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Tawas City, MI

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When he isn't writing for Points in Case, Jerry is chugging Pabst and plugging away at his blog This Week In Dude.


Born and raised in Tawas City, Michigan. Attended Michigan State University and then relocated to Washington D.C. in the summer of 2008. Jerry currently makes attempts at freelancing and writing shitty bio descriptions.

Comedy Articles

How Much Denim is Appropriate for the Holidays?
While you're sipping the sugary egg nectar known as "nog," take a moment to look down below your torso. What type of textile is trimming your thighs? Thought so.
Dec 22, 2014

Your Cat Hates You, Guaranteed
Your cat views you as its food whore and excretion technician during the day. At night, your cat sits in the dark like an egg-laying hen, fantasizing your end days.
Dec 5, 2014

I Was Good in Bed, Right?
Can you hear my grunts? Can you feel how slippery my body has become? The truth is, this is more than sex to me. I just want to flop around on you for a while.
Nov 18, 2014

It's Monday, And I Want to Fire a Harpoon Gun at Anyone Who's Chipper
It's Monday, and I've created a game where you put some humility into hyperbole and tell people how Mondays really make you feel.
Nov 3, 2014

I Shop at Target for the Hot Moms
Walmart has better prices and Kohl's has better selection, but Target has way hotter moms. And it might be part of a flawless marketing strategy to attract men.
Oct 27, 2014

How to Have Sex with Dolphins
For years the modern man has been fascinated by the dolphin's purported ability to have sex for pleasure. But to get a dolphin in the mood, it needs proper foreplay.
Oct 10, 2014

18 Reasons to Believe Peyton Manning is Actually a Cyborg
Tony Dungy wants to take over the world for religious purposes; Peyton Manning wants to take over the world for world domination purposes.
Sep 21, 2014

Why You Have a Hard-On for Fantasy Football
The combination of instant gratification and illusion of power is what makes Fantasy Football the cyber-Viagra that it is. You are the coach, the GM, and the cheerleader.
Aug 29, 2014

Goodbye Old Friend: An Open Letter to Khaki Shorts
From wedding rehearsals, to cookouts, to sporting events, you've clothed my legs creaseless and made me appear super-intelligent. But now your time is over.
Aug 12, 2014

The Ten Commandments of Social Media Status Updates
#3: Thou Shalt Disguise Narcissism with Humility. This means learning to effectively implement the "humble brag." If you can't do that, just boast instead, whatever.
Jul 31, 2014

BuzzFeed Looks Back at the 2010's, 20 Years from Now
BuzzFeed use the beaten-horse style of nostalgic prose so predictably and effectively, that we've already written an excerpt of what you'll see in 2034.
Jun 6, 2014

5 Movies Where Bruce Willis Doesn't Act Like a Badass
I was curious to see what the rare, softer side of Bruce Willis is like, so I forfeited my masculinity and endured some shitty, yet wholesome cinema to find out.
May 20, 2013

The Greatest Minor League Baseball Scout
If you have a character flaw, Craig Ryburn is gonna find it. This is what has kept him in the trade for 34 years. He knows how to put everything on the smallest of tables.
Apr 26, 2013

Ode to the Shower Beer
You can pour pilsner into your mouth at whatever angle you want, and nobody from society is gonna judge you. Nobody is watching. Nobody cares.
Mar 27, 2013

The Top 10 Top Ten Lists
America is in love with the "Top 10 List". So get ready to rally behind my tallies, as I plan to catalyze evolution through overload with a top ten list of top ten lists.
Feb 20, 2013

Is Chris Berman an NFL Sex Addict?
Talking about football on television gets Chris Berman so steamy under the collar that it makes you wonder just what he was up to during the commercial break.
Jan 26, 2013

29 Spontaneous Ways to Combat Boredom in 2013
If you do anything out of the norm in 2013, please make sure that you get into a close-quartered sword fight at high elevation in a hot air balloon.
Jan 6, 2013

