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At a Glance

Ben lives in Atlanta, where the majority of his writing takes place. He likes automatic doors.


Ben grew up on a small farm in Georgia.

Comedy Articles

With MIT Online, Anyone Can Be Smart for Free!
Recently the Massachusetts Institute of Technology launched an online learning initiative called "MITx" allowing anyone to take MIT classes for free. Here's a sampling.
Dec 28, 2011

Greg's New Kitchen Appliances Talk Too Much, And They're Mean, Too
The combination refrigerator and freezer thought the oven was pretty fucked up. Then again, they were always judging other appliances; especially new appliances.
Sep 24, 2011

Kristian Zane Jackson Shares Some Cool Things About Life
Kristian is mostly an international male model, but he's also met some really cool people. Here are three cool ideas he's picked up from modeling all around the world!
May 23, 2011 Platonic Customer Satisfaction Survey, the dating website where you're taking it easy and seeing where it goes, wants to know about your online experience. Your Friends aren't making any moves, are they?
May 4, 2011

Salads by Kevin
Kevin's innovative and edible salads are second to some. Dive into The Kevin (lettuce show you how), or spend the night with Kevin Once Stayed at the Waldorf Salad (expensive).
Apr 19, 2011

The Twisty-Pop® Popcorn Maker Secrets to Great Popcorn
Your new Twisty-Pop® stove-top popcorn maker pops superior popcorn. Before you start popping, take a moment to try the leading microwaveable brand. Not going to do it, are you?
Apr 11, 2011

Click Here for an Obvious Virus!
Google pays me $1,702.62 a week to stay at home and surf the web! Want to know how it works? Click the picture link that looks like a virus infecting your computer! DO IT!
Mar 31, 2011

In the Future There Will Be Swords Again
I am from the future and my people chose me to come back and warn your generation about the oncoming swordslaught. Every horrifying tales of the human downfall involves swords.
Mar 5, 2011