Happy Ash Wednesday everybody. I hope you all figured out the types of jelly beans the Easter Bunny will bring you in forty days. While you're thinking, answer some questions!

1. My two favorites Bobs are my dad and grandpa. Besides them, who's the best "Bob" in the world? Bob Dylan? Marley? Ross? Barker? Sideshow?

Be honest now. 2A. How many ‘friends' have you hooked up with on MySpace or Facebook? 2B. Seen naked? 2C. How many people exist on your pages so you can eventually see them naked and hook up with them? 2D. Should I join Twitter?

3. Obligatory Sex Question: When telling a sex story to your friends, how much info is too much? Gross me out. I dare you.

Bonus Questions: 4A. On average, how much do you spend on the weekends on bars and partying? 4B. Guys, how much do you spend on dates? 4C. Ladies, how much does a guy have to spend on you until you feel guilty you're not sleeping with him?

5A. Do anything cool for Mardi Gras?  5B. Give anything up for Lent? I did nothing for Fat Tuesday, NYC can be lame like that.