Dubai Marina is a resort area preferred by foreigners. The number of requests on purchasing properties in the neighborhood impresses and enters the top five. Residents and visitors have the opportunity to enjoy the sea, the beaches, the atmosphere of the resort, the quality real estate, the infrastructure with hotel-level service and at the same time the proximity to the business center of the emirate along with affordable prices apartments in Dubai Marina. Why is Dubai Marina extremely popular among foreign investors and what features make the area special? Let`s figure it out.

About Dubai Marina

The whole territory of Dubai Marina takes 4 square kilometers. It is conveniently located along the coast of the Persian Gulf and is bordered on the east by the famous Palm Jumeirah Islands. On the west the neighborhood is bordered by the new bulk island Bluewaters Island. On the opposite side of the coastline the area is separated by Sheikh Zayed Road. To facilitate the way to the destination, there is a man-made canal connecting the area to the harbor.

The Structure of the Neighborhood

The infrastructure of the neighborhood is versatile and aimed at satisfying any desire of the visitor. The main characteristics of Dubai Marina in terms of infrastructure:

  • A vast Dubai Harbor is located in the waters of the Dubai Marina. It is equipped with a modern terminal for cruise ships and the largest marina in the region, designed for 700 seats.
  • The total number of skyscrapers in the district exceeds 200.
  • The hugest residential complex is the Jumeirah Beach Residence (JBR), a neighborhood of 40 high-rises. It is built on a stretch of 1.7 km along the coast.
  • Along the road coming to Dubai Marina there are two metro stations: Sobha Realty and DMCC. Besides, the public transport system is highly developed as well.

The building of the incredible upscale project started in 2003. It was performed under the professional management of famous developing company Emaar Properties.

The Economic Attractiveness of Dubai Marina

The UAE was the first country to open the borders after the pandemic. Preventive measures and strong entering rules help the UAE to emerge from the pandemic crisis and continue developing the industries of real estate and tourism.

Real estate market in Dubai Marina represents high results in terms of offers and the cost of transactions. This trend was largely due to the high demand from foreigners. This was helped by the Expo 2020 Dubai held from October 2021 to April 2022, as well as legislative measures to attract expats and investors from abroad.

According to the Land Department of Dubai, from January 1 to July 31, 2022 in Dubai Marina was concluded 4,164 transactions of real estate sales, which is 19% more than during the same period last year. Dubai Marina's share of the Emirate's total sales (35,016) is 12%. The average real estate price in Dubai Marina is Dh2,300 ($627) per square foot, up 26% from Dh1,800 last year.

Types of Properties for Sale in Dubai Marina

Dubai Marina is considered a relatively old neighborhood, compared to its rivals under construction. Still, Emaar Properties continues development of the area, implementing new ideas and improving the already existing infrastructure.

The price of an apartment in Dubai Marina is predetermined by its footage, number of amenities, and residential complex it is located in.

  • Cavalli Tower offers apartments from $487,000
  • Marina Gate offers apartments from $510,000
  • Azizi Riviera provides studios for $263,000
  • Liv Marina introduces apartments from $570,000

In case, the foreign investor is looking for ultra-luxury housing options, the neighborhood has such variants as well. Dubai Marina welcomes people of different tastes, desires, and budgets.

On the Whole

Dubai Marina is the name that speaks for itself. No additional explanation or argument is needed. Looking for affordable high quality housing in Dubai Marina, address the real estate agency for professional help. Ax Capital delivers desired types of home with modern amenities and full equipment. The trusted real estate agents are aware of all the possible difficulties in buying properties abroad. Therefore, they are able to provide immediate solutions and facilitate the process of a deal.