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School: Fordham University
Hometown: Stonington, CT

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Sarah grew up in Southeastern Connecticut, but is currently an English major at Fordham University. Living in NYC, she can most frequently be found writing and stealing babies off the subway. In her spare time she also likes to leap tall buildings, start fires with her bare hands, find cures for AIDS, and read. Umm, just kidding! Everyone knows she can't read.


An Open Love Letter to the Bronx by Sarah Juliet
Oh Bronx, your straight ghetto ways never fail to impress. Except for your roadside vendors. Please replace them with more prostitutes and thugs.

Penis Envy: A Points in Case Study by Sarah Juliet
What life advantages are there to having a penis? Get in the heads of a select few rock hard members of the PIC Staff and find out.

Escalator to Hell by Sarah Juliet
Attention America: Our laziness has come to a head, and it's time we start using our feet for more than standing around. Now walk it out.

I Swear I'll Never Drink Again by Sarah Juliet
You'll never have another hangover kick your ass like your very first one. Because if the alcohol doesn't kill ya, your parents sure will.

The Gift St. Valentine Never Gave by Sarah Juliet
Hope you saved your receipt, 'cause chances are the gift you got that special someone isn't sending the right message. (Hint: I love you.)