Global Warming Does Not Exist

By staff writer Paul Frank

Global warming! Global warming!

If that got your attention, you’re probably a liberal. If that didn’t get your attention, you’re not reading this right now. So the only people who are still reading this are those who push the global warming myth. Those who can’t afford a car, so they attribute them to causing astronomical, absurd climate problems. Those who don’t take showers and smell like incense and sweat. Those who know all the answers to our problems, but can’t set down their 6-foot bong long enough to pick up a voting ballot or a job application. Global warming is the pussy’s way of whining, “I’m too hot, but it’s not my fault, it’s society’s fault.”

Instead of reaching for a fan, the hippies reach for an argument, coming up with a bogus term called “global warming.” Now, I could point to the recent blizzard our town just received and call that proof enough that global warming doesn’t exist. But I’m not some dumb, racist Blue Collar TV viewer, so I’m going to use hard, concrete, black…science.

First off, the melting of the polar ice caps is a supposedly “strong” piece of evidence that supports global warming. Let me throw a year out for you: 1914. Still don’t get it? Let me throw a ship out for you (like God did with this one): the Titanic. It ran into a floating iceberg! Ice has been melting since before we had cars. Ever left an ice cube tray out after using a couple cubes because you were too lazy to put it back? Notice that the next day, your hungover ass found that ice cube tray completely melted…in your air-conditioned home? Ice melts anywhere, in any condition, in any temperature (well, not in temperatures below freezing, but

"*GURRRUGUGURUGGLE* OH MY GOD, you asshole! You said you were gonna tell me when you were about to blow!!"

Now that I’ve refuted the melting of ice caps argument and owned you, let’s move on, shall we?

Another argument from the global warming pushers (that’s not the only thing they push, if you know what I mean) (…they’re gay) is that factory pollution is also bad for our ozone layer. Okay, so first you attack the long, round tailpipes from cars and now the immense, erect, brown smokestacks poking out from factories. And you say that these emissions are penetrating and hurting the delicate “ozone.” Are you gay or something? Nothing wrong with being gay, just keep your sexual preferences and your scientific arguments separate, alright? Thanks. If you don’t understand the symbolic imagery, double entendres, and homosexual leanings there, you’re not educated enough to even be arguing for one side or the other.

Global warming has become even more topical lately, and it’s all started with a fucking movie. Is that what it takes to get you liberals interested in anything? The concept of global warming has been around for a long time, but it takes a movie to get you Al-Gore-worshipping cunts active, at least on message boards and conversations with any passer-by who will listen at your family’s Thanksgiving get-together.

Just because Al Gore was almost president instead of the guy you love to hate, George W. Bush, doesn’t mean he’s going to change the world. Clearly, he missed his chance when he accepted the loss to George Bush. Fuck, I believe Al Gore won that election, too, fair and square, he’s just a pussy for not fighting more for the win. Shit, the claims about global warming that you take as gospel come from the guy who claimed to invent the internet! Some people still call him Vice President Gore. If you’re gonna do that, I assume you mean the vice president of spreading bullshit and lies.

In conclusion, I just owned you. You probably saw An Inconvenient Truth, wet your pants, and now cry wolf about global warming. You probably do the same thing every time you see a documentary. Same shit happened with 9/11's Loose Change, I’m sure. You people make me sicker than Michael Moore does. But only because there’s more of you than there are Michael Moores. Everyone’s pussies got all wet because of Fahrenheit 9/11, but not anyone who mattered. People of stature could see that Michael Moore probably eats all the time, is probably spoiled and whiny, and thus got annoyed with him. He ended up being more detrimental than beneficial to the liberal cause, ultimately costing John Kerry the election and giving us four more years of George W.

Anyway, back to the conclusion at hand: I have refuted every argument the global warmers throw at us good, God-fearing, hard-working individuals. The melting ice caps and the car and factory pollution claims ain’t got shit on fact, bitch. Fact beats scissors, paper, rock, and hippies. Lastly, I showed you that not only would I be more inclined to believe conspiracy theories from Arty the local neighborhood bum than Al Gore, but just because something’s in a documentary doesn’t mean it’s true.

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I feel dumber for reading this article. Really... a worthless piece of shit. I was hoping there might be some coherant argument that disputed Global Warming... but no. Just dumb bullshit. Too bad the author has no logic, and too bad someone let him write this crap.

Wow,That guy has some real talent, you are just a hippie liberal and have no humor...go die

Hippie Liberals for win!

PS: my fave game is liberal crime squad. You get to beat the shit out of conservative dickheads!


you people are really stupid you know that. ever think that hes right? your not forming words of your own just words that a movie came up with. you dipshits are the very pussy's running the nation into the ground. let me guess you drive hondas as well? global warming is another mith but the gov is making money on it so ofcoarse there going to spread info all about it. open your eyes.

Gary, I'd love to see the facts you have on this claim. Also, if you're going to deem a very diverse group of people "stupid," you may want to consider writing your argument in correct English and spelling words such as "myth, course, you're and he's" correctly. Capitalization is a plus too, but take it one step at a time.

just wanted 2 say that titanic sunk in 1912 not 1914.


Thank you, and was also no where near the polar ice caps


I think that he doesn't live in reality and needs his mouth washed out with soap

Since you feel like you missed out...

Top temperatures are still recorded from 1970 (aka we are not continuously peaking new highs).

Weather monitering is still an inexact science, and we would need at least 20 years of accurate recording starting now to see if we are actually causing any effect. (ex: 40 years for a smoker to get cancer, how would it be any different in the atmosphere).

Oceans rising is crap. Ice is larger in volume than water, therefore ice melting would cause water levels to decrease. That's like saying the world will be flooded by the ice on Mt. Everest melting. Also if you throw a wheelbarrel full of rocks in your pool does it overflow? No, think ratio of volume, the ocean vs icecaps. The water levels will hardly change.

Ozone is probably more torn up by launching of and orbiting satellites and aircraft than our car fumes. The cows farting in America give off as much 'ozone killing emissions' as cars.
We have no way to prove cause and effect. Corallatory evidence (A may cause B) is the weakest type of evidence. How about we fill a large tank with air, the top layer with ozone, and shoot up car emissions in the botton and see what happens. Why don't they do that? OH, because it wouldn't support their theory.

Why is Britian withdrawing its media spread on GW? Because it turns out that so much data was faked or misrepresented on purpose (with many other studies based on the false data) that they now have to practically start over.


Bear in mind that America and Europe/Asia have the highest amount of polution causing technology. Much of Australia, Antartic, Artic, and Africa, and South America is not cities, but untouched. The world is huge. Our polluting is bad, but not bad enough to throw away capitalism or common-sense. Many use it as an excuse to add new taxing and legislation to get their hand in free industry's pockets. water the molicules are farther apart meaning water is going to rise more because the ice molicules are going to spread out and fill more space.

Completely agree with you, except for two things.
1-All gas, like ozone, are fluids. Only a solid can be pierced, not a fluid, so launching a satellite will not make a hole in the ozone layer.

2-The cows release methane, which is a green house gas, but it does not destroy the ozone. The argument about cows releasing methane is to convince people too stop eating meat, because it's a GHG (green house gas), but water is allot more common, so it isn't a problem, and I am not going to give away my superior intelligence to support their vegetarian religion (Eating meat help our brain to develop, the most intelligent animals eat meat, by example, dolphins, dogs, monkeys, humans etc).

