Leggings: Destroying Women's Dignity One Camel Toe at a Time

Leggings on two women

We've all seen it. At some point on your college campus you have encountered the girl who believes that her skin-tight leggings are a completely legitimate form of pants. I don't know who told her that a thin piece of nylon would suffice, but they were fucking wrong. I'm sure almost every guy out there is saying, "What is so wrong with girls wearing skin-tight clothing?" Well, gentlemen, you will find out. And ladies, I just hope you read this article before you dress yourself for class.

First off, camel toe is not a good look for anyone. I repeat, ladies: no one wants to see every nook and cranny of your vag. "But I don't have a camel toe when I wear leggings!" Yes. You do. Unless you pick at your crotch every five minutes (which, for your information, is repugnant if you don't have a ball sack to adjust), at some point your sad excuse for an article of clothing worked its way into a frontal wedgie. Don't argue. You could be Angelina Jolie, and your camel toe would still be repulsive.

Second, leggings are not smoothing your cellulite. It's okay. We're not all perfect. But choosing clothing, such as jeans, that don't emphasize the bumps in your ass/thighs brings you closer to the ultimate goal of attractiveness. I cannot count the amount of times I've been stuck behind a girl wearing leggings on a sidewalk and had no choice but to stare at her cellulite until I have a chance to pass her. And all you ladies that look in the mirror to detect such imperfections are missing one thing: you are stationary in front of a mirror. What about when your muscles flex and contract as you walk? Yeah, that's right; go check your mirror again.

Leggings on a fat women
The only thing that can help these legs are a lifetime of exercise, a decade of lyposuction, or a day of amputation.
Leggings do not suck in fat. If you weighed 300 pounds before you put on your leggings, trust me, you still look like you weigh 300 pounds. I realize they're tight, but no amount of man-made material will make anything over the amount of two pounds of fat disappear. Shocking, I know. Not only do they not slim your legs and ass down, but they also actually contribute to one of the most revolting features of the human body: muffin tops. You may call them fat sacks, love handles, or spare tires, but they all boil down to the same thing: disgusting. The elastic band around the hip section of your leggings presses into your sides, making your fat bulge outward and everyone around you throw up a little in their mouths. There's nothing that grosses me out more than the sight of muffin tops jiggling and bouncing as a person walks, resulting in eye-casualties everywhere.

"They're so warm and comfortable!"

Yes, leggings may keep you warm, but so do long underwear. In fact, one could say that leggings and long underwear are pretty much the same thing. Would it be appropriate for a guy to wear nothing but long underwear to class? No.

As for comfort, there is a thin line where a certain amount of ugly is accepted to accommodate comfort. Across that line, comfort goes out the window because something is just so retarded that we will give up our own luxury to prevent being seen with it on. Leggings fit into the latter category. If you're so worried about your comfort, buy some sweatpants. Super comfy. No camel toes. No cellulite. No protruding fat.

The moral to the story is that there are thousands of 10-year-old children slaving away in Malaysian sweatshops sewing pants for you to wear. Don't let their 20-hour days pass in vain. Buy jeans. Put on sweatpants. Wear your cargo shorts from 8th grade. And most importantly, stop wearing leggings all by their lonesome. Actually, while you're at it, just stop shopping at American Apparel in general.

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Paul's picture

Hallelujah! I've seen way too much fat chick camel toe in the past 8 months.

And I'm pretty confident I could handle Angelina Jolie camel toe. Other than she'd look like a total slut. But I think I'm fine with total slut Angelina Jolie.

I loved this.

What about leggings tucked into Ugg boots? That's a sexy look. What other better way to say, "look at me! I'm so hawt in my way overpriced boots and camel toe!"

What better way to show everyone that you're a sure thing?

Jordan's picture

Finally there is someone funny on here.

hey! it's nice to see a pittsburgh writer on here! represent!

Justin.Holden's picture

This was really good. Seems like the best articles on women come from the women on PiC. I hope to see more from this girl.

Meh, sorry I'm pro camel toe on hot chicks. Fat girls need not apply. If you're hot why wouldn't I want to see every nook and cranny of your vag?

