What's up gang? That's not one of the Weekly Questions, but you can answer it if you want.

1. Nixon had a bowling alley. Teddy Roosevelt probably had a badass tire swing installed. If you elected me, I'd definitely put a waterslide from the top of the Washington Monument to the backyard of the White House. What would your first renovation to the White House be?

2. Obligatory Awkward Sex Question: When you're in a "batting slump" I.E.: not getting laid, besides self servicing yourself, what do you do to stay active? What's your longest slump?

3. Who's more inspirational Daniel-san The Karate Kid or "The Italian Stallion" Rocky Balboa? Also, Jerry O'Connell the fat kid from "Stand By Me" is banging Rebecca Romjin-Stamos – that's pretty enlightening. Or do you have a different 80s movie superstar who inspires you to more greatness?

You're all the best.

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