James Parkinson


Boston University

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Boston, MA

At a Glance

James started stand-up in 2007 with the People's Republic of Komedy in Seattle, WA. He co-produced Laff Hole, Cracked-up, and the Bumbershoot Northwest comedy stage. For the past two years he has been chasing the comedy dragon in New York City.


Sometimes you spend 27 years not writing, producing, or performing stand-up comedy. Then you try an open mic, dump your miserable girlfriend and decide to quit being a terrible real estate agent. That's comedy. The rest is a dream: Bumbershoot, Bridgetown comedy festival, and the cosmic leap to New York city.


The path of least resistance is choked with cars and lined with Walmarts and Ameri-trash chain restaurants like Chili's. To get anywhere interesting, you have to veer off course, even if you know there are sharks in the water. These are the adventures of the Half Dollar Rebel, a man who knows that a life well lived is going to cost some skin.

One Last Swift Kick to the Junk 6/24/12
The Devil I Know, The Demon I'll Become 6/14/12
If You Hate Gays, You Better Hate Cheeseburgers 5/29/12
When I'm Dead, Don't Touch My Shit 5/26/12
Apex Predator > Breakfast Bitch 5/21/12
Joss Whedon's Seventh Avenger 5/9/12
Kangaroo Court of Fighting Fish 4/30/12
Budgeting Plush Waffles and the Final Descent 3/7/12
Man's Triumph and the Vengeance of Sparrows 3/1/12
Every Beach Can't Be Normandy 2/21/12
Life is Going to Be This Way, Chandler Bing 2/13/12
Fallacy Frosting and the Blood Hunt 2/7/12
Goodbye My Love 2/3/12
Free Internet Gaming, Butler's, and the Blades 1/30/12
Beware the Foursquare Mayor and the New York City Fadeout 1/24/12
Tebow-mania and the Gridiron Grace 1/19/12
Low and Slow Occupy Chili 1/14/12
Paying Off the Midnight Waffles 1/11/12
Andy the Android, My Therapist and the Torque Therapy 1/8/12
Running the Dog through a Flaming Gorge en route to Manhattan 1/4/12