It's question of the week time. Answer as comments. And then I'll comment on your comments. It will be a gang bang of comments.

1. Do you use the word "bang" more in daily conversation because of "It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia?"

2. So two of my very good friends in the last week have asked me for female advice. Another girl that's just a friend asked me for relationship advice. What the hell makes you think I know anything about women or relationships?

3. If the Rays don't win their next three games I lose $5 to a girl who didn't even know the World Series was happening. She was convinced the Red Sox were winning the playoffs. I've bet on the Seahawks, Bears and Bills to win the Superbowl. My friends and I are involved in a bet to see who marries last and who dies first (I'm determined to win both). What's the stupidest best you've ever made?

X1. Bonus question: besides the standard lapdance fee, do you tip strippers after they've performed for you?

X2. In NYC we have delivery weed services. Ahem, I've never used them before, but I know a guy who does. Do you tip the weed delivery dude?