("popular kids" and whatnot, with 1000+ friends who have like all of your friends added as well). It's always good ass fun :)

How bout tagging your friend in a 5 photos that go together to say something offensive with an arrow pointing to their profile picture?

haha thats a good one

I know this is meant to be funny. At some points it was.
However, joking about stalking is not funny. Stalking is a serious issue, and by pretending to stalk someone, the seriousness of the crime is instantaneously minimized.
Also, "Comment on a link from years in the past," is a hilarious idea, and I will probably do that soon. Looking beyond the surface though, the comment in the example was horrifying. Please consider who is viewing your page and who might be actually be affected by what is said.

Shut the fuck up, you little internet bitch.

yeah dont be such a cunt-fuck

Wow, really? Go be horrified somewhere else. Eat computer virus.

I, for one, am deeply affected by the shop vac comment. I will never be able to look at a shop vac the same again *shudder*
this person is a helpful citizen and contributes very much to the growing number of overly sensitive pussies who think the world needs to cater to them so they don't feel "offended"

This gave me a good laugh. Nice article!

But it couldn't stop me sucking that fat transvestite's asshole!

This is about to make my life a lot more amusing.

The first one was priceless.

ROfl WTF man u make ma day !!! :D


wow thats some pretty funny stuff there