There was a time in video gaming’s past when all video gamers were grouped together under the same stereotype. With the explosion of gaming as both a mainstream activity and a viable career option, there are now as many different types of gamers as there are gaming genres. From the Gamer Girls of eSports to the middle-aged mobile gamers, gaming appeals to all demographics and generations.

There are, however, distinct gamer personalities that can be fun to dive into. In this article, we'll be talking about five of them. Which of them best describes you?

Casual Gamers

Despite the negative connotations of the name, Casual Gamers actually make up a massive percentage of the global gaming population. Not every gamer is in it to go pro and casual gamers have the widest range of tastes when it comes to the games they play. If you’re a casual gamer, your main focus is on gaming for enjoyment. You appreciate the story of the game and love to take things at your own pace. You may even have a gaming library stuffed with the more ‘hardcore’ games, but you play them at a lower difficulty and enjoy the immersion into new worlds that they offer.

As a casual gamer, there aren’t really any games that you won’t enjoy or excel at (in your own, totally idiosyncratic way). Saying that, you’ll probably get the most value out of the latest titles in established franchises like The Witcher or Elder Scrolls since they tend to offer the best in terms of new storylines and improved gaming mechanics.

Mobile Gamers

Pokemon outside in hand

The mobile gaming market is monolithic. As the fastest-growing segment of the gaming industry, mobile gaming attracts players from all walks of life who are looking for uncomplicated gaming on the go. It’s easy to tell if you’re a Mobile Gamer: just look at your app store history.

If you find yourself looking for gaming experiences that are primarily fun and low-stress, mobile hyper-casual games are your ride or dies. However, don't discount the exciting variants of slots games that you can find on iGaming platforms when you do give desktop gaming a go.


Thinkers are typically the most strategically minded of gamers, so you’ll know you’re a thinker if you’ve got a taste for complex and challenging games. Thinkers enjoy nothing more than settling in for a long-haul gaming experience, particularly one in which they can expand their empire by solving complex problems such as figuring out trade routes or strategic warfare. You value autonomy and independence and would hate to play a game that walks you through how and what to do.
As a thinker, you’d enjoy turn-based strategy games, complex puzzlers and RTS (Real-Time Strategy) games like Hearts of Iron, Portal 2 and Aperatus on mobile.


To Creators, ingenuity, expandability and, of course, creativity are the most important factors of a video game. You’re a creator if you relish games that give you the opportunity to build and innovate as part of a storyline and are equally attracted to world-building games that allow you to modify and personalise your gaming experience. Resource mining, city building, even creating art are music to the ears of creator gamers.

Since you’re not looking to be bored or become burnt out with a game, the best new games to look for would fall into the open-RPG and builder verticals. Minecraft is a classic, but consider Terraria, Spore, Hinterland and the Tycoon franchise if you're looking for something a bit different.


Challengers relish the opportunity to test their gaming mettle. If you’re a challenger type of gamer, you’re looking to master the game and be the absolute best. Hitting the top spot in the high score table is a must and you love nothing more than rising to the challenge of taking on the most difficult games.

There are simply no games out there that are a match for your dedication, attention span and gaming skillset. Well, of course, there are! But you do love going into a game knowing that at some point, you’ll beat it. If you want to add to your library of tough games, check out Super Meat Boy, Jamestown, Bit, and the truly unique AaAaAA!! – A Reckless Disregard for Gravity.

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