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How the Internet Ruined Hot Dogs for Everyone

According to the internet, hot dogs are trying to kill everyone. The internet is good at this. The internet knows how to scare you. And if you're the parent of small children, like me, the internet is downright terrifying. Read More »

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My Favorite Moments of Family Holiday Chaos

Famarchy /fam-er-kee/ n. The (arguably amusing) utter chaos into which your offbeat loved ones inevitably descend within the first 12-18 hours of each ill-fated reunion. Variation of "anarchy."

Usage: The last 12 Woods family reunions ended in sheer famarchy, complete with awkward slip-ups and public-venue-silencing verbal brawls. Read More »

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Why Third World Countries Have So Much Trash

The first thing I see whenever I see pictures of the third world is garbage. Lots and lots of garbage. What's up with that? No matter what country, Haiti, India, Vietnam, Ethiopia, Columbia, there's always tons of trash. What's going on? Read More »

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So You've Stumbled Upon Points in Case

I recently stumbled upon Points in Case and, to say the least, the journey justified the destination and I couldn't be happier. You see, like most people on this site I'm a self-loathing, insecure moron who, and this goes without saying, doesn't come close to getting laid. Read More »

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An Open Letter to People Who Do Not Put PowerPoints into Presentation Mode

I have several passions in this life: PowerPoint presentations, putting PowerPoints into presentation mode when I'm showing them to an audience, and trying to find out why there are some people that don't put their shit into presentation mode when they are GIVING A PRESENTATION.

Walk with me here. Read More »

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It's 2015 and I Don't Use Twitter

"You're not on Twitter!?" People look at me like I still have Tom in my Top 8. Suddenly I'm Stone Age, old school, even a little rebellious. I'm an outcast, a recluse. I think I'm just misunderstood. Read More »

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How to Look for the Positive in Everything But the Test Results

I bet we all have a lot of embarrassing things we did when we were younger. I know I do. I can remember when I was little my parents used to monitor the things I watched on television so I wouldn't repeat anything I heard or saw at school. So, naturally I grew up watching a lot of History Channel and Animal Planet. Read More »

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How White Couples React When a Black Man Shows Up

To be fair, I usually only ever get negative reactions from white men when approaching a white couple. And it's really aggravating, because I only want to honestly steal a man's girlfriend about 10% of the time. Read More »

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An Open Letter to Filmmakers from a Critic

I've been a fan of the cinema for a very, very long time, guys. I've seen everything, from Star Wars to that obscure Filipino-American microbudget drama-comedy-horror film from 1997 that you've probably never heard of. Read More »

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The Real Cowboy Days were Horrible

My roommate was pointing his new revolver at different things around the house when he made the remark that he wished he could be a cowboy back in the cowboy days, because those were better, simpler times. Read More »

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Business Networking: The Road to Nowhere

Soon after people graduate from college, seasoned professionals almost universally advise these young adults to "network." And by this they mean: get to know lots of people in various different industries and walks of life. Read More »

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The Next Generation of Curse Words

Our society is in desperate need of new curse words. Gone are the days when "fuck" was socially shocking, and my personal favorite curse phrase "god damn it" just doesn't seem to get the same rise out of people it once did. My generation has even started to use these words as sentence, as if they were the new "uh" or "um." Read More »

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Golf is for Retards

I don't understand golf.

I know, I'm male, so all my DNA should be pushing me towards lowering my golf score. Salmon go upstream, my golf score goes downstream. Plus I'm self-employed. Even more reason to get that club membership so I can do some deals over "tee" and crumpets. Read More »

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Why the Beach Blows

You step into the ocean. You wonder what insensitive, sociopathic creatures are swimming around your feet. Maybe a shark. Maybe minnows. Maybe horseshoe crabs. They're all scary. They can all do you harm. They don't care about you. They don't know you and would rather eat you than get to know you. This alone is disconcerting. Read More »

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The Unavoidable Sexual Plight of Man: Would I Bang Her?

Men are fraught with a psychological condition. An exhausting mental burden that is impossible to shake. The average Joe may appear to be contained on the outside, but on the inside he struggles with the cavalcade of sexual thoughts manifesting in his consciousness on a daily basis. Read More »

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