This is written from a dream I dreamed 20 minutes ago.

SCENE: KC and some girl are floating in space with some sort of bubble protecting him.

KC: I’m so excited to go to the Moon! I know it’s kind of passé and all, but this is so going to rock. I’ve wanted to do this my entire life!

GIRL: I’m so excited it’s your first time. I can’t wait to see your eyes focusing on what the Earth looks like from orbit. You didn’t forget your passport, did you?

KC: Nope, I’ve got it right here. And here’s my awesome passport photo. Check out the cool jacket I’m wearing. It’s one-of-a kind. Then my brother stole it.

GIRL: Look, there’s the immigration office.

IMMIGRATION OFFICER: Business or pleasure?

KC: Lots and lots of pleasure.

IMMIGRATION OFFICER: Space Passport please.

KC: Um, I just brought my regular passport.

IMMIGRATION OFFICER: You need a Space Passport to enter Lunar Territory.

KC: But I don’t have a Space Passport.

IMMIGRATION OFFICER: I know. Because they’re fake and this is a dream.

KC: Eh, fudge. You know. Shucks. Seriously?