Fat Chick Syndrome

Fat chick dancing in the bar with her hands up

We all know them. We see them all the time: in class, at parties, walking along the streets near Mooby's. They're the fat chicks, and though not all of them have the malaise I will discuss today, far too many suffer what many psychologists know as Fat Chick Syndrome.

You will generally hear FCS sufferers (also known as Big Bitch Disorder) far before you see them, which is saying a lot, since they are fairly easy to spot. Usually surrounded by two or three Barbie-esque women (except unlike Barbie they actually have full working vaginas), the FCS patient will usually wear black shirts and denim since she doesn't realize that such a disguise only works to a point. Take care to try and spot the oil-drilling stiletto heels. 

Unfortunately, FCS is the end result of unconscious overcompensation, and it can spiral into something not even bourbon can cure.As you or your friend approach this booby trap (pun very much intended), you will immediately be judged. No matter what subject of conversation you try to have with any of the hot friends, this poor, neglected FCS victim will somehow become the main participant of the conversation. She will either do everything to agree with you in order to establish some sort of connection and common ground, or she will disagree with you on every point in an attempt to spread her obese misery on you, her friends, and everyone within earshot.

Don't fear these gentile giants, my friends. Handling them requires one of two things: great patience or a chubby-chasing friend—your own Ahab willing to take down Moby. The latter is self explanatory, but the former can be alleviated a bit. Note that direct confrontation with a fat chick, while generally hilarious to you and your compatriots, will decimate your chances with any of her friends. Instead, sit back and observe. Learn her habits, know both her weaknesses and her strengths. Then use her strengths to your advantage. 

Fat girl wearing a Fuck Off tshirt
If only all fat girls were this self-aware, the wingman would be flying solo.
If she wants to talk, let her. She can guide the conversation, and as she does, you merely get her attractive friend involved in the conversation. The BBW wants to talk for the next ten minutes about how awesome some movie was, so you let her, and at an opportune time, you ask her friend about movies. Now, you can try to focus the conversation on the pretty one, your unicorn.  Prepare to realign conversations in this fashion several times. Beware, however, of the dreaded pack bathroom break. It may be beneficial if the big one leaves, but if you are stuck with her, she may move a chair closer to you, and without a free chair next to you, you'll probably have to abandon ship without a life vest.

One should not blame these women for their condition; it really isn't their fault. Social neglect is the main cause of FCS, and it's sad to say that men are often the major contributors to this. When one of these women is with one or more smoking hot women, who do we give the attention to? Don't deny the facts; we eyeball the hell out of the hot ones. This automatic reaction, be it conscious or not, tends to leave the bigger women feeling unimportant, unwanted. They themselves might not even realize these bitter feelings, even deny that they care, but they do. So what happens? FCS happens. They compensate, trying not to steal the spotlight, but to merely share it with their friends. Unfortunately, FCS is the end result of unconscious overcompensation, and ends up further alienating them from people. It can spiral into something not even bourbon can cure, and not even Kyle the rampant chubby-chaser is willing to deal with, regardless of how much he likes to feel like he is scrumping a water bed.

There is no known cure for FCS. There is a treatment, but it will never be fully cured. The treatment, known to radical doctors as "jogging," will take time, dedication, and understanding from us. Beware, however, that treatment may result in CHD, or Cuntish Hottie Disease, which is more tolerable for a night or two but not in the long term. We can discuss this second horrid malady at a later date, but be aware that when one jumps from FCS to CHD, people generally wish upon this obnoxious attention whore nothing but loneliness and socially inept children.

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LMAO the treatment is "jogging"... God, I hope I never get fat, guys are so one dimensional. lol :-P

ya some of this is friggin hilarious..it kindof makes you feel bad for some of the "larger" women out there...im a guy..not an asshole either..i just dont think large women are atractive...in the least bit

Well, you look very three dimensional!
Women often have the same concern: if they marry a guy and accept him unconditionally, he may quit trying to impress her. Who wants to be with a fatass?

You dumb bitty.

Being a woman you should be ashamed at yourself from laughing at this insanity.

"God, I hope I never get fat." -Charming sentiment.

Might as well have said: "Thank God I am such a wonderfully skinny girl. I'm so much better than fat chicks."

For real. You suck.

The only true statement you said was that guys are so two dimentional, though even that was quite a generalization. My boyfriend is a kind, gentle soul who would stay with me through anything, regardless of looks. More guys should be like him.

Stop being an idiot and start sticking up for your fellow ladies.

lol - Hmm Well first... We know you are a fatass. Second, we know you can't read. The person in which you are speaking said men are "... one dimensional" Not 2 dimensional as you stated she said. So put down the twinkie, ho ho, snake cakes, pies, ice cream, gallons of pop, pounds of chips, and your stupid Jenny Craig video, Trust me honey -- It AIN'T WORKING...

I don't classify myself as a chubby chaser BUT I don't go after woman becuase they are skinny. I have several girl friends different size and shape. It is the attitude that makes a person ugly and you are ugly. Don't put others down becuase they have their own opinion it just makes you look stupid. Woman are beautiful no matter what the size and shape. They are just a gift from god.... You attitude is learned and I am sure it has come from jealousy mostly. You may be a very beautiful lady but LOSE YOUR ATTITUDE or remain one stank brown eye!

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Fantastic work!

**shudders at your pic**

Someone should stop making fun of large women and start brushin their hair. It might also help to stop looking like such a creeper.

Just wondering, are you a homosexual? Cause you remind me so much of my friend Johnny. I mean, you are a dead ringer with that popped collar and everything.

Sorry, but you could use a little help yourself. Better bite your tongue and stop making fun of over weight women. Looks like someone is getting what they deserve as far as looks go.

Is it really so bad that there are women who don't fit in to the socially acceptable barbie-body style but still love themselves for who they are. Are you really so one- eyed and bored with life that you have to focus on fat women having fun?

The attitudes in this article are why there are eating disorders.

60 direct messages every day on average, through advertising, tell us how we should look. Free your mind.

nothing tastes as good as looking good!


thank you!
this article made me sick.

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Go ahead and be fat.
Just don't be a fat bitch.

Oh, i see. What about a skinny bitch? Are they okay, then??

Which is worst?

Jeez, you need help hon.

Which is worse? What kind of question is that? Of course the fat one is worse. Didn't you read the article?

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Amen slava

any one man whom spends this much time and energy to degrage fat girls is trully a closet chubbie chaser. so what there are fat girls around. you will never meet a more true or genuine person than a fat person. you just cant get over the fact that there may be some good pussy under that gut. you are definitely missing out on some great moments in life. grow up!

why are people making such generalizations about fat people? why not get to know them first? i've met some pretty mean fat girls, but I know some sweethearts too. it all depends on how open-minded people are to them. when you are socially excluded, you get mean to get attention. my point being that not every fat girl is a true, genuine person, but not every fat girl is gunna be a bitch.

