Commercial-grade plows have operating systems that allow you to control the blade from the cab of your vehicle. The controller is the main feature, and you should consider its ergonomic design and ease of use. It should be comfortable to hold and have easy-to-read buttons.

Stainless steel

When shopping for a new snow plow blade, consider stainless steel. This material has a longer life than standard steel blades. As a result, they can improve your plow's performance in various conditions.

This innovative design provides low-trip and high-trip protection. Added features include flared wings with enhanced curl and a multi-position blade for moving large amounts of snow.

There are many types of Snow Plow Replacement Blades. There are straight plows, V-Plows, winged, and rear-mounted types. Each has benefits and drawbacks. When shopping for a snow plow blade, think about the type of property you own. For example, if you own a commercial property, you'll want a large blade with a lot of surface area, while a residential property will need a blade no bigger than 8 feet.

Stainless steel plows are more durable than poly plows and are better at repelling snow. They also won't fade like colored plows. However, there are some drawbacks to stainless steel. Both materials have the same benefits, but stainless steel plows tend to be a bit more expensive.


Urethane Snow Plow Blades are extremely durable and have several benefits over metal blades. They are also more affordable and have a longer lifespan. This type of cutting-edge is ideal for various applications, from driveways to sidewalks.

The abrasion resistance of urethane cutting edges makes them an excellent choice for many plowing contracts. However, property owners prohibit many companies from using steel cutting edges. Also, urethane blades reduce vibrations inside the cab, greatly benefiting plows moving on uneven surfaces.

Some cities and towns have mandated polyurethane snow plow edges, which are 30 percent more durable than rubber ones. In addition to being more durable, they're also more marketable, which is a key benefit if you own a snow plow business. In addition, polyurethane edges are rigid enough to penetrate the pavement. Polyurethane edges can also be purchased pre-punched, which makes them less likely to break when plows hit them.

Urethane snow plow blades also reduce fatigue and vibration. As a result, they are much quieter during operation and less likely to cause any damage to pavement markings or submerged lighting. These benefits make them an attractive option for airport snowplows.


A carbide snow plow blade is a steel blade with a single carbide insert brazed to its face. The carbide provides a perfect balance between abrasion resistance and impact protection. Its sharp edges cut through hard-packed snow on the first pass and can handle deep, icy conditions. Carbide snow plow blades are also available with serrated edges. The square or trapezoid blocks on the blade easily identify the serrated edges.

When choosing a carbide snow plow blade, there are several factors to consider. First, the cutting edge wears out quickly. The faster the cutting edge is, the more wear it will suffer. Large, open parking lots can be cleared at high speed, while narrow driveways require slower speeds—also, different types of material wear at different rates. For example, rubber-cutting edges will wear more quickly than carbide-cutting edges.

Carbide snow plow blades also last longer than traditional steel blades. This is because carbide is 20 times harder than carbon and heat-treated steel. As a result, these plow blades have lower costs and higher wear life than traditional steel blades. These blades also provide excellent corrosion resistance and are ideal for highway plowing.

Snow plows can also be equipped with rubber blades. This snowplow blade offers flexibility and is effective for light, fluffy snow. The rubber blades are available in pre-punched and slotted blades and can be custom-fitted for the plow. However, a rubber snow plow blade requires a stabilization bar and longer cutting-edge bolts.