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Planet Earth: No Vacancy

Planet Earth: No vacancy

It's not really beyond any sort of doubt that the number of people in the world is growing. And despite the seemingly enormous amount of space on Earth—I mean, I can stretch my arms out both ways and everything—there is an awful lot of talk about the fact that there are just too many fucking humans here. Read More »

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I Was Good in Bed, Right?

Guy looks up during sex with woman

Can you hear my heaving grunts? Can you feel how slippery my body has become? Don't worry baby, I've got more in the tank. Whether we're in a log cabin, an apartment, or in your incoming nephew's nursery, I can keep the love train rolling. But the truth is, this is more than sex to me. I just want to flop around on you for a while. Read More »

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Cool, You Dyed Your Hair

Neon pink hair dyed on girl

So you shaved the sides of your head and you dyed the top of your head purple. Congratulations, you are now different! And luckily for you, you're now going to have the love life and popularity you've dreamed of. Now, your biggest worry will be stalkers, people sending you their body parts, and jealous assholes trying to send you anthrax. You are now...officially...hot. Good for you, Miley wannabes. Read More »

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Owl Facts

Great Horned Owl

Editor's Note: The following gem of a submission is presented entirely in unedited form. Enjoy.

No doubt Owl is one of the most interesting birds that exist in this universe (excluding any alien birds). If you are an Owls lover then we salute your love for animals, as for loving this animal one have to stay awake in night. This is so because generally owls don't like to follow our 8 to 4 office time and do possess a parallel schedule for eating rats and making weird sounds! Read More »

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It's Monday, And I Want to Fire a Harpoon Gun at Anyone Who's Chipper

Looks like somebody's got a case of the Mondays. (Office Space)

I'm not a Monday person, and according to Twitter, Gchat, Facebook, and Grindr (?), neither are you. But I loathe to complain about my job and my Monday mornings since my job keeps a roof over my head, which in turn keeps me from having to perform disturbing sexual favors just so I can afford a meal at Rally's. Read More »

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Figuring Out the Origin of the Universe is a Waste of Time & Space

Big Bang Theory + Religion

I count on smart people to make my life easier and protect me from harm. They have their jobs, I have mine. So when smart people waste time on stupid tasks, it doesn't just bother me, it worries me. Read More »

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I Shop at Target for the Hot Moms

Hot mom pushing a Target cart

Walmart has better prices. Kohl's has better selection. Target has hotter moms. If poetry could also smell like mid-priced perfume, it would be a hot mom shopping at Target. Read More »

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No, Really, This is Fate We've Been on the Same Subway Before

Girl staring on NYC subway G train

You remember me, right? We made eye contact on the G train two months ago. I was wearing my somewhat-ironic DARE shirt, and you were wearing something that wasn't a DARE shirt, but still somewhat ironic. I think the appropriate word is "kitsch." No bells ringing? Read More »

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Attention Teenage Terrorists: 72 Virgins are Wildly Overrated

Confused Muslim girl

According to the 72 virgin myth, Muslim martyrs (after whatever barbaric act they may have committed) will go to heaven, where they will have available 72 virgins. I checked the Quran for information about this promising myth, and there is no explanation for the number. Why 72? Read More »

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An Open Letter to My OkCupid Stalker

OKC - OkCupid logo

Dear DieselDude91,

How's it going? Remember me? I don't want to brag, but you checked out my OkCupid profile every day for months before finally messaging me with "wink...wink... what's your bra size." Man, you must really detest conventional question marks. Read More »

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Hey You, Give Me a Job

Burger King paper crown hat

Look, you. Yes, you! You there, sneering down your considerable nose at me. I SNEER RIGHT BACK. WHO THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU ARE?

I deserve a job. I'll take literally any job. Admittedly, I might be abusing the already abused word "literally" there, because when I say "any job," I actually mean "not any job." I know, it's confusing, but bear with me. Read More »

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The Bae Drinking Game

Miley Cyrus plays the Bae Drinking Game

Does hearing the word "bae" fifty times a day piss you off as much as it pisses me off? Does hearing the word "bae" five times a day piss you off as much as it pisses me off? Does hearing the word "bae" once a day piss you off as much as it pisses off? If you answered anything other than "no," then the Bae Drinking Game is the game for you! Read More »

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The Importance of Laughing Matters

Laughing serious face

Laughter is an important part of everyone's lives. Can you remember the last time you laughed? What caused you to laugh? Who were you pointing at as you laughed? People all over the world laugh. Laughter, over math, is the preferred universal language. Laughter can break cultural barriers. I know this because every time I've vacationed in another country, the local people couldn't stop laughing at me. Seeing all those smiling faces made me feel as if I was still at home. Read More »

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The Volcano That LSD Built

Trippy LSD acid optical illusion

When I was a teenager in the UK, I had no shortage of good advice directed my way about how I should live my life. Like many of my peers across the globe I was constantly told to "just say no" to drugs. There were an endless amount of reasons given for saying no, but the one I remember most was that consuming drugs would diminish my ambitions. Read More »

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Dear Black People, Can We Get a Pass to Say the N-Word for Bobby Shmurda's "Hot N***a"?

If you've been on the internet, Twitter, Vine, Instagram, or any type of social media this past summer, you've likely seen references to the smash single "Hot N***a" by Brooklyn-based rap artist Bobby Shmurda. It seems that this song became immensely popular almost overnight, thanks to the endless amount of Vines parodying it and its signature "Shmoney Dance." Read More »

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