1) This was hilarious!

2) People, Relax! You can't come to PIC and not expect to be offended by SOMETHING. You have the choice to either see the funny comedic side of it, or be snarky and have a little bitch fit about it. If you choose the latter, you're just ridiculous. Everybody love everybody!!

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Tracey's fat.

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Exactly what I figured.

i sure am fat and proud of it! i have never had a problem getting and keeping any man i wanted. im sure you cant keep a girl for a minute with even half a brain.

tracey never loses her dildos

I asked a couple of guys why fat chicks with muffin top always seemed to have a date with them and they both told me because fat chicks are easy...Nuff Said!

I'm sorry Tracey, I am a thin woman and I know exactly what the guys are talking about. I have seen the desperation of the fat girls. They will do anything to be wanted. They seem to try too hard. Rather sad really.

I certainly don't walk around feeling better than fat girls but am SO glad I'm not one of you. When will these heavy girls/women wear clothes that actually fit? I really get grossed out when I see their rolls spilling over their pants and just because they make shorts that fit you doesn't mean they look good. Spandex/lycra is also not a good look. The fact that you think your big(fat filled) boobs are your selling point is really the biggest laugh of all.

Bottom line...fat girls are smelly, disgusting and I laugh at your desperation. You are bottom feeders.

pictures or gtfo

If you want pics of me come and get them...ROTFL!!! I didn't think so.

Fat bitches are delusional. Of course there are plenty of thin and fit bitches without a doubt. I have seen more fat, sloppy women toss their droopy boobs and saggy asses all over the place.The fact that their guts are spilling over their waist band makes it even more hilarious. I wonder if they are owners of a mirror.

Summer is here and they love to show it all. Just because they make it in their size doesn't mean they should wear it.

Later Fat Bitch! Eat some more Twinkies...and YOU GTFO or are you too fat to move?

The above response was written by a dumb cunt.

Fat Chicks got no reason to live. Better yet What do fat chicks & mopeds have in common?? there both fun to ride till your friend sees you on one.

What's a guy with gay face worried about a fat chick?


Come on. Don't they know what exercise means? Just sweat a bit fat people. Don't be hating Tracey.

No, girls usually purge themselves and whatnot because they care about how other girls perceive them, and want to make them jealous. I knew a chick who went to the hospital for that. She was an idiot. Guys like girls who don't look like skeletons, but that doesn't necessarily mean they go for beached whales, or even chubbs. There is such a thing called being physically fit, and I'm pretty sure it is considered completely normal. Why do insecure girls always think it has to be one extreme or the other?

The type of fat person this guy wrote about WILL say anything to either get someone to have a decent conversation or to completely c**kblock the guy because she knows she isn't getting some at the end of the night. This kind of person usually is never honest. That is what I'm trying to get at.

Being fat IS a bad thing. It's great for all the Hamburgler Crusaders out there to try and justify it, but the fact is it's a BAD THING. It's unhealthy to be grossly fat at a bar-hopping (read: 21-30) age, it leads to major heart disease and diabetes. This also make you a burden on society. Did you know people stop working and receive welfare just because they're fat? My tax dollars go to supporting that gross personal negligence. Healthcare costs skyrocket because of larger peoples' health needs being so great. It's a sucky fact, but a fact none the less. Not only are these people chock full of attitude issues that usually end in a guy getting cock blocked to high hell, but they are a financial strain on the people who take care of themselves and eat right.

I'm 110% in support of charging the obese more for things like flying. After a while, it becomes a CHOICE to put the burger in your mouth, a CHOICE to sit on the couch and ignore the treadmill. "Thyroid problem" can only excuse you for so long if you don't make an effort to eat better or work out more. It's EASY. Take the stairs, park a little farther away, buy good walking shoes instead of a Rascal. Just stop blaming that tub of ice cream in the freezer on the physically fit people who work their asses off to avoid heart disease and being winded by a set of stairs.

I totally agree with you! I find grossly fat people disgusting and lazy! I'm working 2 jobs and I am pissed off that my taxes are used to "help" those over-eating, lazy, and ignorant people!
Jump on the treadmill people!

If one of my bigger friends was a cock blocker to any of you guys , i would be grateful. Totally ignorant and hating. Not all big girls are lazy or eat too much. By the way, to the author.......some girls can just detect a loser on thier own .......did u ever think maybe woman are not attracted to you and thats the reason your just not getting laid. Aawwww looking for somone to blame. Who really has a complex here ?????? Is it your looks???????? Maybe you should seek help for your ASS syndrome??

...so it's perfectly OK for a woman to find a man physically unattractive, but heresy if you reverse the scenario and throw in 60 extra pounds of female lard?

Round hole, square Peg.

HERE, HERE PEG! Way to go!

I have to say its better for everyone to just find a guy who will be the permenant chubby chaser, I apointed myself to the position of my group, Big girls need love too.

Dude I have a utility belt designed for this kind of run in with the fat cock blockers. It contains, one canister of Pringles, Two Big Macs, an Elephant tranquilizer, 14 M&M's with Sling Shot, Mace, and Some Date rape drug to spike her drink so she passes out. Never Fails....never fails ever.

due thats the funniest thing i have ever heard keep up the good work. No Fat Chicks

Hi Andrew, I stumbled upon your article by accident, and I'd hafta say...it was hard not to cringe. I'm sure u didn't intend for ur write up to be taken too seriously. I'm an English major from Malaysia with a figure equivalent to a Barrymore more than a Diaz. Alot of my American friends think I'm healthy & voluptuous, but over here skinny (an ALBA) is IN which makes me FAT by my society's standards. Over here obesity is scarce, thus 'fat' is a term readily given to anyone with non-Asian curves. Since it appears to me that you have such a huge thing against these 'fat' chicks...I was just wondering whether your move is justified. Are they really THAT annoying? Or do you just hate them?

It's sad that people have to make fun of people to make themselves feel better. I feel sorry for people who say mean stuff about obese people, because you have got to wonder, what's wrong in their life? I think partly because they are sheep and follow what "society" thinks we should look like, therefore they cannot eat, and are very jealous. Also people who think obese people are "fat and lazy" are clearly ignorant. Slava Pastukhov on here said "Tracey's fat". Which I feel sorry for him because clearly if he has to make fun of people, then we all know he was the lonely, weird, and kind of smells like pee kid in kindergarten. Also with a name like Slava Pastukhov, I would be a sad little person too, sorry you ran out of hair gel, but don't take it out on other people. Also, so what if she is fat? Who REALLY cares, sad lonely people that's who. Who clearly needs a life. I hope you guys find one, one day......I think that might be asking to much, but we will see.

