We are nearing the Christmas season, and it's about time you get your rude Christmas cards game on with Boomf by clicking here. This is probably the most controversial of all types of Christmas cards. You don’t get to hear about it often, so you might not believe that people spend Christmas intentionally being rude to others.

Fake Smiles Everyone, It's Christmas

Imagine taking the sweetest time of the year to be a pain in the butt to someone else. But it can’t all be bad, there is always room for some drama, and we can hope to get a good laugh right at the end of the year, but not everyone has got to be laughing. If you want to make your Christmas a bit more fun, you should buy a couple of rude Christmas cards.

What Are Rude Christmas Cards?

Most Christmas cards are designed to spark goody-feely romantic or heartwarming happiness from something your friends and family do for you. A rude Christmas card doesn’t exactly contain a bunch of rude words. It is funny but tends to tread a bit on the dark side. Lovers of dark humor would most definitely enjoy this one. If you’ve got a friend or a brother who you think can get it, you can throw a couple of bucks and get one for yourself.

What to Write in a Rude Christmas Card?

You have to bring your A-game to the fore as you either craft your piece of dark comedy. Here are a few things you can write in your Rude Christmas cards.

1. The Definition of Christmas

Adopting a dictionary quotation style, you can slyly rub a dark view of Christmas in your card. For example, “Christmas is the only time to sit before a dead trunk and swallow candy from a pair of socks.” This puts a darker shade on the otherwise gleeful side of Christmas, don’t you think?

2. Unwinding Therapy

I once stumbled on a rude Christmas card which read, “I hope spending time with your family doesn't ruin all the work your therapist has done this year.” It is a bit funny, but it tends to get the receiver almost cussing at you if they don't appreciate dark humor.

Yet Another Christmas Card with Fucking Elves on It

You can create a rude Christmas card out of thin air with your masterful penmanship or consult your friendly neighborhood hero, Google, for calm and dark jokes to mess around with your friends. For more Christmas cards, click here to check out our collection of cards fit for every season: Halloween, birthdays, weddings, and so on.