The reason why there is holes in the ozone is because of chlorofluorocarbon replacing ozone, if I am not mistaking, but we stopped making that gas, so it isn't a problem anymore.

You mam are wrong, even though you love cats and prolly married a cat over a husband. first off no man made anything could affect the overall outcome of the climate on earth, and third you didnt do your research, gee dangit youre dum


agreed...just ranting and raving and calling people names....pretty discrediting as a source for good information ;)

Seriously, neither this article nor this writer belong on PIC.

I was hoping for at least funny....Bad Paul Frank!

I liked it, Paul.

you're dumb.

I totally agree, Evie.

After I saw the movie "The Day After Tomorrow" last week, I suggested to Paul that PIC should really get involved in shaping the future of our fragile planet. He in turn told me he had done extensive research on global warming his freshman year, and that he'd be happy to share his findings. So I gave him the "green" light, so to speak.

If I had known that global warming is "the pussy's way of whining," and that "ice had been melting since before we had cars," I never would have let him own us like that.

So believe me when I say, I feel like crap too. Shame on you, Paul Frank.

It's true that ice has been melting before. Ever heard about ''Greenland''? It's a continent with a big chunk of ice on it, right? But wait... Why is it called Greenland, if it's not anywhere near being green? Is it possible it's because before vikings could grow food on that continent? something we can not accomplish today without having a greenhouse that is heated? Did vikings had cars? Probably not, but, I guess that's just me thinking there were no cars back then. No No No NO! WAIT, I GOT IT! In the future, we build a times machine to bring all the carbon WE produced (obviously not produced by animals, decomposing organism, or volcanoes and hydrothermal vents, obviously, duh) and separate it in the times of the the Jurassic period (1800ppm(4.7X Carbon level of today or CLOT)), the Cambrian period (7000ppm(18X CLOT)), the Ordovician period (4400ppm(12x CLOT)), and just before the times the viking colonized Greenland. That's what happened right?(Or that's what will happen, depending on how you see it). Look, the climate has been changing before, and you know that Ordovician period? when the carbon level were 12 times the carbon level of today? Yeah... That was an ice age. Do you REALLY think carbon dioxide has a huge impact on our climate? Why, why, why not that BIG YELLOW, BALL in the sky, why not? It sure does a good job on mercury. Oh and you know Al Gore, the one who brain wash people like you? He can predict the future climate of the earth in 50 years, but meteorologist who has top of the line equipment, can't predict the climate at lease 80% of the times of the next day. That sounds logic to me. Last thing. I don't want to go into insults like the guy who posted the article, but thinking we can destroy the planet, that we have that strength against mother nature, is arrogant like you can't even imagine. Just look at the nice little example given bellow.

Nature: ....
rumble rumble! rumBLE! RUMBLE!
Man: Sh*t....

I meant the meteorologist can't at lease predict the climate more than 80% of the times, which means they fail 20% of the times, I didn't meant they fail 80% of the times.

Only certain people can pull off the whole "spewing ignorant crap" and it's still funny. Didn't work here.

Not funny. Not even close to being funny.

And just for future reference, Titanic sank in 1912, not 1914. I don't know if you were just trying to be funny or if you really didn't know the correct year. Either way this entire article was just retarded.

I thought it was entertaining enough. Hard fact, Mt. Whitney produces more carbon emissions every eruption than man does in a year.

Garbage. With his stupidity, lack of humor, and overuse of the word "owned". He sounds like a 15 year old WOW addict.

the problem is that people are just too scared to admit that it exsists

hell yeah!

If you come to PIC looking for coherent arguments regarding legitimate political views, you're on the wrong site.

I hate to have explain why something is funny or humorous to people, but here goes anyway. Paul was taking very obvious things that you see every day and disputing years of research done by professionals. Like the fact that ice melts no matter what. It's not a ground breaking argument he's trying to make, it's just an observation. Relax.

In other words, I liked it Paul.

Hey dickface, what makes a PIC column "funny" is if it's poking at truth - and most people buy science and not rhetoric. What about the sea levels rising ever year? You think that's a figment of the "liberal's" imaginations, too? Or the winters every year being slightly warmer than the year before - that too, is in our heads? Or the fact that the mean surface temperature anomalies of the Earth gets warmer every year -- that also, is a hoax? Really, Paul? Really? Or the big hole in the ozone layer that science has proved to be the result of emissions, which has caused more sun to seep in; and the location of where the ozone layer is depleted the most, just so happens to have the highest cases of skin cancer in the world? That too, is all faked, correct? Or the steady decline of the ozone depletion in the stratosphere of the Earth shown in the measurements -- ALL FAKE, yes? Wow, the d bags who doubt global warming are the same pack of cunts who would have thought the world was flat centureis ago. If you really think it's OK to have as much emissions as we want, you can count on fewer oppportunities for snowmen to magically come to life. Ignorant cocks like you don't deserve to live on this Earth, your more deserving for a place like Hell.

What does God say about Global Warming?
In this day and age, it seems there are more questions than answers on where our future and the future of our country is headed. We have plenty of questions, but rarely do we get any truthful answers. Sure, we can ask someone his or her opinion on global warming (for example), but the answers will depend upon whom you talk to. There are so many opinions, and bickering and deception going on today, if someone told you the truth would you even be able to believe them?

Did you know that just about anything you want to know, is in the bible? Now how is that for the truth!

Let’s take global warming, or as it is currently being called “climate change”. In Genesis 8:22, a promise was made by God to Noah stating, "While the earth remaineth, seedtime and harvest, and cold and heat, and summer and winter, and day and night shall not cease." Did you get that? Cold and heat, summer and winter, day and night, will not cease! This promise made by God is unconditional. You can ALWAYS rely on God’s Word to be true, and unchanging.

Many will have you believe that if we don’t act now, our planet will burn up. Did you know that it has actually been cooler over the past 12 years? This is why they have recently changed the phrase from “global warming” to “climate control”. Did you also know there isn’t any scientific proof that the earth has become hotter? Why? Because, “global warming” not only does not exist today, God promises it never will.

Seriously man, don't

I am a christian and for you to say this crap is insulting. God says that we will be caretakers of this earth and its creatures. Somehow I don't think emmitting millions of tonnes of greenhouse gases and other hideous chemicals is what God wants. God gave us free will and it has been used to fuck up heaps of things before, so why not our atmosphere??

Additionally, can you name ONE right-wing/conservative incident from the life of Jesus christ??

ye bibleth iseth bullshiteth


ummm i just read an article by scottish scientists saying that the hole in the ozone is actually keeping the world cooler. plus the higher winds in that area whip up more salt which make the clouds brighter in turn reflects more sun. learn your facts. i did beacuase im writing a paper for my honors english class

I actually thought this was humorous, not because he was being argumentative, but because he actually pissed people off because of it. Oh and if anyone wants to build a snowman when the Earth gets so hot, it snowed in IRAQ the other day so come and join us for sno angels and hot cocoa!

P.S. Iraq is freaking cold right not.

this isnt even funny, i hope you don't believe what you're saying.. thatd be embarassing. take an environmental science course before speaking, none of your arguments make sense.

