Humor: We All Could Use Some in Our Lives

The notion of humor and laughing is what makes it better. Life is full of annoying conundrums and problems with which we are presented within our daily lives, but sometimes, having a good laugh is the best way to get through that, and make life just a bit easier for oneself. A good joke can change your mood for the better, and it can help in all instances.

It’s the reason why stand-up comics such as Pete Davidson, Ricky Gervais, and Jimmy Carr have such huge followings nowadays, due to their great wit and humor, and overall ability to make us laugh and introduce some levity into our lives.

Gambling can be an intense practice all around, as the stakes are usually placed quite high. With this in mind, some humor would be great in any instances of gambling, whether it’s a casual poker game with friends, or whether you’re using an online casino or an online sportsbook like Unibet Arizona for instance.

With that, here are some of the funniest gambling stories and parables which may brighten up your day next time you decide to gamble.

The Story of Ashley Revell

In the first, we meet Ashley Revell, an English gentleman who took a chance and struck an apparent bargain with Lady Luck. Ashley had a stunning $136,000 after spending all of his cash and selling his possessions. Twenty seconds later, he had $272,000 thanks to the wheel's enchantment. It's not terrible, but you shouldn't put all your money into it.

As this tale demonstrates, even though the odds are almost always stacked against the player, sometimes lady luck smiles upon the gambler. Still, it's important to heed cautions and not pull the same trick by putting one's financial future at danger on the roulette wheel, as luck may not be as kind to you as it had to Mr. Revell.

A Method So Good It Bankrupted a Company

Michael Russo and James Grosjean, two gamblers, were awkwardly held in a prestigious casino in the year 2000. You think they committed a crime? Cheating. The Griffins' Book, a registry of undesirables, was updated with their names. Although the casino saw this as business as usual, Russo and Grosjean decided to take legal action. They said they didn't take chips or raise a commotion, and that no cheating devices had been discovered on them.

They outwitted the casino by using their wits and “style of play,” or card counting. They claimed that they were unlawfully held and banned by the casino and Griffin Investigations. So what's the final score? The suit was won by these two gamblers.

Griffin Investigations, owing a lot of money after the court awards, filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in 2005. Even more significantly, the casino and other casinos on the strip have revised their stances on card counting. And, no, casinos are not allowing card counting; they cannot arbitrarily subject you to a shakedown in the back room.

The takeaway here is that legal action may influence the actions of both individuals and gambling establishments.

The narrative also teaches us about the complexities of the gambling business and the ingenuity of certain players, as well as the dedication they have to their art. The two of them had such a brilliant plan that they were unfairly accused of cheating and the casino eventually changed its policy as a direct result of their brilliant plan.