I won't lie, I love seeing girls in leggings. Their curves look amazing and cameltoe just turns me on. Unless they're unattractive to begin with, leggings do nothing but make girls even hotter.

KC Jayfree's picture

i too have been swindled by fatness hidden in tights.

nate's back
paul got funny
kc writes a lot
gillepsie is funny as hell
bash is drunk...
and a funny hot chick!

i love court sullivan. all homo.

KC Jayfree's picture

Court, quit anonymously posting feel good messages to yourself on your own website. Attention hog.

Court Sullivan's picture

alisdojflkasg you know me, when i look in the mirror every morning i see an anonymous gay man chanting motivational messages and swinging his dick around wildly

Andrei Trostel's picture

I know you're bright and all Court but just be careful wearing those creepy sunglasses on the way to your morning swinging/chanting escapades. Somebody (you) might get hurt and we all want you to be safe in your....um...endeavors.

so true

Andrei Trostel's picture

Casey? You wear tights?

My image of you will never be the same.

John Gillespie's picture

This article is one of my favorites on this site. Fucking hilarious.

ok whoever wrote this article obviously has no sense of fashion, or lives in city full of ppl with no sense of fashion. Leggings are not worn as pants they are worn as tights! Would you rather see a fat girl walking around in a dress so short everytime the breeze picks up you see your ass??? NO...So leggings are a good way to cover it up...and as for the camel toe situation I've never seen a girl with camel toe in leggings because when you wear leggings your top is supposed to cover that area so unless you are a sick pervert looking up girls dresses/ shirt-dresses how would know that there leggings give them camel toe. Just cause u don't know fashion and look fat and have cellulite in them get off of everybody who can pull them off and look good doing!!
Sincerely, A proud, NON-muffin top, NON camel toe, NON cellulite legging wearer!!!!

Ashley Solomon's picture

Could I interest you in a free anger management session? For one, girls on my campus wear leggings as pants without anything over them. Two my article states: "stop wearing leggings all by their lonesome," which implies that it is okay to wear them with something over top such as a dress or long sweater. And for your information, I'm a gymnast and a size two. So trust me, I don't look fat. Lastly, it's a comedy article. Grow a pair and get over it.

I second that. And reply Win on Beth's part.

(I agree, muffin tops are very gross. Definite turn off.)

Andrei Trostel's picture

"The lady doth protest too much, methinks."

(the anonymous one that is)

You probably don't go to college

Jordan's picture

haha wow that girl above me is fucking crazy, seriously if you have never seen a girl just wearing leggings you obviously dont go out enough which either means your fat and award or a crazy bitch Maybe you should go work on your FUPA instead of arguing why you can wear your leggings under your short dress...just a thought

Justin.Holden's picture

There's always the one person who just doesn't get these articles. I have an English major friend with virtually no sense of humor that smiled when I showed her this one. I have difficulty understanding how stupid some people can be.

J.B. Hour's picture

Good article. Where did you go to high school?


Pretty funny article. It reminds me of that South Park episode with Britney Spears where the media freaks out over her "cam toe". I agree with your points made here. If you're going to wear leggings make sure you're well aware of what's going on down there.

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Kate Stephenson's picture

I saw a chick at the bar last week wearing leggings tucked into Ugg boots WITH a matching Keffiyeh. C'mon, really?

Yep, all the guys love a high maintenance chick is ugg boots. And i think the name is very appropriate: I see girls wearing ugg boots and think "Ugh!"


That's what I used to call "running tights" and I would wear them under shorts when I was in winter track because running outside on a track in freezing weather with snow on the ground in a bunch of baggy clothes really sucks. So I'd wear "running tights" and shorts.

I love to see girls using only her leggins and a top cameltoes are so hot and exciting

You're fucking retarded. As if people should dress to please you. If you don't like it, don't look. Pretentious cunt.

Andrei Trostel's picture

The same argument might apply to you.
You're fucking retarded.
As if people should write to please you. If you don't like it, don't read it, Pretentious cunt.

Ashley Solomon's picture

Hey, at least my article is getting a reaction. I've done my job if you're that pissed. Do me a favor and switch your favorite reading site to nytimes.com. They're more politically correct. Your head won't explode.