Actually "Kitten," hiding behind the "society forces me to ___" excuse is far more pathetic than cracking fat jokes.

Here's a little homework assignment for you:

1) Read up on the myriad health problems associated with obesity.
2) Enroll in an English class....or three.
3) Get a goddamned sense of humor.

Amen sister! and as for you little man who thought you needed to inform the public about YOUR OPINION of obese women, you never know what is going on with a person internally. First, although I am not overweight, my mother is very obese. When she was a child she had polio. Although she can walk she has post polio syndrome which limits the amount of movement she is capable of and forces her to use an electric wheelchair. She has also given birth four times by c-section because of damage the polio had done to her body. Second, my cousin's wife has severe lupus and this also causes her to have limited mobility and she is slightly overweight. Finally, I have a dear friend who has four sisters. All five of them are over weight because of a traumatic experience as children. They all were molested for over 10 years of their lives by their biological father and he threatened to kill them if they told. They all have some sort of eating disorder as well as some emotional problems that they still have not overcome regardless of many years of counseling all because of the actions of some pig-headed asshole of a man that caused their emotional problems in the first place. Do you think, with your sarcastic ridiculing of over weight women that this will improve their self image or any eating disorder they may have? I think not. I guess you also were not fortunate to have parents that taught you not to judge a book by its cover, you should judge only by the contents of what's inside, which is more times than not the most beautiful thing any person has to offer.

It is obvious that men like Andrew and Hamish are inadequate in their manhood that God has given them. Because they themselves do not have the "ideal" equipment (as well as the knowledge of how to use it correctly) that every woman desires, they feel it is their civic duty to TRY to degrade and humiliate women that do not measure up to what they perceive to be beautiful. This is how they compensate for their own true feelings of inadequacy.

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Fat people without a medical excuse (everything tastes good doesn't count) are fucking lazy, straight up. There is no such thing as genetically fat, there are perhaps people who stay fit easier, but everyone without some sort of extreme condition can stay fit.

"you will never meet a more true or genuine person than a fat person."
What is that based on? If by true or genuine you mean self loathing or annoying I take my question back, but I assume you don't mean that.

And to those of you defending your fat friends, why not give them some more tangible help and get them to get off their arses and get healthy so they too can start mocking fat people. It feels good being able to mock you, fat people, I've really got to tell you. And by mocking fat bastards I don't encourage eating disorders, I encourage exercise, but some fat people are so stuck in their lazy arse ways they need to cheat at looking fit. Either way, they are both fucking sickening to see.

Praise be Allah.

Listen, you simple minded piece, just because you feel your God gave you good genetics and you look the way you do because YOU do it, doesn't mean that it's true!

Being heavy is primarily genetics, http://www.libraryindex.com/pages/2712/Weight-Physical-Health-GENETICS-B..., read something for once in your life!

You are the type of guy that probably follows after his friends and they are the type to say shit under their breath because they are too chicken shit to say it to someone's face! Luckily there are girls like me that are not so kind to your "Douche Baggery!" You tend to feel that your dick gets bigger either when a girl will ACTUALLY talk to you, or when you make someone else feel bad about themselves! BRAVO YOU SIMPLETON! I am so glad that people like you are in the world that for the rest of their lives go around making sure people know how fat or ugly they are, because without you, they wouldn't know their own downfalls! In turn, let me be the one to advise you of YOUR downfalls!

You are uneducated and creating an idea PURELY based on opinion NOT fact. You decide who gets to be part of the crowd and who doesn't, based purely on physical attributes, I hope one day that karma rears her ugly head on you and lets you feel the sting of rejection! You are the type of person that was probably out of place a lot in life and for some reason some cooler cats felt bad for you and you tagged along, thinking that if you pick on people that are DIFFERENT than you, it somehow saves face and keeps you on the "in crowd!" Question for you, do you do this to gay people as well? People of a different race? People that are handicapped? Something tells me that with your inept ability to accept ALL humans for who and what they are, you do!

It's interesting that you people that feel it necessary to put others down, think that you are king shit, when we all know that you have your own self loathing attributes! From a fat chick, point in case, when people like you say the things that you do, you show me that your intellect is sub par to mine. You have no capability of coming up with something more clever than, fat ass, wide load, thunder thighs...and so on! Try working on something that may actually affect a person, people that show their colors of small minds are nothing but a target to be torn apart mentally! Unfortunately, because of assholes like you that have made people miserable their entire lives, they don't feel strong enough to fight back! As for me, bring it! As for them, how does it feel to pick on someone weaker than you? Do you think you are a better person, bigger man, have a bigger dick? Keep dreaming...

*Case in point...got so riled up, my fingers were going to fast! HA

wow, thank you for proving my poing "hamish". See kids here is a fine example of someone who has a small, ignorant, little brain. Personally i think he is vindictive because the following reasons; someone kicked his puppy, his parents were assholes therefore he turned out to be one, he was the fuckhead kid in school so everyone made fun of him and he decided to hate on fat people because (rememeber he has a small brain) he is still 5 years old at heart and very immature so he thought to himself (which took effort letme tell you) "hey, I know, letme pick on someone so that will get the attenion off of me cause I have a shiity life, and I need to make myself feel better and prove to people I am a man." well.....didn't exacaly work out like that did it? Your still the kid that no one loved so you feel you need to hurt people......you also probalay smell like pee. Sad sad little boys, how I pitty you. Please do the world a favor and not produce offspring, we already have enough guys with small penises, we don't need anymore.

So you use a physical shortcoming to belittle a man (humorously) belittling a physical shortcoming.......irony much?

Lol I know it was funny and mostly true :P

Well that was dull and pointless!

okay... i'm having a couple of issues with some of the respones on here...

i'll start by saying i'm a 20 year old woman, i can wear a dress anywhere between sizes 4-8, and i can work a pair of pants between sizes 7-10. i have hips, a sizeable chest, and a very definite waist. by any standards, i would never be categorized as a 'thin' woman, unless i were to starve myself, and even if i dropped thirty pounds (at which point i'd be close to a breathing tube), it'd be damn near impossible to thwart my curves. i'm perfectly healthy, active, toned, muscular, feminine, and i take care of what i've been given, but that's not to say i don't have cellulite, or that my belly doesn't have softness to it, or that my ass can't look quite sizeable on a bad day. yet i ride and train horses, walk and hike miles a day, i eat whatever i want when i'm hungry, i stop when i'm full, and i happily indulge in all my favorite sweets and a good guinness from time to time, and i still am looking good in a bikini without any major effort...

that stated, i have nothing against men or women who are overweight. however, i'll now add that i find it incredibly irritating that society both condones and promotes obesity and being unnaturally rail thin. both conditions are unhealthy, and take a certain amount of effort to obtain. a natural weight can be attained and MAINTAINED through normal daily activity, and not over-indulging. i hate to state this, but i find myself siding with those who believe that obesity, and being overweight, being promoted as "beautiful," is a truly awful thing. if i will state my opinion further, i do believe ahem.. well, if you have to use two seats on an airplane, you ought to be paying for both those seats.....