I just laughed so hard and reading the comments from angry readers made it even better. This is get a sense of humor

I give up.

However, since everybody wanted a PIC writer to research Global Warming (as if that's what PIC writers do) I thought I'd provide everybody with these awesome links!!! YAY

I hope this answers all your questions about Global Warming


In addition to generally higher global temperatures, weather patterns are becoming more intensified. That means that when it gets cold, it will get really cold, and when it gets hot, it will get really hot. Places that aren't normally cold will get cold, which explains the snow in Iraq. Similarly, places that are usually warm will be cooler. The atmosphere has become less stable and is changing too quickly for us to properly adapt.

Before I comment let me make it clear, I dont agree with Global Warming. I dont deny it.. so dont get me wrong. Secondly, Paul you are a moron. Once you figure out just because you say it, doesnt make it true. Come back and write something worth reading. I could have shat you a better article with more proof that global warming didnt exist than you could with hrs of typing. Would save us all time, cus ultimatly it SUCKED. All this big talk of facts and yet you brought us no solid proof.

i laughed, i cried, i re-learned one of life's most valuable lessons - hippies have no sense of humor. good times guys...good times.

Come on... do you guys REALLY think this Paul Frank was being serious in his argument? I mean honestly if he was, then yeah complete moron, but if he wasn't... then who are the morons? Maybe instead of him being too dumb to get real facts, maybe everyone else here is too stupid to realize it was a joke. Some people get too butt-hurt too easy these days.

Well, you can believe what you want, and I can believe what I want which are two very different things, but even if you don't believe in global warming (obviously you don't) I hope that you, and other people like you don't go around wasting the earth's resources while you write arguments like this and "own" liberals (whom you are very stereotypical about) because no matter what side you stand on it is very obvious that excessive pollution is a bad thing, for us and the future to come.

Well, the article sucked...

but the comments were hilarious! Jizzelle needs to chill the fuck out.

I was just hoping it would be funny and not something that you could read on Rush Limbaugh's site. Pretty lame.

Guys, jeez, hes kidding

Global warming, also known as Climate Change, is a STUPID theory by a bunch of tree-hugging liberal hippies that states unless we go back and live in caves, the polar ice caps will melt and life as we know it will cease to exist. This theory comes from a bunch of idiotic scientists who really have no clue what they're talking about...after all, they're only scientists, who ever wants to listen to them? I mean sure, I admit they were right about the world being round...and the planets going around the sun... and lightning being caused by opposite charges between the earth and the sky, not Zeus...and worms and rats not appearing out of nowhere...and stars being balls of gas burning millions of miles away, not holes in heaven...and the brain being the center of the nervous system, not the heart...and lead poisoning being able to kill you...and cigarettes being bad for you, and everything else ever discovered or invented, but still! They're wrong!

They're all a bunch of liberal crackpots who have a political agenda, so who wants to listen to them? It is almost exclusively believed by left wing bleeding-heart Democrats who are influenced by rich environmental lobby groups and opposed to the economy and anyone with a job. One of these bleeding heart socialist Democrats, Al Gore, has made a propaganda video regarding global warming entitled An Inconvenient Truth which uses heartless fear-mongering, and all kinds of heartless, cruel, un-American facts in an attempt to get people to consume less and sabotage the American economy, culminating in Ford going out of business, which will mean that the terrorists will win. Republicans would never use this type of fear mongering for political gain, never! So stop criticizing us, after all, you don't want the terrorists to come get you, right? These global warming people are the same tree hugging hippies that said DDT was bad for the environment back in the 70s and 80s!

The following are causes liberals attribute to global warming:

1)Being serious
2) Sea levels are rising because the USA is sinking under the immense weight of 300 million fat people.
3) The release of KFCs
4) The exponential growth of the human population
5) The use of fossil fuels (i.e. Vaseline)
6) Praying
7) Christians
8) Al Gore's Private Jets
9) George W. Bush
10) Your wide-screen plasma TV with built-in electricity waster.
11) Eating meat
12) Editing this article
13) You
14) Trees
15) Cow farts
16) You breathing
17) You reading this article
18) Smoking
19) Trying to prevent Global Warming
20) Thinking about trying to prevent Global Warming
21) Thinking
22) An alarming increase in the release of post-modern Oxymorons from university landfills. This has been monitored by the LandShatSat satellite network since the 1800's

The decrease in the number of pirates has been cited by these stupid, tree-hugging hippies as proof that humans are irreversibly raping our planet. This does not mean anything though, as temperatures have been known to be bouncing around constantly and reached record highs since the hottest period of mankind, the Ice Age. Of course, these "bouncings" were all minor and had natural causes, but so does this! I'll get back to you later about what the natural cause is, but I assure you that there is one! Humans aren't the cause of global warming! They also aren't the cause of deforestation, or pollution of any kind! I read on Fox News that pollution is actually good, and we should actually make more of it! So there's nothing to worry about!

Even if global warming is true, which it probably isn't, the Bible clearly states that we can not put animals and the environment ahead of human beings. Bleeding heart left wing socialist flag-burning children claim that global warming will have a profound impact on Earth. Some even say that New York will be underwater, but why would anyone not want that to happen? It'll make a great place to take a submarine! Some other bleeding wing left heart socialist child-burning tree huggers insist that the melting polar ice caps will permit antediluvian diseases to thrive. But who cares? We need less people on Earth anyway! There is some evidence that religious fanatics across America may be jumping on the environmental bandwagon, but our brave leader George W. Bush is helping to putting an end to that by branding anyone who speaks out against global warming as an environmental-Nazi.

Proposed ways to combat global warming:

1) Become a pirate
2) Stop farting
3) Desert civilization and start living off the land again
4) Don't vandalize this page
5) Don't vote Republican
6) Run your Air Con full blast all year long
7) Burn down your neighbourhood
8) Assasinate Al Gore
9) Become paranoid
10) Continue not thinking
11) Eat more beef
12) Not being serious
13) Call it something else
14) Enter a 'Warm Age'

What? First of all its impossible to stop farting unless you want us to stop eating which indeed will extinct humans you idiot! How stupid can you get? There's something seriously wrong with you. Let me ask you this one question; what ar you smoking? Because whatever it is, it must be good.

Grasshopper's picture

This comment was way funnier than the article

Fuckin A, you are the worst writer on this site. Just cuz your extremely ugly does not make you funny. PICK DIFFERENT TOPICS!!! Or perhaps just try being funnier.....

I don't understand how half the people that read this were pissed about it. Apparently global warming is such a galvanizing subject that it makes people truly retarded in their pursuit towards environmental righteousness.

I only wrote this to piss people off.


You owned us? In what way? Just saying that smokestacks don't pollute doesn't make it true. You have absolutely no proof and no source except your intuition. Find an unbiased article that says cars and smokestacks don't pollute. Seriously, I mean it. Show me one so you win the argument indefinitely, because right now you're telling me that I shouldn't worry about my kids having to deal with storms like Katrina being the global norm just because you say so. I can hear you saying yes to yourself right now.

