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Will Your Death Amount to a Joke?

Grim reaper texting

A few weeks ago an old childhood friend of mine passed away. His name was Daryl, and we used to do everything together. That is, until a teacher caught us kissing in the boys room at school one afternoon. I was young and it didn't mean anything; I was just exploring a natural sexual curiosity. But when the principal found out, he was not happy. Read More »

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Every Rollercoaster Line is Lying to You

Decrepid Fastpass Entrance sign

We went to one of those big amusement parks. I hate the act of standing in line at theme parks, but I do find the lines intriguing. While a team of engineers designed the rides, a team of social psychologists designed the lines. I'm not sure they are good social psychologists. If they were good psychologists their career paths might not include designing lines. Read More »

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Drunk Playlist Generator (Just Add Vodka)

Absolut Disco vodka bottle

What's in a name? More specifically, what's in a performer's name? My iPod is one massive mega-playlist filled with hand-picked rock theatrics and badass girl power, creatively categorized ONLY by the singer/band names. That's right, I've configured my playlist according to wordplay generated from wildly-named music artists. Aha! It's true. I do it. How could it be? Hear me out. Read More »

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What If... Whatever

Question mark painted into lines on road

What if you could be anyone in the world starting now other than your cool self? Who would you want to be? Would it someone you are jealousy of? Desirous of? Confused by? Fixated on? What if you wanted to be me? That would be weird. What if I wanted to be you? Read More »

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Is Your Chicken Tired?

Chicken on a pillow

"You should always let your meat rest after it's been cooked," they say. That's what she said!

Last weekend, I pulled a golden brown free range chicken off the BBQ for our dinner guests and my wife said, "You can't cut it now. Leave it for a bit, it has to rest." Read More »

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The Cunt of Celebrity

Kim Kardashian cult of celebrity

It's difficult to argue a case for celebrities: why we need them, what good they do, and why we shouldn't rummage through their bins and sniff their dirty underwear. It seems that most people seem to loathe celebrities, when asked. Everyone has their own makeshift dartboard with some grinning bastard's photo covering the bull. Read More »

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29 and Dying

Guy with Post-It notes on his eyes

It's strange that every time a pretty twenty-something-year-old non-celebrity white girl is on the cover of PEOPLE Magazine, I assume they have either killed their child or are sleeping with the starting quarterback of the seventh grade football team. This is what reality television is doing to our society, or else I've watched far too many interviews with Nancy Grace. Regardless, those were the first thoughts that passed through my mind when I saw an issue last fall featuring 29-year-old Brittany Maynard on the cover (right next to a smiling Mr. and Mrs. Clooney), right before, Damn it, where were these teachers when I was in middle school?! Read More »

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I'll (Probably) Never Be a Professional Wrestler

Rick Flair crying in the wrestling ring (WWE)

I sigh wearily and gaze out onto the cobbled streets below. I see two young boys play fighting as their mother admonishes them. "Ahh, the innocence of youth," I lament. "You've got all the time in the world, boys. All the time in the world." A single tear rolls down my cheek. All the time in the world... Read More »

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There is Life After Golf, Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods withdraws from his last tournament

You can pursue other endeavors after golf, Tiger. You don't have to keep hiring new swing coaches to adjust your technique. The ones you've been toiling with during the past few years are swinging at air. You are confused, but it's part of the human condition. We all get confused. Read More »

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Why I Have an American Man Crush on Canada

American and Canadian puzzle pieces fit together

Distressingly, some Americans, as well as employees of Buzzfeed (a "feed"), have just as much difficulty identifying the U.S.'s "51st state" (that is, Canada) as they have identifying their own country, the name of which I'm blanking on. Read More »

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#Hashtags Are Where It's @

Hashtag symbol using fingers


#LetsguzzlegallonsofBaileysIrishCreambythefire #becauseitasteslikespikedchocolatemilk.


Our lives have been distilled to one symbol: #. #Yousseethe#hashtageverywhere. Read More »

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Bewildering Test Questions Designed to Assess Personal Growth at Every Phase of Life

Skeptical baby face

Education is a life-long process. At each stage of human development, we continue to learn new and fascinating things about ourselves, other people, and the world around us. From childhood to adulthood, we acquire knowledge that helps us grow and mature as individuals. However, if education is a life-long process, then unfortunately, assessment is also. Read More »

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Calling All Game Changers

USA flag on the moon with astronaut

The Internet was a game changer. Michael Jordan was a game changer. Landing a man on the moon was a game changer. Women are game changers. Is tapioca a game changer? Sure, let it be so. Read More »

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Why Politicians Will Never Get Any Better

Obama face with a sly smile

To ask for a bit of sympathy for politicians is to ask for the impossible. You might as well ask for a chocolate tuxedo or for Naughty Uncle Bill not to touch you that way because you don't like it and it feels weird. Read More »

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An Open Letter to the Kid Who Wears a John Belushi "College" Sweatshirt on the First Day of Classes

Preppy kid wearing a John Belushi "college" sweatshirt

Dear Kid,

You know who you are.

We all see you.

We all talk about you. Read More »

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