As the COVID pushes millions of traditional gamblers online, online gambling flourishes: in 2020, the market size of the global online gambling industry reached $227 billion and employed over a million workers worldwide, and the trend is only gaining momentum as you read this.

But there are always two sides to a coin. On the one hand, there are gazillions of platforms for every taste. From old school slots to 3D games, live dealers, and VR games, you can find the game you love without any effort on thousands, if not dozens of thousands, websites. On the other hand, though, anyone can create a gambling website and launch an unsophisticated marketing campaign to steal money either by outright scamming unknowledgeable clientele or luring them into playing rigged games or playing under unfair conditions.

Anyway, whether you’re looking for a casino online PL, any other part of Europe, or even the US, you must know the gimmicks, tricks, and traps that some online casinos use to gain your attention and money.

Huge Bonuses with Exorbitant Wagering Requirement

As old as time, this trick has made billions of dollars for online casinos and is still working since the stream of inexperienced players never ends.

It works as follows: you browse through the web and suddenly notice a colorful banner promising you a bonus of a few hundred percent with no strings attached. You can’t believe your luck, make a deposit, and even get your well-deserved bonus. But then, all of a sudden, you cannot withdraw it until you complete the wagering requirements (in other words, until you wager a predefined amount of money—which is usually a lot, up to 100x your deposit—on the games in this casino). As a result, you have no other choice but to try it and likely lose all your bankroll.

How to avoid the trap: research the bonus offer through and through before depositing, paying special attention to the wagering requirements. Not necessarily are bonuses a trap, but the important information on them may be hidden or unclear. If so, as the last resort measure, you can ask the casino customer support for clarification, but it may be even better to leave the casino once you have any doubts regarding its bonus policy.

No Need for Verification… Unless You Want to Withdraw

Not all casinos will ask you for verification upon registration; but make no mistake, the lion’s share of them will not let you cash out your winnings—especially big ones—before you provide your ID and with a copy of utility bills.

There’s nothing bad in verification, though, as it is an integral part of the AML policies that most casinos strictly follow according to the rules of the jurisdiction in which they obtained a license. However, some casinos just omit the verification info, allowing you to register and play just like that and asking for the documents only when you are ready to withdraw. And while it’s not illegal—after all, all the info is there, in the casino terms and conditions section, you just didn’t bother to read it—it’s very discouraging, especially for those willing to remain private.

How to avoid the trap: skim through the withdrawal policies to find out what you need to successfully withdraw.

Inadequate Withdrawal Limits and Fees

It wouldn’t strike you to look for the withdrawal limits even before depositing, would it? And that’s what some cunning casinos count on. To safeguard yourself against withdrawal troubles, look for the following info in advance:

  • Withdrawal methods available for your country: the general list of payment methods won’t do as it doesn’t take into account the geographical specificities. Not all payment methods work for all countries.
  • Minimum and maximum withdrawal limits: a good sign is when the minimum withdrawal is $10 and there’s no upper limit. However, sometimes big withdrawals—that is, anything over $10,000—are paid in installments, which is a common practice.
  • Withdrawal fees: reputable casinos do not charge withdrawal fees.
  • Time of withdrawal: most casinos do not process withdrawals instantly as they first check your profile according to the AML policies; nevertheless, a reasonable withdrawal deadline is 24 to 48 hours.

How to avoid the trap: see #2.

No License at All: Not an Actual Trap, but a Very Dangerous Sign

The most horrible mistake you can make is to take chances with unlicensed casinos. There may be strong reasons to accept the risk—no-wagering bonuses, no need for verification, exotic games, etc—but none of them is worth risking your hard-earned money.

There are even no-registration casinos, which will allow you to play without opening an account with the casino. But then again, what are the guarantees that such a casino won’t go offline with all your money? That’s not something that will necessarily happen, but what’s necessary is reasonable risk management on your side.

How to avoid the trap: if you don’t know the casino, always check for a license. Avoid unlicensed casinos.