Blow me?

Ashley Solomon's picture

Awwwe. How sweet, you crave my opinion on your thoughts so much you come back to read them.

Ashley, do you wear leggings?

Ashley Solomon's picture

Nope. Psh I'm not a hypocrite.

Ashley, I'm sure you have swimsuit. Would you consider that repulsive? I'm from Manchester the North West England and more and more young women are choosing to wear clingy leggings. Personally I think they look great on women if they are slender and have great curves and very few, if any of these women display a camel toe.

I do like women that can stand up for themselves, your new profile photo looks great by the way.

Daz, from the U.K. Just passing through

Ashley Solomon's picture

I do have a swimsuit. But wouldn't you find a 300 lb woman in a bikini disgusting? That is the kind of girls that were tights on my campus, not skinny cute girls. This is a message to them haha.

I agree with you 100%. I get all twitchy every single time I see a girl wearing leggings as pants. I feel that NO ONE needs to wear them as pants, even if you have a great body. Why? Because then someone who doesn't have a great body thinks "Hey, I could wear that." No. Just, no.

And don't get me started on the Uggs. They were hideous in 2003, they still are. Seriously. The girls who wear them always think they're super fashionable, but they really just look like idiots in them. (Not to mention that at my school the girls wear them with booty shorts. WTF? If its cold enough to wear boots, why are you wearing booty shorts?)

Okay. I'm off of my soapbox now. Its just nice to see someone who agrees!

Ashley Solomon's picture

haha. shorts and uggs defininately don't make any sense. stay strong. don't give in to the leggings/uggs combo

sorry but I have to disagree with the picking your crotch being repugnant unless your adjusting your ballsack.... thats just a huge double standard if I ever heard one... and its true leggings/spandex only looks good if you are hot... but that is not a new realization.

i dont know whats wrong with you guys.... leggings are so sexy.... they make the ugliest chicks look sexy.... everytime i see a girl in leggings i think about fucking them.... its such a turn on... same as stockings ...thtas just my opinion though

girls should only wear tight clothes

I totally agree, & before the article uploaded. Girl shouldn't be a commodity, let chicken & egg play their roles. By the way i supposed you've been to Malaysia .. ?

i actually find this article not funny at all! you obviously are very attention seeking and have a low self- esteem for you to write like this about other women. if they feel good and happy with what they're wearing, why are you bothered, how does it affect YOU. you must think you're some kind of GOD preaching to people on how awful they look and how to look better, and tbh your pretttyy fUCKING ugly yourself

I actually agree with this comment, minus the cursing part (not my style), I don't really see your place to judge other women s style or to say what they are and are not allowed to wear. Also you are pretty and I'm sure that you can pull off leggings, so why do you need to make other people feel bad that they can't? This article may seem to have been taken too seriously, so in order to prevent that from happening again, get a sense of humor so that it will be more obvious that you're trying to be funny.

Here in Hong Kong,leggings are way too common these days,practically every second girl on street wears it..u'd see even some grannies in their 60s and 70s walking around in (mostly 'cropped' version with lace on edges)leggings and long blouses or tshirts..lol..maybe it makes them feel younger or something?!

Honestly, I think this is patently someone who bases her self esteem on being a size 2 and putting other women down because of their weight, fashion sense (or lack of it) and on being followed around by a load of queens on a blog (sorry any gay guys but ya know, if it doesn't interest you, you should butt out).

Being a bitch is not sexy, you'll grow older, saggier, more wrinkly and it's then that I hope you can find something beautiful inside, cus currently - ugg (get the pun? eh? eh?)

I'm a fat girl and I love leggings, they make me feel better about my fat claves.

You're a bitch who obviously has some issues with herself.

You're going to judge someone for being fat and dressing the way they want?

Well you know what? I'm fat, I have a great husband of 8 years, a 6 month old baby and am a pediatrician (Yeah that is $200,000 a year thanks.) Oh, and I wear leggings.

You think you're better than people like me?

Huh. Good luck with that, cunt.