HOWEVER, one should always love themselves, and beauty is apparent in all shapes, all sizes, but truly, it is not healthy to be pushing people away from the mean, and the normal standard for human weight, in either direction. and granted, i understand many overweight, and even obese men and women have a busy life, and i have no preconceived notions about obese people having bad odor, being lazy, blah blah blah. but i do believe it's a terrible killer in the world today, and to condone it further is not helping. at the same time, condoning being rail-thin, when it is not one's natural state, is also horrific, and terribly unhealthy, and both need to be addressed and avoided. i'm not stating any of this out of superficiality, it's through and through a health concern, and surely the national weight statistics of the US have to be unbelievably insulting to the poor little ethiopian kid, who would probably, perhaps literally, kill to have our unnecessary pounds.

i suppose i'll end by stating that i do have one personal irritant and issue with this national and world-wide health-concern, and it is not one of a health-conscious nature. it's petty, and i apologize beforehand, but it drives me insane... i was born and raised in the midwest, so i've seen my fair share of severely obese people... there is NOTHING more infuriating than going to a summer festival, peraps a fair, or even just walking down the street, when lo and behold, you find your path blocked by someone motoring along at a snail's pace in a fracking scooter, when they can clearly walk. BEFORE YOU JUDGE, LISTEN: i'd have NO issue if the man or woman were taking the time and effort to walk at the same pace in my path, but it's the scootering that gets me...

you all know what i'm talking about, you've seen it, you've experienced it... you have to admit it's irritating to see someone who is in a state of derailing their health through inactivity and over-eating, RIDING in a damn scooter, when they can clearly walk and burn away those pounds, and add years to their life. what's more, YOU'RE the one being given a dirty look at your impatience, but hell, i'm not the one riding in a scooter, and your impending death is getting in the way of my walking.... so i say, get up and walk, and i'll congratulate you for taking that first step in right direction... which, if need i remind you, is not to the funnel-cake stand....

whew, that may have come off as well... bitchy, but it needed to be said. i hate those frackin' scooters.

THANK YOU!!!!! For telling us what a superior specimen you are in every way. Not only is it a comfort to know such a curvilicious bon bon like you is here to elucidate us, but we all now clearly understand how to view every single type of person and judge them correctly. Your pithy words of council should be applied by every single one of us, because clearly, your smokin hotness can expose who the real lazy fat ass scooter riders are from the ones who have real medical needs.

Bless you, bless you, bless you, just for being you.

This is the bullshit that only kids and silly teens could say. Imagine yourself when you will be around 40, having a familly, which means there will be no time to work out, because you have to take care of your house, and kids. You will gain weight and the teenagers will look at you and think that you are fat, old and ugly(or at least one of these)

There is ALWAYS time to work out. Instead of watching CSI or football or hockey or whatever the fuck you people watch these days, do the same on a treadmill at home or at the gym. Most gyms have TVs with radio transmitters so you can actually also hear what you see. TECHNOLOGY. Point in case.

Little kids need 24/7 care and attention. Of course you can go out and play with them, but not when you have at least one baby. I have seen women with little kids in gym, but it was pretty much suffering for the kids. Plus if you cook, clean up and take care of the children, you would be dead in the end of the day. It would be easier not to eat unhealthy food, but it cost more money and mostly when the other one does not like it, you are screwed(it would be very expensive to buy food for each one). I have gallbladder diet until like rest of my life and I cannot imagine how I would with somebody who eats junkfood....

that's an excuse, fatty. YMCA's have excellent weight-loss programs and plenty of exercise equipment. almost all YMCA's have supervised activities such as basketball and swimming to keep the older children entertained, and nurseries/daycare programs for younger children. and yes, it can be difficult to get children to eat their vegetables rather than ice cream, but look at it this way. if you're not willing to feed them a proper diet and instead take the "easy way out" then they too will become overweight and experience all the health problems and social rejection that every other couch blob faces. why would any loving parent want their children to become like that? refusal to provide proper diet for a child should be considered a form of abuse and neglect. also, if not everyone agrees on what to serve for meals, it is the parent's job to make the final decision. leaving the decision up to the kids as to what is served for meals will undermine the authority of the parents and lead not only to obesity, but maladjusted and defiant personalities in the children.

put the foot down. you're the parent for a reason. act like one.

....i'm not saying you ought to look 20 at 40. just don't gain 100+ pounds....

surely i ought to be able to manage that, and not through excercise, but by not overeating and through walking 20 minutes extra every day... ...that's hardly exercise.

The problem is that many people in US do nothing all day long :D That is pretty much bad. But I do not blame them. The world outside is dangerous, and poluted ;) But what I hate is when they tell you every day, that you have to take care of your health etc. Bullshit. Everybody should make the decision on their own, if they want to live healthy and possibly longer...

What a misogynistic piece of crap. When you grow up and are worthy of the company of a real woman, maybe your jabbering will reach the lower rungs of "observational humor." As of now, you're not even close.


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wow, big talk for a guy who doesn't even have the balls to put his real picture up. i bet your ugly as sin.


this is getting intense.

Speaking as a 22 year old woman who has lost 50lbs and struggles everyday to keep that weight off (I run for 1-2hrs 5 days a week), I can say this has some validity. Even after losing the weight I find I am more chatty with guys than my friends, and I am more likely to pull them aside and ask if they are really going home with that guy(aka cockblocking).

That being said being overweight is a lot more complicated than telling someone to go for a jog. I gained most of my weight in middle school because of jerks who called me jellyroll. Being mean to the overweight will not help them to lose weight it will cause them to go to their addiction. This past fall I went into what can only be called a food rebound, because of stress related to medical school applications, which caused further stress over the ever increasing number on the scale. I'll find myself eating without reason, and as someone who has been published on the benefits of exercise, I know what is healthy. Overeating is an addiction just like Alcoholism, except harder because you can't avoid food.

everyone gets to put in their own two cents, but i really don't agree with this one here:

CRAIG on February 18th, 2010:

body size doesn't determine a person's intelligence level. if you can say all those things up there then someone else can also say thin girls are stupider than fat girls because they're too busy looking good they don't spend enough time studying. why do you think people write of hot girls seducing their teachers to get an A? Because they're dumb.

not that i believe in that statement, but just trying to make a point that the argument can go both ways. be careful what you say.

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Yeah...what Craig said? That was a joke. That was an obvious joke. He's mocking the same attitude you're bitching about. Now granted, you're not anywhere near as pyscho as most of the chronically offended freakshows that post comments in every comedy article that singles out a certain group of people, so I won't rage you. But come on, read it again and tell me you still missed the sarcasm.