Also, if you did any form of research you would realize that the Titanic sank at the same longitude as New York. In the Titanic's time, about 350 bergs floated down to this level from the north and every year coastguard planes were sent out to bomb a few of them in order to keep the shipping routes safe. In the past several years they haven't had to do this because icebergs melt before they get anywhere near this latitude.

A direct quote from an article about these very coastguard planes explains this in detail. Google "where have all the icebergs gone?" and the first result is this article. A direct quote is: "If the unidentified floating object below the approaching plane is in fact an iceberg, it will be the first one seen in the shipping lanes since May 2005 ­ a situation perplexing to oceanographers but emboldening to those shouting loudly about the effects of climate change."

Please, I'm begging you to literally call me a loud shouter. I will be devastated if I don't immediately get at least 5 replies calling me a loud shouter! (imagine that last line being shouted at you)

However, I did like your line about the Bible telling us we can do whatever the hell we want with Earth's resources. I'd also like to point out that a line in the book "inspired by God" says the following: "He made the Sea of cast metal, circular in shape, measuring ten cubits from rim to rim and five cubits high. It took a line of thirty cubits to measure around it. Below the rim, gourds encircled it - ten to a cubit. The gourds were cast in two rows in one piece with the Sea. The Sea stood on twelve bulls, three facing north, three facing west, three facing south and three facing east. The Sea rested on top of them, and their hindquarters were toward the center. It was a handbreadth in thickness, and its rim was like the rim of a cup, like a lily blossom. It held two thousand baths." -1 Kings 7:23-26

A ten cubit diameter and a thirty cubit circumference? Apparently, God says pi equals three.

Anyways, I just wanted to say that this was the dumbest, least thought out piece of writing I've ever seen. And, dare I say it, have pwned you, which is how <i>us</i> loud-shouting, tree-hugging, hippies say owned. Also, I would be delighted to counter any response to this post. Have a wonderful day! :-)

Oh, and I expect those loud shouter comments.

"Oh, and I expect those loud shouter comments."

You, sir, did not cite any sources to back up your claims. When you can cite sources, like the one linked below, I will consider taking you seriously. Until then, read the scientific evidence below.

<a href="">Global Warming: A Politicians Myth</a>

Okay. So because the ice cubes melted in room temperature while sitting over night means that ice always melts? yes but it is SUPPOSED to be below freezing at the polar ice caps. and because the ice is now melting means that the temperature is rising...or should i say climate? Sure you just had a snow storm, so did we here in vermont but you are confusing TEMPERATURE with CILMATE. They are two different things, look them up.

You claim that us "al-gore-worshipping cunts" have no scientific fact? well where the hell is yours? instead of that to bypass by bring up a conversation about homosexuals.

Calling us names and writing stereotypical LIES about liberals is NO way going to convince anyone. I think that insinuating that all liberals are drug pushers? well maybe we are not the pushers...if you know what i mean, cuz dude? u have got to be on something to be that stupid and retarded. And i hope that it is drugs because then theres somewhere to put the blame. Its becuase of people like you that nothing is getting done about global warming.

Thanks. PLEASE email me cuz i'd relaly like to talk about your "scientificly based" claims

Alright J. B. Hour, that is pretty much exactly what I told you. And if you noticed, I did have sources. If you can't take the time to do a google search to back up your opinion, then I don't care what you have to say anymore.


If you can't take a joke, Google search Rick Astley.

Relax, you're on a comedy site.

c'mon guys, don't be all judgmental toward Paul, he's obviously an ignorant, small minded man, who likely has been arrested several times. and likely doesn't have a clue about what's going on in the world. he has opinions -whether or not he actually believes them or just states them for attention in questionable - but paulie, you should try to keep your language pg my friend...cause if you ever spoke like to near me in a public place and my kid sister heard it, i would definitely throw a punch your way...and it's likely that you're either obese or too skinny to fight i think the odds would be in my favor...later .

I feel like this article was one of the most evidence lacking, biased, literally ignorant piece of literature i have read recently.I'm a fifteen year old and i guarantee i could write something more beneficial and factual than this.
I gagged when you said "The melting ice caps and the car and factory pollution claims ain’t got shit on fact, bitch".Obviously they do if there is a abundance in evidence supporting it instead of opposing it, which other individuals have already brought up.I do public forum debate and if you came into a round and spoke this,i would honestly rip you to shreds.Your talking about ice melting in a 72 degrees Fahrenheit home,not the arctic where its typically freezing.
This was only amusing for this comment box where i get to discuss my disapproval of this article and basically bash it.
Thanks for wasting my time.

This is a really terrible article... I don't think it's worth writing anything in response because the author doesn't have enough brain cells to comprehend anything with actual logic in it... but oh well...

Greenhouse gases are necessary to life on earth. If we were to look at how far away the earth is from the sun, along with it's orbit and amount of solar radiation that reaches the earth and is then radiated back towards space (it's called blackbody radiation), the earth's average temperature would be about -15˚ C, and we wouldn't exist. Everything would be covered in ice. So what do we have to thank for allowing us to live in our nice happy planet? Greenhouse gases! Water vapor, carbon dioxide, methane, and nitrous oxide are all responsible for our ability to live here. Before humans started burning carbon into the atmosphere, the amount of carbon did fluctuate, and has been over the past many thousands of years. Now, that being said, the level of carbon has never been more than 300 ppm (parts per million). How much is it now? about 382 ppm. But that's just a coincidence, right? ANyway, Carbon dioxide absorbs certain wavelengths of infrared radiation that the earth emits and keeps that heat in the atmosphere. Therefore, the more carbon there is in the atmosphere, the more heat gets trapped and the warmer the earth gets. All this carbon that we are putting into the air used to be stored in the depths of the ocean in these fossil fuels (that's why they're called fossil fuels; decaying organic matter sinks to the ocean and is held there). THe problem is, the rate at which we take carbon out of these fossils fuels is astronomically greater than the rate at which organic matter decays and replenishes the fossil fuels at the bottom of the ocean. THis is why we're running out of oil for one thing, and this is where all the carbon is coming from that is warming the planet.

Ugh, people are so stupid.

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I wonder when people are going to get over the whole internet pre-comment "to comment or not" monologue. If you want to make a comment, just do it. When people talk at length about a subject in person, it's called a discussion, or a conversation, or whatever. But on the internet, it's like there's this taboo about thinking too hard or putting too much effort into the same type of response. We get it, maybe it's nerdy to sit and write what you're thinking, but once you get past that, it's just thoughts floating around, stimulating people's brains. No need to worry about other people passing judgment, especially when your name is Anonymous.

this is real information cause im usin it 4 my science project

I am so totally with you..And for Al Gore to win a Nobel Peace Prize for that stupid book..that's just INSANE!

Titanic sunk in 1912, moron.

Wow. I just wasted 2 minutes reading this stupid article and 2 minutes writing this comment. Ice melts anywhere, in any condition, in any temperature except in temperatures below freezing? Well why do you think ice is there in the first place? It's because it WAS below freezing, moron. You didn't say anything about the ozone layer except that those who say it's being destroyed are gay, and the rest had nothing related to proving global warming doesn't exist.

My perspective on global warming aside, I found this article to be a great waste of time. It was not scientific, it was not factual, and it was not funny. I don't know, maybe my 13 year old cousin might find it funny since the author says things like how he supposedly 'owned' liberals. However, any intelligent adult would not find this even remotely funny. Two thumbs down.

i agree with the negative comments.