I to am also plus sized and completly agree with you I love leggings they are light weight and comfortable and very easy to fit in also this size 2 gurl obviously dosent know how every part of your well being is ripped apart when you can fit certain kinds of clothes and when you finally wearsomething that makes you finally comfortable you get this womans so possibley funny artical and read this artical what away to make others feel like crap. FYI I'M WEARING JUST LEGGINGS NOW AND I WILL COUTINUE TO WEAR THEM JUST BECAUSE OF THIS ARTICAL MUAHHHHHH FEEL THE WRATH OF THE FAT PPLS CAMEL TOES CELULITE ROFL!

You must not be to proud of yourself if you have to justify you being fat and being able to wear leggings with your salary. Its an opinion piece. Stop taking this so personally.

k...i wear leggings everyday. and im picky with them. some are unfortunately see-through. thats whats gross. mine arent at all. and another thing. you dont like it. too damn bad. leggings are a popular form of fashion. and i have a camel toe and a muffin top when wearing jeans. so fuck you if i feel like wearing clothing that is comfortable and fits my body. my measurements are 46" bust. 36" waist. and 47" hips. yeah its a bitch finding nice jeans. you dont like that im curvy, proportionate, and feel damn good in leggings instead of being stabbed in the gut by my jeans by all means go fuck yourselves. oh and for the men who support this, how about you put on a bra, thong, high heels and strut your ass around for a week or so while carrying five pounds of weight on your chest and ten on your ass. let me know how comfortable you are then. girls who wear leggings are comfortable and clearly happy with their body. ashley poor thing you dont seem too happy with that. boo hoo, fuck you <3

Damn Ashley you obviously didnt any of your recommended dose of Vitamin Dick, just because your thighs look like drums of lard doesn't mean girls with hot bodies and pride can't wear something they are comfortable and look good in. Now here is my suggestion for you Ms.Piggy, drop the twinkies and chips and hit the treadmill so you don't have to wear shirts the size of quilts and pants the width of route 80.

making yourself look like an ass is whats destroying your dignity :]

You must live under a fucking rock, Please do me a favor and go to New York City's Fashion week! You OBVIOUSLY know nothing about fashion!

I'm a big girl myself and I LOVE my leggings soo Fuck you!
I don't think you are comfortable with yourself..you sound a bit jealous actually. does it actually piss you off when big girls are happy with themselves?because it sounds like it and that's kinda sad!

As far as the Camel toe thing goes jeans can give you a camel toe AND a muffin top too,idiot..Leggings are PROBABLY your best bet because they are designed to suck you in and show off your curves..which apparently you are scared to do.

So big girls keep wearing your leggings and working your curves!
Ashely you can go fuck yourself!

WOW you are a REAL idiot. there is a DIFFERENCE between stating your opinion and being a rude cunt. So what do you wear if you don't wear leggings? JEANS? yeah you're cool. Fuck ya self.

Mike Lamb's picture

There's a word for that difference. Comedy. Rude cunts make good comedians. Opinionated trolls do not.

girls think guys are looking at them and thinking, oh shes hot, but thats not what there thinking, there just looking at that camel toe and fat ass tightly packed into leggings, girls are dumb

I think it's a matter of personal preference.
My girlfriend is hot, it turns me on when she wears super tight leggings, it turns me on when she has a camel toe (by the way, cameltoes on some - not all - women, are totally hot to me).

Result? When we get back home, I go down on her like there's no tomorrow, and then I totally fuck her brains out to where she's a zombie laying on the bed after I get through with her.

Then we repeat the whole process...

I actually think that the 300 lb person looks thinner in the leggings so that doesn't really support your argument very well.

The whole time a was reading the article I thought you were some sexist dude. I can't believe you are a woman! Whoaah... I'm so glad I didn't go to middle school with you I bet you were really mean!

chicks should just wear what there told and look good for us guys, we love to look at camel toe and fat shrink rapped into tight bondege, that thay now call leggings,guys are not looking at your prity face, there looking at you in your tight ass hugging pussy eating bondege .females are nothing more than a mindless walking sex toy to play with and wank over "woman are dumb"

Leggings are ugly as fuck.
But your article still makes me disappointed that you were born with the same equipment I was.

