Winning the lottery is likely going to be the easiest way to win truly life-changing sums of money, with jackpots worth millions and millions of the currency it's being played in available to win.

Indeed, those who try to score a jackpot from a lottery will need to be extremely lucky—although there have, of course, been a lucky few who've been able to scoop the biggest prizes available, just as there have been when it comes to those playing the Platin Casino online jackpot games available to place bets on.

So, what are the biggest lottery wins to have ever been recorded?

$1.59 billion on Powerball, USA, 2016

When the world’s biggest jackpot prize of $1.59 billion was on offer to win in January 2016’s Powerball, there will be have been so many dreaming what they could do with that sum of money. Indeed, while it can be extremely rare for just one ticket to have the winning numbers, three miraculously had the numbers required to win.

This meant that John and Lisa Robinson of Tennessee, Maureen Smith and David Kaltschmidt of Florida, and Marvin and Mae Acosta of California each won a cash total of $327.8 million in the draw on January 13, 2016.

$1.54 billion on Mega Millions, USA, 2018

Imagine being the sole winner of a jackpot worth $1.54 billion! That's what happened to an anonymous winner in South Carolina when they were able to claim the top prize playing the Mega Millions game in October 2018.

The prize is the biggest win so far recorded by a single ticket, and while the winner has opted to remain anonymous, it's claimed that they took a one-off cash payment of $877,784,124 instead of receiving it in installments.

$1.05 billion on Mega Millions, USA, 2021

As recently as January 2021, a four-member Detroit lottery club managed to win the $1.05 billion jackpot that was made available on the Mega Millions lottery game. According to reports surrounding the news story, the group decided to choose the immediate lump sum option and were handed winnings equating to $557 million (with the $776 million payment having been reduced due to the taxes required to be paid on the win).

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the winners have so far decided to remain anonymous.

$768.4 million on Powerball, USA, 2019

Manuel Franco was the fortunate individual to have the winning ticket when it came down to March 2019’s Powerball. He walked away with the jackpot prize that stood at a cool $768.4 million!

At the time of his win, Franco was just 24 years old and admitted he had a feeling that he would be lucky on the day he bought just $10 worth of individual tickets in New Berlin, Milwaukee.

Like many before him, he decided to take the lump sum of cash valued at $477 million, which was whittled down to $326 million after taxes, while going on to claim he would “live a normal life as much as possible” and simultaneously “help the world out.”

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