Alcohol is often quoted as the cause of, and solution to, all of life's problems. Misery is a synonym for a problem and anyone familiar with misery knows that it loves company.

“What sort of company?” you may ask. Well, of course, we mean food! This article has been written with the express purpose of highlighting several notable pairings of food and wine that will have your guests regarding any affair you host as a smashing success. Anyone who has been running low on novel cocktail recipes for himself or for hosting can surely appreciate knowing that while he may be down to just some spaghetti and marinara, that bottle of Chianti he got last year would be the perfect complement to that Italian feast.

Steak with a Cabernet Sauvignon

Cabernet Sauvignon is a red wine with a fruity, tannin-rich character. While it is generally known that red wine pairs with red meat, the particular duo of a Cabernet Sauvignon and any sort of steak, be it a ribeye or porterhouse, yields a greater and more flavorful payload than either element on its own.

Spaghetti and Meatballs with a Chianti

As previously mentioned, this is just one example of a winning combination of vittles and vino. While marinara offers a nice tomato flavor bolstered by herbs and seasonings and meatballs can add some protein and additional flavor to just the noodles and sauce, Chianti is a bold and fruity variety of wine that plays well with the acidity of tomato.

Mushrooms with Pinot Noir

Mushrooms are a great way to get an earthiness in your diet as well as some umami; a flavor found in foods like Parmesan cheese and a properly-cooked steak. Pinot Noir is a wine that has a lightness to its flavor while offering plenty of savory hints all its own. While any sort of mushroom dish will suffice for this pairing, there is nothing wrong with a pizza pie laden with ‘shrooms and paired with a glass of this particular wine.

Now, do not think that this entire article is dedicated to dinner pairings. There are more than enough other times beyond dinner where you might want to go looking through your wine cellar.

Apples with a Sweet Riesling

Whether you are serving apple pie, apple crumble, fritters or anything else involving a custard or pippin, the sweet variety of Riesling can be an amazing compliment to apple's native crisp fruitiness. Riesling is even more amazing when paired with apple-caramel dishes, making it great for fall gatherings.

Goat Cheese with Sauvignon Blanc

If you want to give something light for your dinner guests to enjoy before the main course arrives, consider pairing appetizers involving goat cheese with Sauvignon Blanc. The duo yields a flavor combination that blends dairy with fruit and a dryness that is quintessential of the libation.

Cheese Souffle with Dry Rosé

This particular combination of items is notable for not only being a satisfyingly tasty vegetarian pairing but also because it rhymes. Since dry rosés pair amazingly well with anything that can be rich or cheesy, a cheese souffle is one of the best tag team partners imaginable.

Cake with a Moscato

If you really want your birthday party to go off well, do yourself a favor and break out the Moscato d'Asti. This particular variety of vino is a white number that is well suited to desserts because of its light sparkle. While Moscato d'Asti works amazingly with a vanilla-flavored cake, Moscato Rosa is a better call if the birthday cake is a chocolate variety.

Milk Chocolate with Ruby Port

While wine and cheese are often regarded as luxurious, there is one tier above such a combination that you find when you blend wine with chocolate. If you have anything with a deliciously decadent level of milk chocolate involved, do your tastes buds a favor and enjoy it with a glass of ruby port to add even more richness and sweetness to your dessert.

While we have presented several wonderful suggestions for lovable food-wine combinations, this is only a small sampling of what you can find if you put your palate to the test. Consider these pairings as mere suggestions and see if you can discover one or more missing combinations you love.