I have an inside source (inside meaning nonexistent) in the fashion industry. This source told how the popular Ugg boots came to be. You see, a few years ago two Australian designers made a bet before a design competition at their school. The bet said that who ever lost had to design something at the request of the winner and try to market it. It was assumed that this design would be stupid and very difficult to market. We'll call them Designer 1 and Designer 2. Designer 1 being the victor of the competition. Here is are the conversations that transpired after the competition. All of the following should be read in an Australian accent:

Day After the Competition
Designer 1: Do you know what you're going to make for me yet, mate?
Designer 2: I have all of this extra sheepskin laying around, Can I make it out of that?
Designer 1: Sure, as long as it looks ridiculous.
Designer 2: All right, I'll have an idea in 2 days.

Two Days Later
D1: Ok mate, let me see what you've come up with.
D2: I thought a sheepskin boot would be a good idea. Take a look.
D1: They're too small and sreamline. Make them bigger and bulkier. I like the idea though.
D2: What? This will ruin me if I make them any more hideous! You can't make me do this!
D1: Remember the wager. You would be doing the same thing to me. Now get to work.

The Next Day
D2: Here I'm finished. I'm making anymore changes.
D1: (Laughter) This is perfect. You would have to be an idiot to buy these.
D2: Are you happy now you've ruined my career.
D1: What are you going to call them?
D2: I don't know….I haven't really thought about it.
D1: How about ‘Uglies'
D2: Absolutely not!
D1: Ok fine….Umm…'Ugs'
D2: No, I will not name my ugly boots ‘Ugs'
D1: Yes, that's my decision. They're called ‘Ugs'
D2: But how do you expect me to market a boot called ‘Ugs'?
D1: I don't know….put two ‘G's in the name. People are stupid and will think that's cool.
D2: Fine.
D1: Don't forget to put fur on the outside.
D2: Fuck you! There is no way these are ever going to sell!
D1: No worries. All you need is to find a celebrity dumb enough to wear them.
(Long Pause)
D2: (Snaps then points to the air) I know just the person!

Five Months Later
(D2 pulls up in a brand new sports car)
D1: Where did you get that?
D2: My Uggs are a huge hit in America.
D1: You have got to be shitting me!
D2: I'm not kidding! It's amazing how many stupid people there are out there.
D1: How much are you charging for them?
D2: You're not going to believe me
D1: Tell me!!
D2: $200
D1: Now you're just messing with me
D2: Swear on my mother.
D2: And get this…
D1: What?
D2: (Fighting back laughter) …Some people are wearing them on the outside of their pants
(Both Laugh)
D2: You need to capitalize on this before people start realizing what they're wearing.
D1: How? I don't have anything stupid looking.
D2: Remember those pants you made as a joke for one of your classes?
D1: What?
D2: Those stupid things that looked like parachute pants
D1: Oh, right. Those were capri pants though.
D2: Name them something stupid that will appeal to idiots and put them on the market.
D1: Like what?
D1: (Laughter) I like it.

Today both designers are working on a new product that is already sweeping across Japan. Its a new skirt and what you see is printed on. I wouldn't be surprised if I see some dumb bitches running around in these things by the end of next year.

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