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PIC TreehouseDo you have a knack for comedy writing?
Do at least three of your friends think you're pretty funny?

Then we want you to contribute to PIC!

We really do read all submissions carefully, and granted you answered yes to the previous questions, the chances of having your writing published to half a million readers every month are pretty good. As a result of having their work featured on PIC, our writers have been signed by publishers like Kensington Books and National Lampoon, picked up by magazines like Sports Illustrated and The Onion, interviewed by network talk shows, inundated with love/hate mail, and charmed by the delightfully chaotic experience of going viral. We wish all of this and more/less upon you too. Read on!

Submission Guidelines

We're specifically looking for:

  • Humorous, creative, thematic, and entertaining articles
  • Preferably 600-1500 words
  • Original comedy articles not published online already

Past topics include everything from hypothetical extreme stunts, blow-up doll girlfriends, and the zombie apocalypse, to partying, gym etiquette, and the walk of shame. Funny stories, essays, and articles covering current events are fine, as long as they're comedic. The only style we don't publish is satire news, because you already know where to get that.

We're very open to creative writing, atypical formats, mundane topics made interesting, edgy or controversial material, satire/parodies, and other offbeat ideas you won't find in mainstream publications. We're looking for smart, irreverent, or eloquent comedy writing with personality, style, or pizzazz (you can't spell "pizzazz" without "pizza" so...yeah). But again, the main goal is to arouse laughter, whatever your method.

Things that will increase the chances of having your comedy article published:

  • Original topic (or at least a new spin or angle)
  • Strong first paragraph (this will show up on the front page)
  • Proofread/polished content
  • Catchy, relevant title
  • Emerging from a cloud of fog under a strobe light

If we publish your article, it will go up on the front page, as well as the Comedy Articles section, and your profile. Your name and photo will go up alongside your article and your profile will have a spot for future submissions as well.

Want more specifics on what we look for in submissions?

Check out our Editor Interview on the writer's resource site Duotrope.


Use the button below to upload comedy articles using our submissions manager. If you have multiple articles, please submit up to 3 of your best at a time. This gives us a better initial idea of your writing style and depth, and increases the chances that at least one article will fit into our publishing schedule. It may also give us multiple orgasms.


We look forward to reading and pleasuring ourselves to your best work!

Court Sullivan
Founder and Editor