I'm a South African 22 year old woman and the world does not revolve around boys and what they think of us. i'm thin and my cousin is fat. she eats everything i do and we don't over eat at all. the reason her weight went up was because she lost her father a couple years ago not because she cant get a guy in fact she has two guys fighting over her and a third who wants to marry her at the moment. if loosing weight was as simple as moving and exercising she should be as small as i am. i'm not saying all cases are like this but that does not mean all cases are a matter of being lazy and having deep set guy issues. like they say no all men are dogs, not all fat people are lazy. Stop generalizing.

WOW - At the risk of sounding like I don't care, becuase I do feel sorry for your family's loss, but come-on please expound on how losing a loved one automatically makes you gain weight? You say stop generalizing, however, you just did saying "the reason her weight went up was becuase she lost her father". I have lost both parents and a sibling and I did not gain weight. The problem is not that a person loses someone, the problem is how they deal with the loss. She was depressed and therefor stopped being active. Yea, I did to. Then I realized what I was doing and started working out. This next sentence goes for EVERYONE... Go look in the mirror. Look yourself deep in the eyes and ask yourself "Am I happy with the way I look?" If you answer "YES" Then hoorah and good for you. If you answer "NO" then change it. Just don't make excuses. NO EXCUSES! I do understand there are medical issues, my aunt has a thyroid problem but guess what...... She is 5'6" and 131 lbs. Hmm How does that happen???? Ohh yea... Even with a thyroid issues there is medications and work out programs. Just be happy with yourself and don't worry about anyone else. In the end, if you have lived your life by your standards and are happy then who really cares wht people think. Oh yea, I get really irrate when it comes to seeing over weight people riding scooters who should be walking... But I get irrate when I go to the grocery and see people buying steak and lobster and all these expensive things with food stamps/welfare. That is my money they are using. Again.. Look in the mirror and ask yourself... Am I happy? Yes = good for you .. No = change it! Stop making excuses, you just sound pathetic!

I'm sorry Alyssa but you're ignorant, poorly informed and clearly very very young. Thyroid conditions are accompanied by a whole host of other medical problems. If medication and work out works for your aunt then she's one of the lucky ones. It doesnt work for everybody with thyroid problems - its just not that easy. Many of us struggle with multiple endocrine disorders causing massive debilitating fatigue - mine is genetic with heart involvement as well. I tell you....when you come in from working in the garden to lay down because you are going to lose consciousness...and when you do lay down - you can feel every heartbeat trying to smack its way out of your body - then you can judge. It didn't even show until after my second pregnancy at 39. Did you know that pregnancy can trigger a severe condition? There are many other things than can worsen it to the point where you suddenly become aware that you have an endocrine disorder. Most of us had it for years and years and didn't know.

And my answer about the mirror - NO I do not like what I see but unless I have a great deal of money - there's not alot I can do about it except stay off the goitrogenic vegetables which by the way - happen to be amongst some of my favourite foods. Bet you don't even know what they are. Take your favourite food and then decide never to eat it again - how's that make you feel? I wish people weren't so quick to judge. I wish they'd do their research.

And as for people like me wasting your tax dollars. How many of you are drug users or smokers or adrenaline junkies? How many of you are not careful with what you eat and are consuming excessive amounts of additives like msg and coal-tar dyes - do you even know what that does to you? How many of you are slathering cosmetics all over yourselves that are full of human mutagens and carcinogens without even looking at what you're putting on your skin? How many of you will be using my tax dollars to repair that later on in life. We've all got our addictions haven't we. While you're young - it doesn't show...but it will and then you will understand.

Fortunate does not make you better.

Andrew Patterson, did you really went to college? Or you just pretend you did to make you look cool? Do you say that as a pick-up line to every girl you want to date... Maybe you just don't have any social skills at all or maybe you were chubby while growing up... because you're just sad... really sad. It doesn't seem like the type of comment an educated person would make, to tell you the truth.

Get a life. And try to talk with people before jugding them so harshly. You'll see that the world isn't just black or white. If you or any one here don't find overweight girls attractive, you don't need to be immature to the point of creating more prejudice and hating against women. Keep your nasty thoughts to yourself. You know what self-control is, right? Didn't they teach you that at college?

So, to all girls who are overweight: don't listen to guys like him or any of the idiots who posted their prejudiced thoughts here. Being skinny doesn't mean you'll be happier. Well said to all the people who go against these "men"...

Andrew Patterson, did you really went to college? Or you just pretend you did to make you look cool? Do you say that as a pick-up line to every girl you want to date... Maybe you just don't have any social skills at all or maybe you were chubby while growing up... because you're just sad... really sad. It doesn't seem like the type of comment an educated person would make, to tell you the truth.

Get a life. And try to talk with people before jugding them so harshly. You'll see that the world isn't just black or white. If you or any one here don't find overweight girls attractive, you don't need to be immature to the point of creating more prejudice and hating against women. Keep your nasty thoughts to yourself. You know what self-control is, right? Didn't they teach you that at college?

So, to all girls who are overweight: don't listen to guys like him or any of the idiots who posted their prejudiced thoughts here. Being skinny doesn't mean you'll be happier. Well said to all the people who go against these "men"...

PS: Trying to spread hate is not funny, so don't try to make a joke out of it.

I'm a little two-sided on this debate.

I'm 22 years old. I'm fat... well, technically obese. I'm a size 18, 250 lbs. I know. GROSS!

Thing is, there is a long way between being a little chubby and "taking up two seats on an airplane, riding a Rascal" obese.

I eat healthy food and avoid junk food. I exercise fairly regularly. I actually used to be heavily involved in martial arts for several years. So how did I end up getting so 'disgustingly' huge?

Depression. I was depressed for several years, during which time I put on 60 pounds. I would lose 40 here and there by literally starving myself and overexercising, but I'd gain it all back. Then I was put on antidepressants that caused me to gain a further 20 pounds.

We're not all lazy. It's not just a case of "go for a jog, fatty". I actually can't jog because of stress on my joints. In fact, most exercises that people do are out of my range because of joint stresses it causes.

I'm proud that I was able to overcome depression, and I really am trying to lose the weight I put on. It starts to feel impossible, though, when people who have never had to deal with being 'that fat person' start judging. I can lose 30 pounds and still be fat. Nobody will look at me any differently than if I weighed 300. Sometimes you just want to give up, grab a box of cookies and phone order a scooter. Do you know how long it will take to safely and permanently lose 100 lbs (my goal)? A year, at best. That's a year of 1-2 lbs a week. I could go for 9-10 months, working my ass off and still be considered a fattie.

