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The ONLY 6 Reasons to Not Tip Your Server

Zero percent tip for a restaurant server

Lately, there's been an uproar in the media over "tip shaming," where servers share photos of the actual receipts of customers who left a hefty "0" in the tip column, generally with some sort of pro-religion/anti-gay message scrawled along with it. Read More »

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Country Music is Immoral and Illegal

Miranda Lambert holding a shotgun

You love country music. Who wouldn't? Sure, it may be simple and repetitive, but some people say there's brilliance in simplicity. Well, maybe not some people, but I just did. Heartbreak, Jesus, a cold one, and a suspiciously lavish, jacked-up truck that isn't reflective of the town's median income. Rinse. Repeat. If it ain't broke, don't fix it. Read More »

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No Kids, We're Not Going to Round Table Pizza After the Game

Sad boy holding a Little League baseball bat

Okay, guys, gather round. Big day today. I'm going to be straight with you: The Sabre Tooth Tigers are the most feared team in the league. If we were in the business of keeping score or tracking win-loss records or doing any fucking thing (sorry for that) to determine who is a natural-born athlete and who should probably just be inside reading books, they'd be numero uno, but until such time as I am in charge of the Magnolia Center Little League, this is purely WOM. That's "Word of Mouth," kiddos. Read More »

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The Worst Kisser on the Planet

Guy and girl kiss badly

The first time I kissed Jake it was a bad idea. Jake wasn't a bad kisser, but I shouldn't have kissed him. I liked him a lot. He was funny and nice and he didn't have bleached hair anymore, but kissing Jake led to the most painful word any girl could ever hear from a boy ever: ouch. Read More »

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10 Spooky Two-Sentence Stories

Blind person touching a Braille hamburger bun at McDonald's

1. My friend had arranged for me to go on a blind date. When we met at the restaurant, she was reading off of the menu.

2. After anxiously waiting for hours for my package to arrive, I sat down to take a shit. Then the doorbell rang. Read More »

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Man Fiction: Books About Shooting People in the Face

Man fiction novel in army helmet

Everyone at some point in their life has seen a romance novel. And everyone knows that romance novels are stupid pieces of literary trash marketed towards sad, lonely old women with no lives. But what about men? We also enjoy trash. But we require something a little different for our needs. We require the polar opposite of romance: mindnumbing violence, and lots of it. Don't argue with me. You'll take your goddamn gender stereotype and like it. Read More »

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7 Reasons Why Babies are the Worst (From a Mom)

Baby with googly eyes eating food

Hello all you out there in PIC-Land! It's me, Codie, and I'm back. Most of you were probably wondering what happened to me, why I had never sent a thank you card for all of the gluten-free pies that came to my doorstep. Because gluten is delicious and you're ruining pies, that's why. Also, I had a baby and decided to keep it, so I've been a little busy teaching her calculus and the proper usage of a semicolon. Babies are like sponges: you have to teach them these things early on so they won't turn into strippers and meth heads. Read More »

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That's Why Darling, It's Inevitable

Heart with a Band-Aid holding it together

Ben stared at Sara from across the table. It had been several dates now, and as he watched her daintily stab at her penne rustica, he realized that this was not just another in a long line of short term flings; this one meant something. The realization caused the contents of his stomach to shift and jumble involuntarily, because he knew that meant having the conversation that defines the status of a new relationship. He took a deep breath and began. Read More »

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6 Beers in Your Fridge That Prove You're Severely Depressed

Steel Reserve Blk Berry cans

When trying to diagnose a person with depression, health experts will commonly cite several warning signs, ranging from increased restlessness to a loss of appetite. But in all of their studies, one factor repeatedly gets overlooked: what type of beer you have in your fridge right now. It's hands-down the easiest symptom to help detect whether you or a loved one is depressed. Read More »

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An Asexual Guy Answers All Your Asexual Questions

Chameleon rainbow meme

Bear with me for a second. I know it might be hard to believe, but even as a PIC Staff Writer/Permanent Six-Pack Museum exhibit, I do not find it difficult to walk from the front door to my mailbox due to a constant sweaty, slippery grind of ass I have to tap. As I make my cereal in the morning, I do not find myself burdened by having to satisfy enough people to populate a small island nation. I never have to stop on the way to do my laundry to pass undulating throngs of people who throw themselves at me genitals first. Read More »

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Douche Ukrainian Guy at the Bar

Ukrainian patch

I needed a night out so I thought I'd hang with a friend, Tanya, and her friends, some of whom I'd met before. Our mission was to take out Yuri, Tanya's engineer friend from the Ukraine, who had never hit the Korean club scene. He looked like your stereotypical doofus: maybe 130 pounds and arms like wet baby towels. I'm sure he could chat online all day, but he could barely carry on a face-to-face convo. Read More »

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It's Your World, Fat People

Proud fat guy in a Speedo at the beach

Recent census data shows that 69% of Americans are overweight. Recent census data also shows that 63% of all Americans are white. That means, regardless of race, creed or color, if you are fat, you are part of the majority in this country. And as the majority in this country, you chubbalos need to get together and make this country a better place to eat fried butter. Read More »

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The 4 Most Likely Theories Explaining the Missing Malaysia Flight 370

Malaysia missing plane theory

Malaysia. Where's it at? Nobody knew two weeks ago, did they? But, we do now, don't we? Does that raise any red flags? What do we really know about Micronesia anyway? Could the country of Methuselah be using their missing jetliner as a clever ploy to attract financial interest in Central America or wherever it is? Could this be a hijacking of both a plane and the American public to try to teach them something about geography? Could we just tell Nancy Grace there was a white pre-teen girl on the plane and let her flesh out the rest? Read More »

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I Don't Go Home with a Girl I Can't Bench Press

KC in a black and white selfie

In less than three hours at the gym, I lost about five kilos (or about 11 pounds). I lifted, wrestled, hit the heavy bag, and did some ridiculous Crossfit stuff. I looked incredibly drunk as I walked from the gym to the subway and then up to my apartment in Korea. I held onto the subway handrail for dear life. I couldn't sweat any more. Upon returning home, I drank about three liters of water and just sat. I didn't sleep or eat or watch TV, I just sat. Read More »

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QUIZ: What Kind of Malaysia Airlines Disappearance Theorist Are You?

Malaysian official using binoculars to search for missing airplane

Complete this ten-question quiz to reveal your TRUE Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 Disappearance Theorist identity, then compare with your friends! Are you the Pilot Suicide, the Catastrophic Failure, or something else? Find out!

1. When you are out to eat and your waiter messes up your order, who do you usually blame? Read More »

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