Keeping things new and exciting in a relationship can certainly be challenging, especially as time goes on. Most people dream of spending the rest of their lives with their partner, but one thing they don’t often take into consideration is their sex lives! It can be easy to think that the honeymoon phase will last forever, although—sadly—that’s rarely the case. Still, the future is what you make of it, so why should couple sex become stale with time? If you want to have better sex for years to come, here are four things to consider when it’s time to get naughty!


If you’re already getting bored of the same old routines, then chances are, you’re probably bored of doing them in the same places too! The bedroom is definitely a classic choice when it comes to lovemaking sessions, but there are plenty of other rooms you can use to switch things up a bit. Our favorites: the kitchen and the shower in the bathroom! The kitchen is great for getting down and dirty, whereas the shower is best suited for when you want to take things a bit slower. Talk it over with your love and see where you want to try first. You’ll be surprised how much simply changing the location can have a positive effect on your sex life!


With hundreds of options to choose from, it simply doesn’t make any sense to stick to the same old position! Missionary is great for romantic lovemaking, but when things are starting to get stale, it’s time to get off the beaten path and try something sexy. The Kama Sutra is a classic read that’s sure to inspire your future relations, renewing the spark and giving you both more satisfaction as you “do the deed.” Of course, reading isn’t for everyone, so if you hate reading physical books, there are plenty of online resources you can use for inspiration as well.


Everyone has sexual fantasies, but if you don’t tell your partner about yours, it’s fairly unlikely that they’ll know what you want. While sharing your innermost thoughts can certainly be an awkward conversation, it’s one that’s definitely worth having with your partner if you’re serious about improving your sex life. You might think that your fantasies are a bit weird, but chances are, your partner thinks their fantasies are a bit weird too! Once you’ve talked over what you’re both into, you can work bring these fantasies to life in erotic roleplays that are sure to put you both “in the mood” right away!

Sex Toys

To toy or not to toy: that is the question! Likely another awkward—albeit worthwhile—conversation to have with your partner is about adding sex toys to your future escapades. Foreplay is an important part of improving your sex life, and toys make it easy to fully arouse your partner with less effort (you can save that energy for later on!). With plenty of products for men, women, and couples conveniently available online in just a couple of clicks, you don’t even need to worry about wandering into a sex shop. Just read some reviews, share your thoughts with each other, and then decide which toys to test out first!

Don’t be like so many other couples and let your sex life die off with time. Even if your sexual relationship has been going downhill, you can always improve it with a little effort! It’s important to communicate with your partner about the new things you want to try as well as what’s currently working (or not working) in your routine already. Having quality couple sex—much like the relationship as a whole—requires effort and commitment, but it’s definitely worth it in the end. It’s never too late to start having better sex!