The Two Thousand Twelve Days of Christmas
A much-needed revision to the outdated gifts from the Christmas classic. Hell, even a song about gifts in 2005 would be long obsolete given our demand for the latest in supply.
Dec 10, 2012

The Coefficient of Friction of Pete Sampras on Tennis
Pre-Sampras, it was the norm for a tennis star to look about as masculine as the Dutch Boy. Post-Sampras, it became okay to be as hairy as an Italian truck driver.
Nov 27, 2012

Yogi Berra: Cat Assassin
"When you get to the fork in the road, take it... then you'll find the feline and put a putty knife through its brain stem." This is the Yogi Berra you never knew.
Nov 10, 2012

Roseanne Barr: Leader of Men
There was no better leading man than Roseanne Barr. Even though he mysteriously mensed once a month, we learned what life was really like in the blue collar trenches.
Oct 6, 2012

My First Day of Senility
I knew that while meeting my children that day for the first time would be a happy experience, I would be enduring the strange feeling of knowing nobody.
Sep 21, 2012

The Runback: Week 1 NFL Recap for the Mildly Invested
Week one began over a week ago, and ended the other night. The NFL sure knows how to make money. Here's the high-breadth, low-depth analysis, in succinctly verbose format.
Sep 13, 2012

Shit Little League Parents Say
Having little experience and less aptitude, parents are always firing baseball pointers from the stands during a showdown between two groups of mediocre 11- to 12-year-olds.
Aug 29, 2012

Beware the Exosmeleton
Even though he is long gone, your buddy has left behind a far-from-innocuous remnant of the nasty throbbing stench that sparked his exodus in the first place.
Jun 23, 2012

How I Feel When I See an Animated GIF for the Millionth Time
Welcome to 2012, a time when instead of expressing emotions interpersonally, we convey how we feel through a series of animated GIF files and YouTube videos.
May 30, 2012

DO NOT POST: 14 Predictable Facebook Status Updates
In our many years of scrolling, we have begun to notice how predictable and mundane each of our Newsfeeds has become. Here are 14 statuses you should always rethink.
Apr 29, 2012

The $25,000 Period
Once a month, your upbeat relationship transforms into vitriol and tyranny. For a man, this is a sweltering round on the hot seat like none other if you're her "lucky man."
Apr 18, 2012

Don't Be THAT GUY, Part 2
Some of us are partial tools, some of us fade in and out of toolism, and some of us are just full-blown tools. Take a look in the mirror sometimes and tell yourself: "Don't be that guy."
Jan 28, 2012

Dude vs. Bro: Who Wins?
Men are confronted with an inordinate amount of peers during their lives. At each stop, we ultimately have to ask ourselves, "Who are my Dudes?" and "Who are my Bros?"
Jan 6, 2012

On the Mass Appeal of Nipples,, and Prostate Exams
Society subscribes to a weird set of rules, and how we interpret them is even weirder. For example, why is the nipple what censorship uses as the limit for upper-torso nudity?
Dec 14, 2011

11 Dick Moves, From the Man Manual
If anyone found out these unspeakable acts were premeditated, the tolerance for them would be worn thinner than the nearly tangible membrane between good and evil.
Nov 15, 2011

The Sexually Explosive Guide to Making Blockbuster Action Movies
Here now, I lend to you the paramount guide to action movie conception consumption, a "chamber of secrets" if you will, the skeleton key to what makes action movies great.
Oct 18, 2011

20 Ambiguous New Chuck Norris Facts
Since I am a de facto dude, and since Chuck Norris is a first-ballot dude Hall-of-Famer, I'm going to explore the future of Chuck Norris statements of superhumanity.
Sep 21, 2011

The 8 Guys You'll Meet at a Bonfire
Bonfires are an American symbol of inefficient heating and circular gatherings. Here are the 8 types of guys who fuel these beer-pounding, philosophy-unleashing fire forums.
Aug 21, 2011