I’ve heard a lot of people, like Colin Powell, say that those folks left stranded in the wake of hurricane Katrina were not left because they were black. According to Powell (and others) they were left because they were poor, and blacks constitute most of the poor in New Orleans. Must be nice for the rich people to have the majority of the impoverished wearing dark skin—makes them easy to spot in a huge crowd of suffering refugees.

I’m sorry but, “George Bush doesn’t care about black people” is the funniest line of 2005. I want to see T-shirts, hats and other memorabilia sporting this line. I hope the folks at Connected Ventures are reading this.

Moments after getting picked up to blog for Points in Case, E. Mike Tuckerson was forced to evacuate his home in New Orleans. Now, I’m not comparing my pain and suffering to Tuckerson’s. But shortly after I started blogging for PIC, I suffered ten stitches in my right hand, two popped blood vessels in my face and was in two minor car accidents. Is there such a thing as an e-curse?

If someone refuses to leave their home in demolished New Orleans, can they be legally killed? If so, that seems counter-productive. I mean, if you killed someone for staying in town, wouldn’t you just add to the disaster’s body count? And yes, this is the kind of crap I think about when I’m sober.

Every time there’s a hurricane, people freak out and blame each other. Later, they get nasty and sue each other. Politicians, power companies, militaries, police, citizens, everyone (basically) points fingers and places blame after a natural disaster. After 9/11, we were all nice to each other because our fingers were collectively pointed at some dude named Osama (who is laughing his oil-rich ass off right now). As long as we have a common enemy, we get along. But when your common enemy is weather, well, I mean how can you destroy a hurricane? (Come to think of it, how do you find Osama?)

And finally, because this is one of those entries where I rip fluidity from its concrete foundation, I leave you with the following, which is from a Grateful Dead song:

It's just a box of rain,
I don't know who put it there.
Believe it if you need it
Or leave it if you dare.

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