Graphite is a mineral mainly made up of carbon. It is sometimes called plumbago or black lead. Graphite is used in numerous production processes making it an essential compound in the survival of the human race. For this reason, graphite stock has been on a steady rise. Here are a few reasons why the world needs graphite to run smoothly.

The usefulness of graphite to human life is in its molecular structure, which consists of layers called graphene. The atoms in each graphene layer are arranged in the familiar honeycomb structure. The bonds between the graphene are relatively weak, making them easy to separate and slide past each other.

Graphite's Uses That Make Its Value Raise Daily

Manufacture of Lithium-Ion Batteries

Carbon graphite meets the criteria for an excellent electric conductor. It also passes the specifications set for refractory quality parameters. Simply put, this means that carbon is heat resistant and durable; features make it a good compound for the manufacturing of Lithium-Ion Batteries.

Lithium-Ion batteries are designed to have a lithium cathode and a graphite Anode. When the battery charges, positively charged ions accumulate around the granite anode. A lithium anode would be more efficient in the short term, but long-term use would be impossible because it expands rapidly during the charging process, making it unsafe for use.

Batteries are utilized in numerous parts of the world under various circumstances, making them a fast-selling commodity. This high demand means that graphite prices will keep rising, earning shareholders a handsome profit.

Graphene Technology

Graphene sheets can be rolled to make super-strength, lightweight athletic equipment. This technology is revolutionary as it presents a finished product that combines the benefit of low light absorbance and high chemical resistance, perfect for athletes venturing out into harsh environments. As humans seek to conquer new but harsh environments, this technology is highly likely to be implemented in manufacturing critical wear. Graphene technology is a key part of the future of the human species, so its value will likely keep steadily.

Lubricants and Refractories

Refractories are materials or substances that can resist high temperatures by maintaining basic compound properties. Graphite is one of the best refractories on the planet. It can function in temperatures of upto 787 degrees Celsius or 1450 degrees Fahrenheit.

Graphite functions as a lubricant by reacting with atmospheric humidity and creating a light water deposit over adjacent surfaces. This aids in reducing friction, the number one cause of heat. When mixed into oils, it forms a suspension that lowers friction and heat generated between moving parts. Most vehicles and other transport and construction machines use graphite in this minor yet immensely significant manner.

Without graphite, cars wouldn't function, at least not for long and neither would planes or go-carts. It would also be impossible or extremely hard to manufacture steel, iron and glass. Graphite is a key player in the transport industry, which ensures its price is steady and constantly growing.

Writing and Artistry Materials

Do you find it easier to work with a pencil compared to a pen? This is because most pencils give less resistance compared to most types of pens on the market. The pencil has a lead pencil core manufactured by mixing clay and graphite. During the writing process, the graphite colors the paper while the clay binds it so it doesn't move out of place.

Did you know there is no lead in what people often call lead pencil? The name is simply because graphite often has a metallic appearance commonly associated with lead. Graphite in pencils and other artistry materials has been used for centuries and shows no sign of slowing down.

Where Does the World Get Its Graphite?

There are few compounds that can replace graphite in its central role in the modern world. None is as durable, effective and heat resistant as graphite. Turkey has one of the world's largest graphite reserves, followed closely by China and Brazil. In 2020 alone, Canada exported graphite worth $31.6 million. Clearly, the graphite trade shows no signs of slowing down as more parts of the world embrace industrialization.

There are numerous companies in the world that trade in graphite in various ways. Most of them sell shares, although they have different returns and risk levels involved. It is essential to research the graphite stock performance before choosing which graphite company stock to buy. One thing is for sure; you will definitely make good returns if the graphite trading company offers favorable terms and conditions.

The Final Takeaway

Investing in the stock market requires intricate knowledge of the commodity. This article briefly goes over the many ways graphite is an intricate part of the human population, making it the perfect stock for high-profit margins. Buy your graphite stock today from trusted graphite companies and enjoy low-risk, high-yield stocks that will last your eons.