I've been missing awhile due to papers and finals and the fact that I can't recall the last four days of my life due to way to much alcohol, caffine pills and lack of sleep. I've also spent the last day apologizing for the fact that I did probably 600 dollars worth of damage to a friend's house by breaking a window and shattering his bedroom door. Yeah, I somehow shattered a bedroom door with a rolling somersault and a drop kick which was all in the same motion.

I think it was on Friday when I got my haircut. I'm not sure because most of my days have blended together. This haircut was different because it was fifteen minutes of complete silence after the awkwardness I brought to the room. The conversation was short and sweet which was enough to ruin her day.

" So, do you ever comb your hair?"

" My hair is like my bikini line…"


"Unkempt and ill managed."

She didn't say another word the entire time, and it didn't help that I would start laughing randomly throughout the conversation because I kept thinking about what I said. Hey, I gave her a $5 tip so she should thank me for telling her about my jungle bush.