Stephanie Marie

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At a Glance

I enjoy getting way too competitive over bar trivia and singing power ballads at the top of my lungs. As a senior, I have come in contact with enough college guys to know that finding a decent one is like finding a keg with quality beer. However, I still remain optimistic that one day my solo cup will be filled with Heineken.

Comedy Articles

5 Things I'll Never Understand About NYC
Don't get me wrong, I love this city, passionately, whole-heartedly, and sometimes toxically. But there are some things I'll never understand about New York.
Feb 5, 2013

The Kardashian Rise to the Bottom
As I sit on my couch watching an Armenian family dressed in cheetah print argue, I think to myself, "What does it take to keep up with the Kardashians?"
Feb 8, 2012

Which Annoyingly Inappropriate Facebook Quiz-Taker are You?
Even worse than pointless status updates is when your news feed is clogged with results of ridiculous quizzes. Stop spending your Saturday nights trying to find out 'What's Your Sexual Style.'
Mar 20, 2011

The Real "People of 2010"
Although I respect NBC's 'People of the Year' nominations, I think the real awards should go to these people for showing us just how dysfunctional a year can be.
Dec 31, 2010