In Part I of messing with your friends on Facebook, I said that a true Facebook friend is a friend no matter what. Well, that must be the case, because my friends Randy Hardin and Ashley Banks-Jones haven't defriended me yet. So I figured it was about time to make them suffer another round of insults and embarrassment. Here we go…

1. Call out a friend's embarrassing nickname.

Fake nicknames on Facebook

Yeah, he got that name when we were roommates. One night he picked up a Thai hooker.

2. Kill the mood between a happy couple.

Kill the mood on Facebook

3. Change your name and picture to match a friend's…

Identity theft on Facebook - change your name and picture

…and then post obnoxious updates for mutual friends and co-workers to see.

Change your profile picture on Facebook

4. Give a friend the virtual middle finger.

Add a middle name on your Facebook profile

Dude, seriously, fuck you! I'm done with your bullshit, man. What the fuck is your problem bro?

5. Use Farmville as a trite apology tool.

Farmville apology on Facebook