It's not just regular people. Even doctors are guilty. I went in for fatigue (turns out it was mono), and the doctor took one look at me and told me I was probably diabetic. He then took my blood pressure (120/80 on the nose) and had my blood sugar sampled (also perfect). Both were healthier than his. It's very possible to be a healthy fat person. It is NOT possible to be a healthy morbidly obese person.

As for Fat Chick Syndrome, I can totally sympathize. A lot of fat chicks have a huge chip on their shoulders. You can't make a guy think you're attractive if they're not into you. It's definitely not appropriate to call a guy shallow for not liking how you look. They aren't required to like you for you.

However, fat chicks also tend to be ignored by everyone. When I go out, I'm not trying to pick up guys. I'm engaged. I don't hit on guys, and I seem to be incapable of flirting. You have no idea how frustrating it is to try and talk to a classmate and have them give the "OH NO! The fat chick is trying to clamp onto me!" look. All I want is to be treated like a human being, not like some clingy, needy, lonely blob of lard.

It's kind of ironic that when I went through a mild phase of depression (it wasn't a clinic case..) I actually lost weight..can't really recall how much exactly..since I'm already skinny (not really toned) I had people giving me the worry looks and making invasive questions about my diet..oh well at least I'm over it by now..my point is that I guess neither of the extremes leads to being viewed understandably by others, body image is just some never ending discussion I guess.

Don't like fat people. Ugly.

wow, I thought this site was about spreading a little bit of humor? You may not agree with the author but don't take it so personally. I am a 23 yr old male and have some friends that would be considered "bigger" than most and are fun as hell to hang out with.

to get to my point: Not every guy is an asshole, and not every big girls has FCS. So stop taking shit so personally.

ok...i don't have nothing with fat girls...but from my expereince(i know some fat ladies)they all think that they are sexy....it's ok to not give a shite about what people say...but it isn't cool to become ridiculous.

I understand that English Majors as a whole have issues, and puppies need to chew in order to develop adult teeth. Usually English Majors are women--the sensitive types-- that do poorly in the Sciences, Math, Computer or Engineering fields. Unless they are extremely talented and attractive, they must get graduate degrees to find a survival job--or compromise their integrity by marrying men that can afford to feed them. Therefore it must be even more painful to have a penis and be put in such a submissive posture. But this is no excuse for the the unilateral degradation of the writing arts. My issues are 1) the writer in a grade school attempt to be clever fails miserably and only demonstrates an extremely low IQ and a juvenile mind. Like puppies, teenagers are riding dramatic ebs and flows in hormonal activity. Young boys for example are fascinated by fart jokes and bodily excretement. Adults realize that someday--when they mature--they won't think it so amusing when they themselves must clean up their infant's waste deposits. So as adults, we can forgive this child just like we can forgive puppies--they just don't know better. 2) What we can not forgive however is the clumsy style, inept attempt at gradeschool humor that unfortunately reflects more on the author than illuminating the subject matter. 3) A complete inalbility to make a relevant point and an obvious clulessness as to what it takes to be a published writer. Today's adults are bombarded with communications messages 1,000 times more intense than during the first half of the 20th Century. Because of this, the editorial bar continues to be raised to ever higher levels. Just as in athletics, literary competency and innate talent is more important than at any time in the history of writing. To be successful in today's competitive arena requires the dedication, focus, determination and practice of an Olympic athlete. The incredibly embarassing lack of skills and talent in this author are painfully obvious. It is also obvious that the author does not take his college major very seriously or he would have a) known his piece reeked to high heaven, b) become dimly aware (to use the author's own analogy) that he was like a nine hundred pound obese monstrosity of a human being imprisoned in his own bed of unchecked indolence; without purpose, focus or initiative. Other than that, I thought it a cute though inaccurate piece--for a seventh grader--but then I'm an adult.

Great comment "Addict"... Well said and well backed up.

I think for any of you who have taken the time to pick apart some of the more obviously reactive and shallow comments, I don't think you should waste your time in future. If someone says something to the tune of "WE ALL NO THAT THIN GIRLS ARE HOTTER"... well, I think that nothing you say (no matter how correct) will convince them otherwise. The only reason any of this sort of trash gets airtime is because you give them more ammunition to react to.

Just as a side argument... I know someone very close to me who has a major weight issue, and it became a downward spiral when she was raped. Trauma is a very valid reason for anyone to become trapped in an addiction.

I think it's very unwise to shoot off any comment in generality before you know the full story, and this is one of those debates that will probably never have a sound argument for the "Being Obese is bad" side. If we lower ourselves to the level of Judging according to our preconceived notions, we're no greater than animals.

By the way, I realise the Irony in having a long comment :)

Wow, just wow. It amazes me just how, idiotic, some people can be. Personally, I am overweight and most of my friends are pretty much thin and, apparently, hot. Does that make me an 'FCS'? No, it does not. My friends can do what they want, seeing as its their life, not mine. So what if a guy doesn't look at me? I honestly don't care. I can agree that some people whom idiots label 'fat', may be lazy, but that is not the case for all of us. Now, I can willingly admit, that I am somewhat on the lazy side. I don't go out and jog, run, lift weights, and things of that sort for a couple simple reasons. One of them being that while I may do that, it will take quiet some time for me to loose weight. Also, some of you have said that we should run on a treadmill. Well, answer me. How much does a decent quality one cost? For a decent one, that you will use often, the normal price you should buy it at, is $1,000. Now, how many people can spare to pay that much, when they have other things, such as school, car insurance, water bills, electricity bills, and much more. As I said earlier in my post, I am overweight and I don't care to loose weight. I could if I wanted to and tried, but it would take at least, for me to be at an average weight, a year. I do not hate those who find 'fat' people, disturbing, but I would adore it if they thought about how they acted to them. It would be the same as someone being disgusted because said person had, blue eyes or blond hair. I must say thought, that people who only care about the body are idiots. Most guys would probably sleep with a really bitchy person, simply because she is thin and hot, and make fun a really sweet and kind girl, because she is 'fat' and 'ugly'.

Whoever wrote this article is clearly still in junior school. You also forgot to mention all the fat boys out there.

They are perfectly aware that they are fat and it's fuck heads like you that remind them of that fact every day.

I am by society's standards, fat. Not morbidly obese, but I am bigger than most girls I know (I stand at 5"11, and am about 250, although no one believes me when i say my weight.) But according to you who say all fat people are lazy, hell no. That's like me saying all skinny people are anorexic, all guys are complete douche bags who only want sex, all blonds are complete bimbos who know nothing. I work my ass off, I eat less than most of my skinny friends, I have tried most things to work off my weight, hell I was even a vegetarian for 4 years! But its hard, and it doesn't always work. you cannot generalize one type of people because of a handful of others. Anyways, this is just some stupid article supposed to make people laugh....don't get your panties in a bunch, I will admit although it didn't offend me it made me more self-conscious than anything, Then I read the comments on here, that is the most offending thing, pretty sure the author didn't really mean what he said, but some of you people, it makes me sad that there are people out there that will hate me before even talking to me just because of the way I look.

