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“KC, Your Father Wants to Have a Talk With You”

KC Freeman crying

"Your father wants to drive you to the airport and have a talk with you," my mom said.

Even at the ripe young age of 32, these words from my mother scared the crap out of me. I was on my way to fly back to Korea after coming home to the USA for about a month vacation from my job and life as a university professor overseas. Read More »

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Why I Don't Hike with My Dad

Casey in thoughts

KC: Hey Dad, what happened to your watch?

DAD: Why the hell would I wear a watch? I don't have anywhere to go, I'm retired. Dumbass. Read More »

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The Famous Korean Zipper Tie Makes an Appearance

Casey Freeman wearing a suit with no tie

My mom still enjoys going to church every Sunday. She's never forced her beliefs on anybody except for my brothers and me. My dad will holler at us to get moving, but he only comes along on special occasions, and even then it's at a challenge. As it is, I'm usually the only one who attends church with her. She paid for four years of Catholic high school, so she's going to get her money's worth, gosh darn it. Read More »

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Why I Still Rent DVDs at the Store

Men in Black II poster

I used to reorganize my Neflix queue about once or twice a day. But when I moved to Korea, leaving that wonderful service behind made me feel truly sad and alone. Read More »

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My Coffee is a Hard Pill to Swallow

Coffee mug made out of coffee beans

I've never met anybody with a lower tolerance for caffeine than me. I generally drink about half a cup of coffee and I fly around town for hours. Read More »

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The One Thing You Can't Do on the Family Computer

Casey sad face

Last time I returned home I didn't bring my own computer, so much of my day was wasted waiting for the family PC to open up so I could start doing important everyday things like checking email, buying stuff from eBay, and wasting time on Facebook. Read More »

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Nobody Cares About Your Favorite Pen

Casey with a broken red pen

I'm a writer. Depending on who you talk to, I'm a good one, an okay one, or a really annoying shitty one. While my computer ranks as one of my most important writing tools, I'm still a bit old-fashioned. I look a good pen. I don't prefer expensive ballpoint stuff or feather quill things, but I like a nice fine-point Click-a-Bic. Read More »

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Douche Canadian Guy at the Bar

Molson Canadian beer

The end of the night came. Or, at least, the end of the night for my buddies. Not for me. For some reason, the Seoul city buses and subway trains stop around midnight, but start up around 5 or 6am. Instead of taking a $40 cab, and since I already spent waaay too much on booze, I decided to wait for mass transit. Where can you do that at 4 in the morn? Seoul Pub. Read More »

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Invincibility Must Run in My Family

Casey and his mom hug

While I vacationed in the USA my dad and I watched Zero Dark Thirty, which wowed and entertained us. A scene in the movie shows a bunch of Navy SEALs answering "yes" to being in a helicopter crash and surviving. It's pretty damn intense. Then you see the actual crash and wonder how much of this flick is like the real stuff. Read More »

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That's So Not Gay

Casey and guy friend hugging

While enjoying my vacation back in the USA, I took my mom out for a little date-type thing. We shopped at thrift stores, washed her car, chit-chatted all day, and then ate all types of fondue at The Melting Pot. The latter was one of my favorite memories of being back in the States. So I told a friend about it and he said, "You ate fondue? That's so gay! With your mom? That's even gayer!" Read More »

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I'd Probably Be a Terrible Firefighter

Terrible firefighter

I needed to pick up my cousin's car for my trip to my Grandma's house a few hours away. Scott, my cuz, works as a firefighter in LA, so he left his keys with a friend at the fire station. Unfortunately, the Super Bowl was going to start in 12 hours or so, and Scott needed to do his job as a life saver. Thus, I needed to find my way to his car. I saw his ride and breathed some relief that it wasn't anything big like the giant minivan my mom made me drive. Read More »

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They Call Me Gay Teacher

Casey with two young Korean students

Korean kids nickname just about every teacher. Like most nicknames, they just pop up. Maybe your nose is big, your hair is yellow, or you talk with a stutter. In Korea, as a sign of respect, instead of calling you Mr./Mrs./Ms. Smith, they call you Smith Sun-sang-nim, which means "Smith Teacher." Read More »

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Farewell, Crappy Boxers

Old boxer briefs with holes

This may surprise you, but I actually changed my relationship status on Facebook. I am currently dating a real live girl who is intelligent, beautiful, funny, and fun. However, this wonderful woman doesn't necessarily care for my fashion sense. For Christmas, I allowed her to throw out three pieces of my clothes—and I only allowed myself one veto. Read More »

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Staying at Home with Kevin: A Korean Christmas Tradition

I asked my university students, "What are you doing for Christmas?" and the most common response my kids grumbled was, "Hmmph. Stay at home with Kevin."

"What does that mean?" I asked in my sort-of high-pitched teacher's voice.

"I don't want to talk about it," was the next most popular answer. Read More »

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Are You a Boy or a Girl?

As a foreigner in Korea, while I'm walking sometimes a little boy or girl will run up to me, wave, say "Hi!" and quickly dart away. Even after two years of this, I still think it's really cute and charming. Read More »

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