Nate’s note: This exact list got me fired from Citimortgage after I emailed it to one person.

10. You’re the only one in your department completely unrelated to your boss.

9. You ask your boss for a raise and he grabs you by your testicles, lifts you three feet in the air and says, “How’s that for a raise, buddy?”

8. Your dumbass owners can’t even spell the word “city” correctly.

7. You win Employee of the Month and management loosens the chains. A little.

6. Your most recent promotion came with a complimentary flask, a tin of aspirin, a bullwhip and no raise.

5. You have so many different bosses that you take orders from every person who speaks English, just to be on the safe side.

4. Your company bathroom is a port-a-john.

3. Your spouse tells her friends that you’re a garbage man.

2. You’re surprised to learn that going through your owner’s stool sample on “corn on the cob night” is in your job description.

1. You just spent thirty minutes at work coming up with a “ten signs your job sucks” list.