There is always lesbianism.

lol at all the fat bitches and there excuses

ooo i have fat genes in me, well way to go, does that make you immune to dieting? exercise burns zero calories in your disease ridden body?

If you stopped eating you'd lose weight (oo but thats anorexia) but it would prove a point, genetics are an excuse that fat bitches use to try and feel better about the cheesecake they devoured whole

and no i dont find fat chicks attractive, seriously, sweating and heavy breathing in sex, great, but not if its from the effort to get into the bed

Anyone check out the author? He's kinda a porker himself. Guess he'll end up losing his humanity once he hits the magical point when he becomes a fatty, cuz as the article made perfectly clear, once someone becomes a fatso, they cease to be a human being.
Fat people don't just want to have conversation about a movie they enjoyed, No! They have some ulterior motive to cock block you and make you pay some mysterious money to the government for their fatness.
Oh, and every single person who objects to mindless cruelty is just a miserable fatty, cuz there is no possible way to have compassion if you are not fat....

Of course, it seems clear to me that from this article, that it is socially acceptable for men to be fat.


I'm sensing that the men who agree with this ludicrous depiction of over weight women are perhaps over-compensating for something.

It's pretty awful that you guys think this is the least bit humorous, acting as if women who carry around some extra weight are not people at all.

How can you feel good about yourself when you laugh at this? Personally, I'd be ashamed of myself. Doesn't it make you feel like crap to think about how pissed God must be when you make these rash generalizations about his creations??

These poor girls struggle enough. Why make it the least bit harder on them? And they are all lazy and bitches??! Are you crazy?? Did you guys really say that?


And, at the risk of being flagellated by God for this myself,
I saw a few of your own pictures up there guys ...and let me just say: WOOOOF!!
I shudder at the thought of finding your ugly asses at a club. Those larger girls are probably just running interference for their friends, God bless 'em.

Grow up losers. Be a man and stand up for all women, large and small.

This article isn't about "Fat Chicks" or Hot Chicks"--its sole purpose is misogyny.

This author has a classic case of what I call "closet homosexual overcompensation syndrome." Self-loathing gays-in-denial routinely pull this overcompensating misogyny.

We get it! You hate women (but really yourself). We get it! You hate women who are not deemed fuckable by you (but really none of them are).

Boy, are you ever transparent.

Well said! Misogyny no matter what the root cause is just like any other kind of hate and just as unacceptable in civilized society.

I think it's funny how a lot of people think all people are fat because they're lazy and/or eat too much. This little thing called "heredity" has a lot to do with these kinds of things too. Maybe not horribly obese people but chubbier people, sure.

I'm concidered fat in my country(even thou i dont live in africa or china). I am 85-60-104, but people stare at me when i'm with mini skirt or bikini.But you know what?My boyfriend (my girlfriend also) thinks that i have the best hips and butt they ever seen...All I want to say is that not the size matters- it's ones charm. It's how you feel inside, your smile,who you are- you can be chubby or skinny, but if you lack of brains and charm nothing helps

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Wow, seriously. This could not have been more superficial, at all. It not only made me sick, but extremely angry, also. Overweight women are not animals or toys, they are people. And that they're are grown men out there that still think this way makes me angrier. Is it too hard to grow up? I thought that males would be over this by now and just accept that there are overweight women(as well as overweight males), not sneer at them and use them to get to their friends. I really did not find this in any way funny, and the person who wrote this, can go to hell.

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I don't know, the Ahab joke was pretty funny. Here's the thing: observational humor tends to piss people off. But that's the way it is. Everyone gets a turn getting mocked, and as soon as something falls under a category that makes a person uncomfortable, they forget about all the other shit they were laughing about when someone else was being mocked. It's just categories and generalized patterns of behavior, nobody has to take it upon themselves to be the spokeperson for that particular category. I'll bet if you looked around you could find an article written by a fat girl making fun of short guys, and then a thousand angry short guys in the comment section saying, "Oh yeah? Well how would you like it if we made fat jokes about you?" And of course, she wouldn't. But goddamn it, I support her right to make fun of short guys.

Also, I have no hang-ups about fucking fat girls. Yeah, I said it.

10 Quick steps for you for getting laid with any kind of girl....

1- Take a bath
2- Have a hairtcut and maybe a close shave too. You look and think like a caveman.
3- Do something about that acne, that doesn't involve exploding them against the mirror and laughing like an moron.
4- Cut yout nails... that dirt under them is older than your grandma.
5- Remove your old Superman underwear, and try something CLEAN with no jerk off residue.
6- Brush your teeth... They are not supposed to be green.
7- Change your Sci -Fi series outfit and put on some real men clothing.
9- Get a life.
10- Forget it, it's useless. Just go and pay for the services of a prostitute. No women will ever touch you out of love or lust, not even pity. EVER.

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On a positive note here: it's easier to lose weight than it is to lose ugly, and that goes for inside as well as out.

guys who make fun of fat girls on the internet are probably bitter virgins themselves.

The interesting part of this is that the people who are outraged because of this article just say that people with the anti-fat attitude have small dicks or don't get laid or stuff like that, while the people who agree with the article they come up with rational arguments and talk about diseases caused by obesity and other people paying taxes because the fatties who could lose weight by excercizing just won't do it...


I know your type- try to work on your own insecurities--you are probably balding permaturely and spend a great deal of time trying to convince others you are someone worthy of their time--just think about it -- take time to improve yourself and don't worry about other people's struggles unless you want to help them. You are not funny.

Wow, you guys are about the most pathetic group of douches I have ever had the misfortune of encountering.

1. For The Girls: Think for a moment, this shouldn't hurt your feelings, what you have is a group of small minded internet porn geeks (some of Osama's 72 virgin's)
They have nothing better to do then slam fat girls.
In the grand scheme of things, do the opinions of these turd burgaling ass hats mean nothing, the are just the anonymous rantings of children sitting in their mothers basements 24/7 playing warcraft online, searching for porn, and picking on people so that their sad pathetic lives feel like they have meanings. And I'd be willing to bet that if any of them, by some insane quirk of nature of mistake of god, has a girlfriend (sister's. their best friends and cousins do not count.) that she is a size 16.
They do not matter in your life!

2. Douchebags: you guys are a bunch of insensitive assholes, if any of you were my sons, I would beat your ass for bullying people you don't know anything about online. Not even have the guts to face any of the people you have viciously insulted.

That's it, no straighten up your act, because tomorrow you will all be picking on amputees or paraplegics, how about kids with downs syndrome, they don't read this stuff you can pick on them all day..........
At Least One of you has a fat girlfriend and you sit here not only insulting strangers but your girlfriend too.
How much lower can you sink?