Dude, That was comical genious, u need to write more... Ur the type of guy id want to sit back and have a beer with.

Why are people looking on PIC for scientific facts? Seriously, I thought you were all meant to be college kids or something? Fucking idiots.

I thought this was funny; not as great as a lot of other of Paul's rants, but fucking hell... come on people! He's using homophobic comments about fucking smokestacks to explain global warming - THIS IS A FUCKING JOKE ARTICLE.

In conclusion, you have all been owned.

So all those who recognize the damage that humans are causing to the planet are wrong? Even uneducated idiots like John McCain recognize these truths. Further, those in denial of environmental damage by humans seem to be mostly under 30 years of age, and with as much historical perspective as a piece of pidgeon poop.

suck my balls people

yeah so it was a joke, clearly, but... i didn't think it was funny.. in fact i wish i had those few minutes of my life back...

and all you idiots that are talking like it was a serious article.. go fuck yourselves... get a fucking clue you fucks...

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I read this article/comments every night before I go to bed. Thank you Paul Frank for creating a world that I want to live in and thank you Court for playing with the statistics to make this the highest rated article ever written. I sleep well knowing that people are out there...thinking about stuff.

"Now that I’ve refuted the melting of ice caps argument and owned you, let’s move on, shall we?"

failure. the author of this article and complete and utter moron. i was reading the comments before i started reading the article, i thought you people were beign a little hard on this guy. definitely not being too hard. he truly is a rE-tard

Seriously, how stupid can u get u dumb fuck? Seriously? Whatever possessed you to right this untruthful bullshit u call "facts'? And if u were jking and trying to be funny ur goal was not met, u just labeled urself as a complete asshole. Ur parents are probably ashamed of you

That information is untrustworthy. I can prove each of your statements wrong:

  1. The Titanic did sink because of an iceberg, but that is certainly NOT a way to disprove global warming. Yes, there may have been icebergs since the North and South Pole existed, but the fact is that there is more ice that is melting. AND, the Titanic sank in 1912, not 1914.
  2. Scientists are certainly not being gay when they are talking about how delicate the ozone layer is. It is very thin, and is being destroyed by fossil fuels. You just can't face the facts, can you?
  3. Al Gore's documentary is based on statistics and facts, unlike this crap you've written. In fact, I don't know why you wrote it in the first place!

So THERE! I've proved all of your statements wrong! This is the biggest load of CRAP I've ever read about global warming, and you need to get your facts right! say ice melts anywhere except for in below freezing temperatures....

well where the ice caps in the world are melting....


... so not entirely sure what point you were trying to prove there.

First of all, it's not the ozone layer that's being destroyed. All of you have got it wrong.

And secondly, the idiot who wrote this was just putting false information forward. Maybe global warming isn't happening, but you don't have to make up fake evidence to prove it.

do you guys not understand it says: "comedy article"?

Wow. Everything you had to say was so pathetic, it makes me sad that there is somebody as ignorant and stupid as you in this world.
Can you back up anything you have to say? To say that Al Gore started the whole movement, he may have made it something more people started paying attention to, but that's not the reason most people believe in global warming.
And to say that people who believe in global warming are all drug pushing, dirty hippies is absolutely ridiculous. The majority of scientists and educated people would tell you that global warming does exist.
It is a real issue facing our world today and it needs to be dealt with.

You remind me of people that claim HIV does not cause AIDS and that the Holycaust never happened.

Even if global warming isnt real, which it is, what is wrong with existing in a healthier way? To stop using gasoline which pollutes the world and stop dumping toxic chemicals into bodies of water.. why should you discourage these things from happening?

You, like other blissfully unaware people, are merely in denial. You don't want global warming to be a reality because it means there are consequences for being a selfish douche.

Which there are.

You should do a little research instead of pulling absolutely ignorant and offensive facts out your asshole.

If you're anything like I would imagine you to be, you are probably just some stupid prick willing to ramble about any bullshit you think of just to get some attention.

I am a liberal and believe in global warming, but was curious why the other side believed it didn't exist. I was hoping for facts and evidence, not just someone spewing ignorant crap on the internet. At least have a reason to back up your ignorance! Shame on you. There is sceientific evidence proving it. Yes, the Earth does go through phases of warming and cooling, but what we are experiencing is mass destruction of the Earth and several dozen species. I work 2 full time jobs, am straight (THOUGH I AM A HUGE SUPPORTER OF EQUAL RIGHTS. EQUAL = EQUAL), and don't do drugs... so what is the author trying to say exactly? Pure ignorance. What a shame.

the only reason that IPCC and EU push for Global Warming theory is that there are a big money in it, litterary huge!
It is just another way of controlling people. It is beautiful to see how ppl are easily manipulated and even highly educated people which is the saddest.

I actually believe global warming is bullshit, but I would have taken more interest in the article if it resulted in actual scientific facts, rather than immature, ignorant, gay-bashing ridicule.

this article is BULLSHIT!! obviously global warming exists you just cant be bothered to get off your lasy arses and do something

Yeah i agree

Wow, just googled "proof global warming does not exist" to find opposing evidence and arguments and i get this P.O.S. article. As a major in Chemistry, global warming nay sayers seem to lack hard evidence and convincing arguments that appeal to believers.

I did the exact same thing lol. Doesn't seem that these conservatives can up with much does it!?

Ok, I agree with you that is doesn't exist, but this is stupid. You showed little to no REAL proof that you were right. You just called every one gay, which is very unintelligent I might add. Please get some real evidence to support your arguments before you right something. That way those of us who believe it doesn't exist don't look as bad.

LOL this is funny. im gonna be using this for my science project.

this guy is a complete dumb fuck really u just owned me?? are u a fukin retard or wat?? dude the only dumb crap u just write is the shit ur dad or the doctor who takes care of u because ur a retard says. no wonder the usa has fame of being stupid with people like u. really dude ive met dogs more intelegent that u

wow. your a dumb fuck

This was extremely poorly written, and not funny in the least. The guy who wrote this is a hack. This is the first time I've visited this site, and reading this peice of garbage (seriously, doesn't this guy have an editor?), it really made me wonder if they just let people post whatever the hell comes into their pea-sized brains. Truly awful. I feel sorry for anyone who finds this 'funny'.

Wow, when searching arguments for and against climate change, this piece of rubbish is one of the first to come up!

Come on you conservatives! Surely you can come up with some one better than this illeterate cowboy!

Climate change is real, it is caused by man and it is going to displace millions of people. Take out the insurance fellas.

PS: Yes I'm a bong-smoking, naked, crazy, tree-hugging, superstious Hippie.

Damn, mispelled ILLITERATE.

Before one of you conservative pigs tries to correct me, I'll do it myself.


If you are trying to persuade people that global warming does not exist, you did a horrible job. It was not done in a professional way and the article made you look like trash.
And don't you just love hearing people talk? I mean, they scream that global warming does not exist but yet, they fail to provide any believable proof. The ones who believe in global warming are the ones coming up with actual evidence. It may not be true, who knows? But at least it's believable and it makes sense. So stop being ignorant and learn how to write a decent article.

