2016: Sweet 16 celebration! Website redesigned, nicknamed “PIC 3.0” by exactly 4 people.

2012: 10,000th comedy article went up, 25,000,000th reader indulged in any number of literary humor features.

2010: 10th anniversary! Staff writers throughout the years awarded each other superlatives and wrote tribute articles.

2008: Nathan DeGraaf published The Snippets and the Impure Tour, the first book by a PIC writer.

2005: 5th Anniversary Prohibition Party held in Atlanta.

2004: The first six columnists began writing weekly columns.

2003-2006: “Courtjester5000” duped millions of AIM users into thinking they were chatting with an automated messaging bot.

2000: What's black and white and red and yellow all over? PIC, in its original online form.

1999: The first issue of Points in Case taped to the inside of a bathroom stall at Emory University.