I love looking at a pussie in tight pants

Haha thats a hilarious post, but being a teenage girl like myself i loove leggings but my rule is, if the top/dress isnt covering your arse then wear some bloody jeans. Leggings, to me, are like tights. NOT JEANS OR TROUSERS! Lol :)

I hate leggings so much regardless of wether the girl is hot or not. They jst don't look good, come to think of it I think in about I pretty much hate current girls fashion. Currently there are four items I particularly despise, leggings, playsuits, all those baggy ill fitting tops (especially the lacy ones in which nothing but a bra is worn underneath) and leotards with jeans/leggings. This seems to be current girls fashion in the uk. I have a strong suspicion that in 10 years or so this will be another of those fashion eras, much like the eighties that every one will be embarrased about and look back and laugh at.

Nasty, bitter twat, aren't you? You need a job. It is like some school kid curse - that they are all shallow assholes with lots of nasty, idiotic opinions about all kinds of meaningless crap. Takes about a couple years out of the dorms and their mother's basement before it wears off. Thank god I am over it and can now make fun of your ilk... Seriously, you need to shut up. I'm embarrassed for you and the amount of thought you put into this.

Mike Lamb's picture

If the name of this article was "I Don't Care for Red Hats" you would have still posted this exact same comment, wouldn't you? That is just adorable. Feel better now? Hugs?

1. Why do women just have to be pretty objects to look at? Jeans can be uncomfortable and itchy, while tights are often very easy and comfortable forms of pants. Why are you so against women dressing the way they choose to dress? Shall we just become photographs for you to look at, and completely deny our bodily needs?

Wow the writer of this article is just upset because her Snapper is so worn that the she can only wear jeans to hold her roast beef lips up so she doesn't Tripp over them. Are you used more then a cucumber in a convent?

I love this shit, Camel toes are great.

its deceiving because an average girl will look great from the front, but obviously most even hot girls have mediocre asses at best--so you turn around to be disappointed.

Ashley writes well. Right to the point. Just discovered this article ( Site ) this morning and already a fan.

shut up man, cameltoe is one of the best things in the world. It helps the imagination picture girls naked that are way out of your league and will never see naked in reality. girls keep up the leggings, they are extremely sexy

A little harsh....but at the same time very true!

Cameltoe are extreme sexy, can't find it gross in no way -.-

love leggings

Ashley, you're obviously one of those girls that don't look at all attractive in leggings, fine, so simply don't wear them dumb ass. Sorry, but true. However, keep your dull ideas to yourself from now on, girls who wanna show their hot bods off, do this extremely well by wearing sexy tight leggings, why are you trying to dissuade them from doing this. Are you jealous? They are perfectly entitled to do so, please don't dis them or persuade them otherwise. We men love leggings. You're talking absolute cr*ap to be honest and you're possibly a feminist (is that right?) who feels that women are somehow being taken advantage of by falling victim to some fashion trend>?. u utter nob. And FYI ash, camel toe is always attractive when sponsored by the right girl. haha

i love leggings!! I feel really sexy when i wear leggings and yes it is nice to pair it with a nice long top :)

I think the articlewriter is a fat girl who is jealous of most beautiful girls that wear leggings. If i should be a women I would also be jealous if other guys were watching at the sexy butts of women in leggings, and cry to myself "why is nobody watching at me"

Leggings 4 ever

I am a woman, and its amazing that a guy can put it so well. Leggings are perhaps the most hideous and overhyped fashion trends ever (the next is gladiator shoes). I've been waiting for it to disappear, but every time I go out, nine out of ten women are wearing it. for me, leggings do nothing to a woman's body whatsoever. if you have ugly legs, the leggings just accentuate it. if you have nice legs, they hide it. what is the fucking purpose of these things? Ladies nowadays are brainwashed into wearing hideous clothes because of the media hype. It's so sad.

I agree with a lot of comments on here. A big point I think some of the unhappier people posting here are missing is that "why do women think its ok to go out wearing leggings without a long top, skirt, dress, shorts etc.". There is nothing wrong with leggings but they are see through and something should be worn over them to cover parts that shouldn't really be on display.