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Bewildering Test Questions Designed to Assess Personal Growth at Every Phase of Life

Skeptical baby face

Education is a life-long process. At each stage of human development, we continue to learn new and fascinating things about ourselves, other people, and the world around us. From childhood to adulthood, we acquire knowledge that helps us grow and mature as individuals. However, if education is a life-long process, then unfortunately, assessment is also. Read More »

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Calling All Game Changers

USA flag on the moon with astronaut

The Internet was a game changer. Michael Jordan was a game changer. Landing a man on the moon was a game changer. Women are game changers. Is tapioca a game changer? Sure, let it be so. Read More »

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Why Politicians Will Never Get Any Better

Obama face with a sly smile

To ask for a bit of sympathy for politicians is to ask for the impossible. You might as well ask for a chocolate tuxedo or for Naughty Uncle Bill not to touch you that way because you don't like it and it feels weird. Read More »

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An Open Letter to the Kid Who Wears a John Belushi "College" Sweatshirt on the First Day of Classes

Preppy kid wearing a John Belushi "college" sweatshirt

Dear Kid,

You know who you are.

We all see you.

We all talk about you. Read More »

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The Religious Dream Team Starting Lineup

Guy on Dream Team holding a basketball

"Religion" is one of those words that makes reasonable people cringe, like "moist" or "BFF." While I personally do not adhere to any religion, or even the idea that religions should exist, I do believe that parts of them are very interesting. Not all parts of them. I can't stress that enough. Read More »

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How Chocolate Cake in Las Vegas Sentenced a Man to Death

Getting fat is fabulous. This is true if you like not fitting into your clothes and having to buy new ones, getting chided by your family non-stop, and feeling down about yourself and future prospects for survival as a living person. Read More »

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Be Thankful for Farts

Farts allowed sign

As a child, I was always aware of the activities I would eventually grow out of: WWE, wearing a Speedo at the swimming pool, and dry humping on a bean bag chair to name a few. However, there is one thing that has consistently brought me joy and laughter through the years: flatulence. Read More »

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Why the News is Your Most Glamorous Enemy

Newscaster standing in the rain

It seems that over the last decade or so, there have been as many ways to digest the news of the impending doom of the universe as there are actually ways for the universe to meet said doom. But how do we really feel about it? Do we read/watch/inhale the news because we feel we have to? Read More »

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2014 as It Happened in a Parallel Universe

Man smoking pot with pot-framed sunglasses on

Although the year 2014 in our universe would make anyone consider turning into one of those Doomsday Preppers nutjobs, it was a different story in Zborft, the only parallel universe that we know of. Of course, the general events are the same, but the outcomes are vastly different. Let's explore Zborft's 2014. Read More »

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Don't Bother Losing Weight in 2015

Stress over weight loss

My guess is you're like just about everybody in the world: in 2015, you want to lose weight. Well let me tell you about losing weight: It's overrated, ostentatious, narcissistic, and annoying. I might even go so far as to say it's cockamamie. Read More »

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How Much Denim is Appropriate for the Holidays?

Denim snowman on Christmas

I've had enough crotch-crimping mornings waking up in blue jeans to know that denim does not bust the charts in premier pajama material. But outside of this very small sliver of preference, this textile is a GOD. Read More »

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A Modern Report on Old People

Old man hula hooping

Hey, so you know old people? Not for long!! Am I right?!?

...But in all seriousness, my grandfather passed away recently, and it's been very hard on me. He taught me so much, like "righty tighty and lefty loosey." So when I'm operating a faucet like a BOSS, that's all Larry Par. Read More »

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So Your Daughter's Dating a Muslim Lesbian

Lesbian Muslim women in bed together

Dear Dominic,

When the youngest of my three daughters, Charmander, was 14, she told me she was a lesbian. Being from a small conservative town in Arkansas, this threw me for a loop. My husband and I argued to high Heaven with Charmander for years and years trying to change her mind. It was hard, but eventually we made peace with her lifestyle and learned to love our daughter for who she is. Plus we have two normal daughters so we figure two out of three ain't bad. Read More »

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Your Cat Hates You, Guaranteed

Cat with mean face

What's the only difference between a house cat and a Bengal tiger?

A tiger is much less of an asshole.

If a house cat could throw around 230 pounds of muscle, the human race would more than welcome a zombie apocalypse to help with their shitty cat problem. Read More »

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Court's a Stupid Name Anyway

Red and white quotation marks inside and outside

Dear "Court,"

Yeah, "Court" who "runs" "Points in Case." Imagine I'm shouting this in your face while really making the quotation marks in the air with my fingers in that obnoxious way they do in America. Read More »

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