Julian Asange


Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College

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At a Glance

Hi, I'm Julian Asange. You can call me Juli. I like long walks on the beach, anything outside really. Have an obsession with leaking lately. Oh well. ATTN WOMEN: Send naked or provocative pictures to me (Julian@pointsincase.com). Seriously, is it that hard to take a picture of yourself in your lingerie and email it? Takes like 1 minute tops but it makes my day. You're going to be in your underwear or naked eventually anyway. And you're sending it to a stranger who doesn't judge you.


I promise never to leak your personal information. If you give me your credit card #, expiration, and CV2 via email (Julian@pointsincase.com), your information will be safe with me.

My probation officers says that under the conditions of my probation, I can't rape.