This makes the First Lady very insensitive too but then of course she's just looking out for the fatties. Isn't she all about reducing the fat people of America? BTW, being an amputee, parapalegic, having downs syndrome etc,,, is not quit the same as being a fat, lazy slob who lives on Ho Ho's and Ding Dongs and b$&@$! about the thin people who point fingers at them. I doubt anyone could successfully argue that there are people who have asked to be born with these challenges or who who have suddenly acquired challenges that are life altering. I know a lot of mean fat women who think they have the right to be obnoxious because society has singled them out...NEW FLASH!!! THEY did it to themselves and now feel entitled to be rude and crude. Back away from the Twinkie, walk and stop whining about the position you have put yourself in.

I was always fit until I had my first child. I gained over 150 lbs. I also decided that I hated it but instead of laying about and blaming others I got off my fat arse and did something about it. I lost the weight and know that those who sit about, eat, and complain get nowhere. I'm back to 130 lbs, don't have a basement, don't live with my mommy, never played warcraft and douching is bad for your vaginal area...any good gyno will tell you this you fool.

I am 28yr old 500lb. super sized big beautiful woman, and hot!! It seems like when I was 120lbs ,girls were mean to me, and all guys could do was tellme how pretty sexy hot I lookthe skinny hot girls love to be around me ,we all go out to eat,yes eat, and they buy me food, and being that I am now obese,yea it is hard to wash some parts of my body,so that's why guys love to bathe me,plus I get food outta them too! I am in good health and get the best from everyone! Believe me, people can be cruel,but why be upset that's there problem! No need for that, so yea my stomach hangs to my knees,I wear shorts in the summer, with cute little tubtops and guys whistle at me,turn there heads,ask. Me out to eat,and I don't get in my skinny friends way of fun. Do notice that guys that pick on my weight in public..secrety wanna see me,and,I call them out.ignore them.They have the problems!

Wow! Imagine whist fun you'll have at a 1,000 lbs! All of of the thin "wing girls" will be even more envious!

500lb....how the fuck do you walk? I bet you can't even wipe your ass. GRoss!

500lbs++ sexy female can walk,infact getting ready to get in my bikini and go swimming with friends! If I become bigger they would all still love me,so many girls are real nice to me now,they actually bake food for me,I feel bad for them because they worry about there weight!! My skinny friends love love being around me,Everyone tells me I am pretty,unless they are envious like some of you! Like I said it is your problem,not mine! I was skinny hot before,and now just bigger and hotter,with bigger breasts than most people pay for,natural! BTW,I am not gross,you are for saying that,and I feel bad for you all,who are mean! I am sexy beautiful,and fun to be around!

Yep, we all dream of being fat...I think the 500 pounder is actually a joke. Either way they have hit the nail on the head. Fat girls who do nothing about their situation garner no sympathy from me.

I asked a couple of men why fat chics always have a boyfriend. (I already knew what they would say but it was funny to hear the truth) They both said, "Because their easy!" Apparently fat girls claim to be confident but actually need to be reaffirmed of their sweaty, smelly, "sexy" hotness by tagging as many men as they can. Of course thin women can be easy but obese women seem to have the easy market cornered. From the looks of who they are sleeping with it at least covers the trailer parks.

Another travesty of fashion justice committed by these women is the fact that they tat themselves up, buy pin-up clothing and tromp and tramp around town as if they are honoring Bettie Page and all the original classy pin-ups.

Just to let you fatties know, you look like ridiculious clowns and will end up on the Internet somewhere like the People of Walmart site.

You are all assholes.

And to the retard above me, its THEY'RE not THEIR MORON. Go to fucking school before you make fun of people.

No he/she used the correct pronoun their.

I've never in my entire life come across an instance of such stupidity where someone was called a retard and told to go back to fucking school and was so wrong.

BTW, it's it's, not its before THEY'RE retard.

You are wrong about they're, but correct about it's. ;)

NO, NO, NO it's they're (see the quote.)
"Because their easy!"

The correct wording would be "because they are easy or THEY"RE easy" Using the word "their" indicates ownership. One cannot own "easy".

Learn some English before you decide to try and correct some one please.

Your fleshy, human containment vessel is irrelevant.

I've seen a lot of ugly comments on here both from larger women and from skinnier women. I feel this proves my statement aptly.

Your size and shape is no excuse or cure for failing to be a decent human being. You can spend all the time in the world with a man or woman who is built to your ideal standards, but if he or she is intolerant and unpleasant to be around, you'll be miserable either way. I feel that this, more than size, is the point of this intended-for-humour article. A point which many have clearly missed.

I would first like to say that I agree with the person above me. You can be skinny and be totally ugly and be ove-weight and be pretty. It is not only looks but attitude. Now I will not lie and say that it is all on the inside, becuase it is not. We have been taught that looks are impotant and to me they are. There is also a personal care issue. I have seen heavy people that are clean and kept up nice and others that look like they are saving half the lunch from yesterday all over their face. I mean come-on take a shower and bathe. This goes for everyone. We all have our opinions. I, for one, do not like morbidly obese people, but also think skin and bones is pretty sick. I think that sexy is what the preference is and someone downing someone else for their preference is just uninformed or intolerant. Now, with that said, To the Orca's with attitudes.... You have nothing to feel superior about. Don't act like your better than anyone else and don't think the world owes you a favor AND STOP WITH THE EXCUSES!!! To the sticks with tits.... Stop with the attitudes, you aren't better than everyone else -- BUT YOU ARE A LOT HOTTER THAN THE ORCA'S :-) - Oops was that out loud - Anyway... You will never make me think that fat is pretty. BUT FOR GOD SAKES WASH YOURSELF, and stop acting like you are gods gift to everyone.... Maybe some but not everyone!

settle the debate.

Fat chicks: Get a sense of humor. It's a HUMOR website. You get offended by almost anything. It's just a joke. No one is jealous of you, and stop cockblocking everyone.

Thin chicks: SHUT UP. You're hot but you never shut your mouths.

Melissa, I had to read your co mention twice as I was talking and couldn't shut up...LOL!

As for the grammar teacher with a chip on her (his) shoulder this comment is for you.

My statement stands regarding the clowns who dress up like pin-ups and think they look great in a 3XXX Trouble Maker dress.

I also don't ever call people retarded. That is just wrong! Talk about disrespecting those with special needs. Shame on you!

Fuck you. You can go around disrespecting fat girls but then act all high and mighty about using the word "retarded". I wonder how you feel about the word "hypocrite" because that label fits you very well.

I love fat bitches! Those delicious big fat cunt lips. Burying my face in their ass. Dirties best fucks you'll ever find. keep your skinny mean precious sexless bitches anytime.