There are two types of global warming....Political and Scientific. In political global warming liberals and conservatives go head to head calling each other hippies and red-necks, and then coming up with a bullshit argument to prove they're right, and at the same time degrading the opposition. In scientific global warming, however, the overwhelming majority of scientists agree that global warming is not only occurring, but happening faster than they expected. Everyone got a little antsy when the idea of this "Global Warming" sprung up, but after a while without the world BURNING UP, conservatives discarded the theory (it's proven fact, but only in one of the two types) of global warming. Liberals took the chance to not only stand by Gore but also to find something to disagree about with conservatives. Although I am a firm believer in global warming, many people don't because political global warming is the type they are most exposed to, which is 50/50 either way. If only scientists could find a smoking gun directly linked to global warming, then the world would come to terms with this predicament and do something to stop it other than argue...

this is the most bullshit ive ever read
wake up, commercialism is taking over
oil industries are corrupting our government
the world needs to change and if anything hippies
would be the best solution because they dont buy
into all the governments bullshit just like the author of this
buy a car go ahead as long as we all know that our
earth isnt gonna be able to sustain life at one point
what are you gonna say then i wish i didnt drive?

(Aug. 7, 2010) -- A giant chunk of ice four times the size of Manhattan has broken off from one of Greenland's two biggest glaciers, creating the largest Arctic iceberg since 1962.

The new ice island has a surface area of about 100 square miles and a thickness of about half the height of the Empire State Building. It broke off from the Petermann Glacier on Thursday, and was spotted by a NASA satellite sensor.

"The freshwater stored in this ice island could keep the Delaware or Hudson rivers flowing for more than two years," University of Delaware researcher Andreas Muenchow said in a statement on the school's website. "It could also keep all U.S. public tap water flowing for 120 days."

Calm down. You are truly a sad person. You actually took the time to write an entire article about how global warming activists are gay. Why would you do this? Btw, I think that global warming is bullshit, but people should still be open to the idea that it may be real.

"Ice melts anywhere, in any condition, in any temperature (well, not in temperatures below freezing, but

What is this I don't even

"Another argument from the global warming pushers is that factory pollution is also bad for our ozone layer. Okay, so first you attack the long, round tailpipes from cars and now the immense, erect, brown smokestacks poking out from factories. And you say that these emissions are penetrating and hurting the delicate “ozone.” Are you gay or something? Nothing wrong with being gay, just keep your sexual preferences and your scientific arguments separate, alright?"

Let's not prove my point. Instead, let's use a very poorly executed ad hominem attack! I obviously can't understand global warming if I'm homosexual!

Just sayin'.

This has got to be one of the most ridiculous articles/blogs I have ever wasted my time reading. Frank - you don't provide any substance to your claims that global warming doesn't exist (are you saying that factory smoke stacks don't cause pollution?). Even if you don't believe in global warming, why wouldn't you want to live in a healthier environment. It's very simple, just go to your state's environmental department webpage and you can easily locate all of the polluted waters in your area, as well as find air quality data. Let me guess, one big government conspiracy that provides this data, right? To ignore these basic facts about pollution is just plain idiotic.

Besides the environmental benefits of using cleaner energy, have you thought about the potential economic benefits? You may recall the Industrial Revolution where we improved our way of life and economy with innovation. Then, we realized that we were polluting our water and air and environmental requirements (e.g. the Clean Water Act) were introduced. As a result, our water and air improved in many areas (or at least leveled off in comparison to our population growth). Now, we are realizing that global warming is occurring, and therefore, new requirements (and innovation) are needed and are occurring. Why is this bad? The more people that use green energy results in more demand and lower prices. People are innovating products (even companies like ExxonMobil are doing this) and jobs are being created (albeit slowly as we are just climbing out of recession). At the same time, the water we drink and the air we breath becomes healthier too.

I recent NY Times article quoted two devout Tea Party activists and Christians who stated that God gave us minerals and fossil fuels in the earth to use at our will could not believe that it could "destroy" us. Well, thank God that he also gave us brains to realize that something is bad for us. Also, thanks to the big guy in the sky, we also have the sun, wind, and water, which also gives us energy that is clean and is much more powerful than minerals and fossil fuels (unless you're a vampire, you do notice that big and bright burning thing in the sky everyday, don't you?). So let's continue to innovate as we have done throughout our history, and harness energy that is more abundant, cleaner, sustainble, and in the near future, more economically viable.

Paul -

The only thing that is "gay" is your dyed blond hair. You're a fucking moron. No wonder, you're a dumb hick.

fuck this freakin article. it's full of bullshit and you're the gay guy that rapes ass all day long.

no that would be your mother you dumbass dipshit!


meh article was pretty good. All the sware words made me feel like im reading catcher in the rye, or a high school hate note. Im just wondering if you really believe in global warming, or if you are just tired of all the people who preach it. Cuz your arguments are on point (props) but you arent really saying anything else besides how annoyed you are. Youre starting to sound like a fox newscaster and just arguing points instead of going anywhere with them. YEA GOOD JOB YOU MADE ME FEEL STUPID BUT ARE YOU DOING ANY BETTER BESIDES TRASH TALKING YOUR WAY INTO IGNORANCE? nah bruh bruh. i hope you were taking a shit when you were writing because i would never care enough to waste my time writing something that everyone is gonna trash talk. Alright then, see how i just trashed your article Mr. Beck? Liberals>your face

While there are definitely some points in this article worth taking a second glance at.... I wish there was a more elaborate explanation of the conclusions in the actual article. You know, like this is WHY I think this way. It might also be more effective if it weren't for all the name calling. I'm not saying I believe the whole global warming thing, I'm just saying... this article doesn't really provide any evidence as to why I SHOULDN'T believe it.

I'm glad to see that there are people starting to realize the so-called Global Warming is a hoax. This paper made me chuckle a little bit. Being a strong conservative myself and majoring in political science at University of Wisconsin Green Bay; I think its important for people to know the truth behind this disgusting scam. My only 2 cents to this blog is that I wish the writer of it left out the profanity. Profanity in anything takes away from the sincerity of your message. Although funny and true, the opposing side will write this off as a block-headed conservative attempt at trying to disprove Global Warming.
My suggestion:
-Re-write it w/ out profanity
-Come with hard facts
-Cite the facts
-Be respectful and sincere

No liberal can mess with a conservatives common sense, determination, faith, morals, and outlook.

All due respect,(?), Liberalism is a plaguing anti-American Disease founded on lies and deception.

Don't take this to heart. (Author). I encourage you to do it again. Use that conservative Pride for the good of "The People."


