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13 Steps to Prove You're Not a Hipster

Hipster sketch looks like Unabomber

It's an epidemic: hipsters. They're everywhere. You may be one of them. Being a hipster is on the same playing field as being declared insane: try to rebut it and that only makes it more true. It's the ultimate catch-22.

Thankfully, following these 13 easy steps will ensure you're not a hipster, and definitely never be mistaken for one again. Read More »

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Points in Case Sentences Sick Freelance Writer to Death

Naked woman crawling out of a cage

There is this knobby cyst about the size of a baseball on my stomach underneath my left rib cage. As smooth as a whiffle ball to rub, it jams against my ribs. The region feels irritated and sore.

The doctor tells me it's not cancer. I think it is. But I would rather go on thinking I'm not dying. This is foolhardy and naïve because death does us all in. Did you get the memo? Read More »

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7 Things Everyone on Earth Will DEFINITELY Understand

Hands together in a ball forming Planet Earth with blue paint

1. Breathing.

The inflow of oxygen rich air into your lungs, followed by the release of carbon dioxide, helping to support the necessary vital systems for survival? You guys get it? THAT'S SO CRAZY! We're like, two peas in the same pod, right? I'm not alone in this? Hello? Read More »

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9 Obituaries That Reinforce Terrible Career Choices

Steve Jobs "Slide to Unlock" tombstone in graveyard

1. "Long John" Thomas Philips "Hardwood"

John Thomas Philips was born October 18, 1935 and passed away at on March 20, 2015, just as spring hormones were in bloom again. John, better known by his pseudonym "Long John Hardwood," worked diligently with dongs and thongs until he was 80 years old. He was a dedicated employee, working his way up from boom operator to director. He died on set a happy man. The devout Catholic's wake will be held at Pretty Kitty's strip club. Read More »

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Hip Hop Tips for Tax Season

Gold money sign bling on dollar bills

Have you thought about your taxes yet? Those naughty yearly deeds we all have to do each year?

For me it's difficult to forget, since it's the anniversary of the spring deadline for my literary magazine, Health Ink. If you're a writer like me, then I encourage you to apply. This year we're accepting recipes for any homeopathic remedies that use ingredients beginning with "H." My cousin has already submitted numerous recipes, although they were considered unacceptable because none of the recipes included actual ingredients; rather, they were nicknames for Jay-Z. Read More »

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6 Things Every Introvert Will Understand

Shy woman with hand in front of face

1. Needing Breaks After Socializing

What happened to you? You use to be so full of life, now all you do is scroll through Internet lists. Day in and Day out, you seem hell bent on finding out who 8 People in Your Philosophy Class are, What Movie Best Describes Your Sex Life, or even this... this clear clickbait, designed to say general things that'll make you feel like you're in a subgroup. To make you feel special. This is an intervention. Read More »

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15 Green Objects Gearing Up For St. Patrick's Day

Green Statue of Liberty
  1. "St. Patrick's Day is basically our one day off a year. All year long we're changing colors, constantly trying to hide from others. On St. Patrick's Day we can walk the streets of, I don't know, let's just say New York, and simply be free. It's truly a blessed day for the faith of the Irish and the well-being of chameleons alike."
  2. Read More »
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Nine of Sherman's Lesser-Known Marches

William Sherman black white headshot

Sherman's March Back From the Sea

After a long, hearty march to end the war, Sherman and his men were disappointed, although understanding, of this equally long, less hearty march. Logically, they all knew it had to happen, but were still pretty bummed nonetheless.

Sherman's March Madness Read More »

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Dante's eFerno: The 9 Levels of Internet Hell for Social Media Sinners

Angel and Demon of the Internet

Listen up, you who have wandered from the straight and narrow of the internet: follow me and I will show you the hell that awaits those who misuse the great social networks. Heed my warnings, for the fate of these wretches will be your own if you do not cease your wicked ways. (Note: you won't find any cyber bullies or their ilk here. They get sent on to real hell. No one wants those jerks around.) Read More »

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21 Reasons I'm Drunk Right Now

Drunk girl in middle of road
  1. 12 years of Catholic school.

  2. Kendrick Lamar not winning at last year's Grammy's.

  3. Macklemore winning at last year's Grammy's.

  4. The Grammy's still being broadcast.

  5. Haters named Jeremy, Stephen, Kenneth, Julie, Michelle, Sarah, Esther, Eric and Marcus. Oh and Chris and the other Stephen.
  6. Read More »
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Batman and Robin Discuss the 12 Biggest Films of 2015

Robin has a shocked face

A brand new year is upon us, and with it comes the chance to get stupidly excited about all the new films that will be coming our way. We'll have superheroes, spies, sequels, dinosaurs, robots, reboots, and probably a shitty Adam Sandler movie or six thrown in to even it all out. Read More »

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An Idiotic Review: 4 Questionable Facts About Ladies Jeans

Ripped jeans on a woman's ass

Editor's Note: The following submission is presented entirely in unedited form, for maximum enjoyment.

Foreword Read More »

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Seven Reasons You Should Travel Alone

Woman travelling alone

This summer I took the plunge and decided to set out across Africa, solo. Jason Derulo style. A two-month stint around Southern Africa by myself. There is a lot of stigma with traveling solo. Will I be safe? Will I make friends? Will people think I'm crazy? Read More »

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Politically Correct Satire for Dummies

Satire for Dummies book

In the wake of recent attacks on freedom of speech, we should all take a moment to review what is clearly not acceptable as the object of a humorous barb, no matter how damned funny it is.

Race and Ethnicity Read More »

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SEC Football: The Most Disconcerting But True Stereotypes of All 14 Schools

SEC logo

Not all stereotypes of the South are necessarily true. We're not all overweight and stupid, and believe it or not, we don't all vote against our own self-interest. It might even come as surprise that the majority of Southerners have all of their teeth. But we do all have racist grandparents and an unhealthy obsession with college football. Read More »

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