Praise be to Allah. We are here to talk about our very important mission, which we do for the grace of God. We are ready to sacrifice ourselves for God like this, in a glorious fight against the unbelievers. For our mission to succeed, we must be strict and observe the rules from the boss. But if the boss find out that we had Comcast installation, none of us would will go on this mission, or other suicide mission.

I blame you, Hamid. Just because we needed phone service to call our handlers, and internet access to purchase tickets, we still did not need the Comcast Triple Play! You trick me because you said it was cheaper. But you never even look at other deal! I know you just want to watch American television. I see you there every day. I go to pray, you are sitting in front of television. I get back from Mosque, you are still watching cable channels. I see you changing channel all the time. This is how Americans watch television? You watch all kind of things. Shopping network. Cooking shows. Shark Week.

I see you trying to hide behind couch, Salim. Every Sunday night you are there to watch Crossing Jordan. You like the show about Mormons so much? You find it so interesting, don’t you? You are so interested in the plot, aren’t you? Just admit it, Salim. I’ve seen you watching. I see you watching every Sunday. I know you care so much about the people’s lives. I worry you have talked to the other cell about this. I worry about this very much. But stop watching the show unless you don’t want to go on this suicide mission. Because if the other cell finds out that we have been watching cable, they will tell it to the boss, and then we can not carry out the plan.

What about you, Ali? Sitting over there, like you have no part in this. You think I don’t know who is ordering films from Pay-Per-View all the time? Hmm? Now you are big fan of American films. You are great expert. Teacher. Scholar. We should expect to learn from you. Tell us all about it. Tell us about Independence Days, and The Passionate Christ. We just love to hear it.

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