I am just ashamed that this man claimed to be "God-fearing" yet he is disrespectful, using vulgar language, and doesn't even have hard core Biblical facts.
Go read your Bible next time you try to disprove Global Warming and wash your mouth.
This was upsetting to read.

ok dude you didn't actually discredit the ozone layer thing and it has been proven that the ice caps are melting at an accelerated rate. in the past, they would have melted and refrozen, remaining roughly the same mass. know what youre talking about before you post a lame-ass article insulting an entire culture. oh yeah and you only covered two of global warmings arguments

you are completely irrational, and obviously have no sense of the other side of the argument. I have NEVER seen the movie "An Inconvinient Truth" And infact, I AM A REPUBLICAN. YOU are a SHAME. you are just spreading around a rumor that all republicans are global warming hating, irrational, incompetent people who refuse to compromise at all, or listen to anything. I am VERY disappointed by your counter arguments because I have heard much better ones, although they still had flaws.
Overall, you were also very rude, and insulting, which I find even more upsetting. Your sexual refrences were inappropriate and simply STUPID. I hope people will not think the Republican party is composed of you people.

perhaps instead of just assuming that the people reading this are liberals you should be a little more open minded....
Im an average college student just writing a research paper... sucks for me, you had a good title but your column was just a bunch of bull shit that YOU thought of... please, if your gonna post something like this (that's so controversial) on the internet... have some credible sources.... lemme guess your a conservative ass hole who thinks he knows it all about everything, including what's going on with the environment, stock market, our nation in general etc.
PLEASE unless you know what's gonna happen in the future, shut the fuck up and keep your ass off the web!
thanks a million,
Kayla :)

Look at the way you write?? how do you expect anyone to take a person seriously that calls other adults arguments "gay"". You sound like some highschool freshmen going on a rant. And you really said you were using scientific facts as support to your argument. "the global warming myth. Those who can’t afford a car, so they attribute them to causing astronomical, absurd climate problems"..where did you go to school? I'm not sure if this is one of those jokes where they pick a widely debated about topic and say the most ridiculous things about it to make fun of the things people atually use as arguments. if so goood job. if not well..i guess good luck? I think you need to really educate yourself about the topic more..and also what offends people and makes you sound like an idiot, like calling something "gay". Hope you don't feel like too much of an idiot little fella.
Peace Paul

i'm conservative and this guy makes conservatives look embarrassing, all you did was disprove that HUMANS cause global warming, not that it doesn't exist you mindless moron. the next time you choose to claim being a conservative don't spew your bullshit and make all conservatives look bad you ignorant moron.

This is bullshit. Get your facts straight.

first off you fucking idiot that big blizzard in your town was do to global warming. Because global warming is more sun hitting our earth and not being stopped by our atmosphere. So were gonna start having more extreme summers and more extreme winters. So basically you yourself just proved global warming. Next time get your facts straight before you try to sound smart.

You are a dumb piece of shit. How about you write a real, non-biased article with good facts to support your view? You're no better than the people you bitch out in this article. I bet I could write a better article on this topic that would own your stupid, uneducated ass.

Thank you for giving me a great counter argument for my paper on environmental resources and conserving what we have left of our precious planet, you ass fuck.

Sorry, but your stupid ass rant doesn't really compare with hard scientific data, all the extra time I have not showering allows me to actually read up on an argument before I make it by the way. Maybe you should stick to what your good at, being racist, giving little kids wedgies and swirlies, watching fox news. Because you sound like an idiot. I guess your just smarter than me and any creditable scientist and your just too intellectual for me to understand what your saying. Or maybe you just think it's gay to read, think, and want to keep on surviving on the planet we live on. Maybe you'd be happier getting caught up in a horrendous hurricane, I know I would be happier if one came by and swept you off. P.S. I just owned you!!! Fucking deusche bag

I don't understand how a movie inspiring someone to make the world a better place makes them gay. I mean look, your homophobia was probably inspired by an older male fondling you inappropriately when you were younger, does that make you gay? Well, yea, it probably does, bad example, you get the gist though. Oh and to gary, its myth, not mith, dip shit, that red squiggly line underneath the word means you spelled it wrong.

hahahahaha soooo funny!! not the 'article' but the comments. do you not realise that by getting aggressive and calling the 'author' this, that and the other, you are the ones who are looking stupid. silly, silly people, get down off your soap boxes and get a life

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Holy shit. 500 votes, 200 facebook shares, 150 comments-- 'the fuck cares if it's accurate, my man just got 1000 people to take a vested interest in his writing.

I need to work some hot button issues into my column. Netflix: Why The Blacks Hate Working.

Anyway, Paul Frank, hats off to you.

This is total Bullshit that guy doesn't know anything anyone who agrees with me Thumbs up this Comment or somethin' :-)

hahaha dude your a real stupid piece of shit.

That was a HUGE waste of my time, and I didn't even read it all. This is a terrible article written by a clearly terrible person. Sorry, but it's true.

There is no scientific evidence that disproves global warming. You cannot deny global warming, please I invite you to bring forth and valid evidence that global warming doesn't exist. Stop denying yourselves, if the issue does not get addressed with enough motivation we will cause the slow extinction of the human race and the other animals. You will die either by starvation, dehydration, disease, or killed by another human. If nothing is done no one will live a full life time. To you the writer of this article I speak to you directly go back to school and get a perspective on the world you live in

Okay, so first you attack the long, round tailpipes from cars and now the immense, erect, brown smokestacks poking out from factories. And you say that these emissions are penetrating and hurting the delicate “ozone.” Are you gay or something? Nothing wrong with being gay, just keep your sexual preferences and your scientific arguments separate, alright?


i believe that we are just being manipulated by the media..

how do internet as a form of media distort,exaggerate,emphasize,de emphasize,and select the information on global warming issue?.please do answer me.

I do agree that Global warming is a fraud, but, for example, you didn't mention why the ozone holes were a problem we don't need to worry about anymore (Which is true, because we don't use the toxic chemicals we used before that destroyed the ozone, and the ozone holes are healing). Even if they are not a problem anymore, liberals keep using this, like the hockey stick graph, which is was proven to be a fraud, because they are not liberals, but blind politicians who support Marxism. Even if what you said is true, even if I understand your anger vs liberals, you can't use word like (fucking) or try to directly insult global warming believers, because that itself is not science, and they will use this against us (Evil deniers) by saying we are immature hillbillies. And yes, like phylum said, we are indeed being manipulated by the media. They show what they want, and hide what they don't want to show, too support their extreme left beliefs, that every human should be rewarded equally, when humans themselves, are not equal. Anyway, I SUPPORT YOU IN DENYING MAN MADE GLOBAL WARMING, IT'S JUST IF WE WANT THIS HOAX TOO STOP GOING AROUND, WE NEED TO BE MORE FACTUAL, MORE SCIENTIFIC, AND LESS INSULTING, TOO PROVE WE ARE NOT HILLBILLIES.

Paul Frank, you are fucking retarded. This is honestly the most retarded thing I’ve ever read. Do you have fucking down syndrome?!

There is no factual data or information in this… Except the incorrect part about the Titanic...

This article is so stereotypical. It’s like an ignorant 13 year old got mad at their science teacher so they wrote this to show they can use big boy words and make full sentences and repute everything they’ve been taught.

*sigh* Yet another piece composed of sensationalist, pseudo-intellectual but actually anti-intellectual, anti-science rhetoric. Barely worth reading or comment, but for how high in my search results Google put it. Does the author really understand the science to any degree, or the masses of independent evidence for a global warming? Or is it taken on faith in certain authoritative sources that anthropological climate change is as fraud, or must be a fraud, because the Left are more concerned about it? Is the author simply on the largely astro-turfed pseudo-skeptic bandwagon crying fraud and conspiracy? Did this person watch their beloved Fox News and accept the Right-wing programing claiming a conspiracy by virtually all reputable scientists in various pertinent fields on climate change? Public and political dialogues seem to have become so void of rationality that a bias toward fact and truth is being seen as Left-wing and therefore bad, and consequently it tends to be the Left who are left to disseminate and advocate the warnings of scientists. It will be looked upon with great sadness by those who will hopefully look back in coming centuries; the ease with which corporate and bourgeois minority interests, through their monopoly over mass media and influence over government in barely democratic plutocracies, was able to squash the warnings scientists, globally, have been issuing for decades, and force future generations, especially the poorest, to suffer immeasurably.

