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Useless Yard Sale: You're Invited

Step right up. Rummage around. Bring your money.

Make sure you've taken your pills that help with your balance. You'll need them to keep from falling over in my driveway, which has a steep slant. Read More »

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The Olympic Sport That Transcends the World

It's not women's beach volleyball—although that's pretty sweet. It's not the NFL or the NBA or the MLB. It's not women's tennis. It's not LeBron James or Michael Jordan or Kevin Durant. It's not Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid or Harry Potter or Rocky. Read More »

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The 8 Weirdest Things for Sale on Goodwill Online

Other than being fodder for rappers with regrettable haircuts, Goodwills the country over have a reputation for being great places to go to buy all kinds of broken electronics, smelly pillows and fashions even the 90's gave up on. Read More »

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Words Have No Meaning—Take This Article for Example

Words have no meaning.

Take these, for example.

By reading them you've gained nothing.

You want value from words. You want to be enriched. You don't want people wasting your time. If this goes on for one more paragraph, you will stop reading. Read More »

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German is a Lazy Language

German is probably the least sexy sounding language a human can speak without drilling themselves an extra asshole to pronounce new sounds. Or at least that's what a lot of people say. In actuality when actual Germans speak it (and not just your totally "hilarious" friend Todd doing impressions) it sounds pretty much just like any other language. Read More »

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Ending "At the End of the Day"

"At the end of the day" is, at the end of the day, one of those phrases like "it is what it is" that we need to eradicate from our daily lives. Read More »

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Dear Overlord Pence, Of Uterus-Controlling Indiana

Dear Governor Pence,

Can I call you Mike? Or do you prefer Overlord Pence?

Anyway, greetings from Iowa! Now, a busy man like you might be wondering, "Why on Earth is a woman from Iowa emailing me? I've got legislation to pass!" Good question. Read More »

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Trump Beach Volleyball

Rub in your Coppertone.

Notice two telephone poles standing erect in front of Donald Trump's beach mansion in Palm Beach, Florida. An orangish-yellowish volleyball net, the colors of Trump's hair depending on the day, hangs between the poles. Read More »

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5 Shitty Truths About Doing "Storage Wars" in Real Life

For the past year I've been living in the mountains of Georgia, because Karma is real and sometimes it holds back for a decade or so and then hits you all at once. Read More »

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Six Stories from Working at a Southern Thrift Shop

Way back when, I used to have my own small website. It was the kind of site that's regularly featured in conversations that begin with phrases like "Oh hey so you know what was really shitty?" or, "No, I purged that from my memory. With bleach. I bleached my brain because of words you wrote, Cole." Read More »

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The 7 Most Important Cosplays

The internet is absolutely flooded with "best of" cosplay lists. Hundreds of them. Millions of them. More of them than I think there have ever actually been cosplayers at all. And all of them break down into exactly two categories: Read More »

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Why You Should Decapitate Yourself

It's not just the nation's $19 trillion debt that you will be paying back the rest of your life toiling in hard and unfulfilling labor.

It's not just the fact that there's this group of people that wants to slice your head off on TV. It's so much more than only that. Read More »

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Invite People You Don't Like to Your Super Bowl Party

Be different. Branch out from mainstream America. Throw a Super Bowl party this coming Sunday.

It's a novel idea. Read More »

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7 of the Most Stupidly Expensive, Recently Sold Items on eBay

eBay has a magical function that allows you to see what any given item has sold for within the last three months. Read More »

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Five Things I'm Looking Forward to in 2016

So here we are again, another year gone and we're all looking to the future. Oh stop it, you really shouldn't dwell in the past, just turn around and look at the future with me. No seriously, look over there. Do you see it? Read More »

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