Gavin Pitt


University of Western Australia

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Perth, Australia (just picture the post-apocalyptic wasteland of I AM LEGEND, only with more kangaroos, and the bloodthirsty mutant freaks have the vote)

At a Glance

Mad, blue-haired, late twenties Forensic Entomology major (I can bring whole dinner parties to a nauseous standstill with my tales of Bot-Fly life cycles) at the University of Western Australia. I was in the same class as Hugh Jackman once—long enough to get bored by the lecture, not long enough for a decent grope. Hoping to one day become a CSI, or write for CSI, or at least visit the set of CSI and be the creamy Aussie filling in a Nick/Greg sandwich. By the way, I'm gay.


I'm a 28-year-old Sandgroper (that's ocker slang for West Aussie—I don't hump dirt) who likes insects and arachnids, horror movies and hot guys. Not necessarily all at the same time or for the same purpose. My ambitions in life are to become a Forensic Entomologist, make armfuls of cash, have a spider named after me (I don't work with cute critters), and marry Seann William Scott, James Marsden and/or David Tennant. What?! I can multi-task!


I'm Gavin Pitt and I write about horror movies, bugs and hot guys, plus anything shiny that grabs my attention. Don't bother running, I have you surrounded.

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