1-True, the post those not contain any scientific evidence.

2-If you look at the last 30 years the temperature didn't go up, or go down.

3-Antropogenic global warming is bull. Water is a stronger GHG than co2, and cause 95% of the green house effect. At best, co2 cause 5%, and at best we produce half the co2

4- i)It's not a fraud because left is more concerned about it. It's not a fraud because the
liberals are concerns not, liberals are concerns because it's a fraud, that benefits them. The Kyoto protocol,by example, is served to support ideas of the left, more precisely communist. Let me explain. The rich country's, if it pass, wont meat the agreement too produce less than a certain amount of co2. So, they will need too buy carbon credits from poor country's. What do you get? Division of wealth of course! Yeaye it will help the poor people in need in those country's! Oups, wait. The dictators in those very country's are the one who will receive this money, not the population. Anyway, that's why this mistake, was transformed into a fraud.
ii) People of the right probably also profit from it! No just people of the left. There is probably a couple people of green peace that are on the right. They can get money out of this big anthropogenic global warming money well!

5-Okay a bunch of text saying that nobody believe in global warming. Newsflash, everybody those believe, sadly. Also saying that conservatives are telling lies. Well hey guess what? Your good old friend barkey (Barrack Obama) didn't help the united states that much, hen? Stephen Harper, who is a conservatives, seems to be the only one not driving his country down too hell. Oh and the poor will suffer in the future. Well, got news for you. Whit your dream communist nation, the poor ones, well, that's pretty much everybody, except the dictator, who is for the people! Obviously, that's why any communist dictator you will name will be a 100 times richer than his population. Oh and you that is talking about rich people, what about your best buddy Al Gore! He seems pretty rich, but he believes in anthropogenic global warming. He always say how he against carbon production when he is on his fossil fuel powered private jet.

i)You're not a hero, or whatever you think you are, just because you ''accept'' that you're specie is evil (Which is not the case, but the kid of people like you like too believe that just too feel good about themselves). It's because of people like you that this big global warming blunder is passing. Too get their salary, all the environmentalist just need to tell you ''Pay me, and you will save the planet! YOU are SOOOO IMPORTANT, you COUNT! You're so nice and all and you're grand children's will be very proud of you!, all this if you pay me!''.

ii) Figure this two out smart guy. One, if we can't predict the weather in a weak, how can we predict the weather in a hundred years in tenth of degrees? Two, you probably heard higher temperature cause more hurricanes. Big storms creates when there is a large temperature differential. But with GHG, it maybe warms the temperature a little, but what it really those, is make it constant. So, why would there be MORE storms?

Thank you for the autopsy of another Fox Bogus Reporting event
- If its remotely political, they willfully and knowingly distort the
issues to suit themselves and their clients - They are an unreliable and
inaccurate source of information for any important issue.
Report Abuse

global warming myth
global warming hoax
greenhouse effect
greenhouse gases

ha did this blogger ever read about the industrial revolution? most conservatives, don't. anyway, we were releasing huge amounts of pollution in the 19th century. global warming was already taking effect- thus, the titanic may very well have sunk partly because of global warming.

I've read your article, and some comments. I have to say, it made me laugh a lot.

I mean, can you go to any big city, look outside and say "there is absolutely no pollution, oh no! everything is fine"
just a bit misty perhaps?

That's really amazing!

You must think pollution is something invented by the government to win money, the man never put a foot on the moon and World War 3 is already planified, am i right? Do you believe in santa claus?

ps: for an article like that, my teacher woud not even give 0 !
Except the fact you defend something totally stupid, you're arguments, when they exists, are bullshit!

Hate with more hate.... sorry this might be a liberal hippie thing but, by putting other groups of people down, you only come off weak and insecure. Try getting an education before plaguing people's minds with your bullshit.

no proof given. logic of a ragin 12-year old youtube flame. no humor. no good. this articule takes the cake for one of the most pointless articuls on the internet.

WHAOW, just whaow. What an article. Not only has this article angered many people with clearly false information, but in doing so, it has shown the true colors of the USA and how truly ignorant our people are. whaow

The article was sh*t, I agree, I think it's a warmist that wrote it to make us look bad.
Though, he is right on one thing, AGW theory is a ridiculous theory. Also, it certainly did not show the ''true colors'' of the united states. It's ONE person who wrote this article, and you're going to judge everybody in the United States based on ONE person? Are you serious?

Yeah it's so hot out there year round I never need an oven any more!! The difference is like 1 degee year end and year out give me a break! I've lived in Texas all my life and come Summer sometimes we have really hot summers and sometimes we don't wooootttttttttttddddddddddddooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!

I can't believe that there are people in this day and age who are so ignorant and such blatant assholes. I feel ashamed of our society after reading this, and don't know how we could teach anyone to act this rudely. I really hope we can change our country and eliminate this kind of crudeness.
A whining pussy who put down her 6-foot bong long enough to care.

Sounds like a 12 year old, I think the people commenting are smarter than this idiot. I am only a senior at 2 year college and I know enough from taking a general earth science class that this guy is full of shit, and all of his logic is definitely adolescent level thinking. Air conditioned home? You fucking idiot, which is like what, 68-72 degrees F? Last I checked, for water to stay frozen you need minimum of 32 degrees F. Not 68-72 AC temps. I feel raged by the fact that this moron was given the ability to post this piece.... or should I say POS on the World Wide Web. The ice caps are melting, the water is getting higher, villages in Alaska are actually having to relocate because of unlivable conditions, hurricanes are all the time, Its hot as hell, no snow anymore... I think the scientist, which is pretty much all of them from what I have read... are saying its happening. I am going to side with smart people on this one, not paid actors or writers that get hand fed millions of dollars by Oil companies to sell lies to the general public, which is full of idiots like this guy. Have you actually researched what the oil companies paid idiots are saying? It’s all a bunch of BS. The only thing that makes sense is logic and actual research that is documented to support the greenhouse effect. 10. The oil industries actually paid lobbyist to talk bad about global warming, and these people were the same lobbyist that spoke for the tobacco industry.
1. Federal government agencies tried to cause disagreement on the issue to save money; they helped make the gap of understanding for the greenhouse effect to stay wider. They didn’t want the public to know it was all facts, and wanted it to remain theory for this gap to stay.

2. Global warming skeptics (Paid Actors) were being paid under the table by the fossil fuel companies, Cole industry and USDA industry to create and continue skeptics towards Global Warming. They were discovered at this in a court hearing in Minnesota. (The oil industries actually paid lobbyist to talk bad about global warming, and these people were the same lobbyist that spoke for the tobacco industry.)
Interesting (facts) for you idiots that didn't actually research any of this and had the brains to post your uneducated nonsense on here like this idiot author... oh ya.. peace:)