Today, not only US residents but also numerous migrants are in pursuit of the American dream. To become free and secure in a country of great opportunities is an understandable desire and, as practice shows, quite feasible. Of course, not everyone succeeds in settling in a new place without disappointment and despair. But wisely using the experience of those who had previously emigrated, improving their language skills, and making valuable contacts, one can make a worthy career in America. To understand what kind of specialists the local labor market needs, we recommend using the popular job search engines. In this article, we have selected the best job search sites in the USA for your convenience.

Is there a “Best Search Engine in the US”?

Just like with any other IT product, there is no universal solution for job seekers: some prefer large job aggregators, others—specialized sites for a particular industry. Some people prefer receiving newsletters with job proposals; others are annoyed with the abundance of “spam letters” from numerous search sites. As you can suggest, all this is a matter of taste. To make this review, we used Lensa’s research to understand the market landscape and make our own conclusions. Here is the selection of the best search engine sites for job seekers in the US:

1. Monster

As the pioneer of global online recruiting, has continued to improve its job search tools and use its own statistical findings. So, urging candidates to create compact but memorable resumes, Monster refers to its own analytics: it turns out that the average American employer spends only half a minute checking a CV. Almost all the functionality of the portal has been placed on the Monster main page:

  • Data entry windows for quick search;
  • Clickable icons to navigate to career advice, resume templates, and salary calculator;
  • Lists of popular positions and companies;
  • “Buttons” for subscribing to notifications and downloading applications for gadgets.

In addition to text ads, the site offers a selection of video invitations to work in their companies.

2. Indeed

Indeed calls itself not just an online job exchange but also a lab for hire. Such a definition is justified by Indeed’s regular research, surveys, and reports, which are available to all visitors to the resource. The platform regularly informs about trends in the US employment market, ranks local companies based on feedback from existing and potential employees, compares salaries by industry and specialty, and publishes successful employment stories. Job catalogs are formed by keywords, company names, positions, territories, and sectors of the economy.

3. ZipRecruiter

The portal was registered in 2010 as a tool to help small businesses recruit. Subsequently, companies with impressive capital also became users of the service. It has a universal set of vacancies. However, there are really a few offers for low-skilled personnel in the site’s directories. ZipRecruiter specifically organizes work with resumes: when leaving responses online, it is permissible to create a CV in any quantity. However, only one option can be stored in the site database, which is available for viewing by all employers.

4. CareerJet

CareerJet is a US global aggregator that contains over 2.5 million job offers from recruitment agency websites and direct employers. Ads are cataloged by location, job title, keywords, employment format, and search frequency. The platform offers previews of job descriptions, and their detailed study and responses are possible by switching to the source site. When the user marks a certain vacancy, a list of similar ads automatically drops out.

5. Career Builder

The CareerBuilder resource is among the top 3 in terms of attendance—its job selection attracts 23-25 ​​million job seekers every month. It also has a strong position in terms of the credibility of registered employers, among which there are many representatives of the Fortune-1000 list—the largest US companies. The search for candidates is organized by entering data on the position and location of the employer and by selecting from a list of popular positions. When enabling filters, you can search by salary, date of publication of the announcement, and other criteria.

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Alternative Options

If you are not confident in your abilities, you can try to find a job through recruiting agencies. They will help with the preparation of a competent resume and with a job search. There are agencies where the employer pays for posting ads, and there are those where the applicant will also be required to pay for services. If you’re considering the second option, choose agencies that only ask for fees after you’ve successfully passed an interview and been hired.

If you are a highly qualified specialist, you can try your luck in one of the best US recruiting agencies according to Forbes. Such agencies select candidates to work in the financial sector, lawyers, as well as high-tech specialists. If you’re looking for a low-skill job that doesn’t require particular skills, consider agencies that specialize in hiring immigrants.

America is a country of immigrants, where everyone once started from scratch. There are enough opportunities for growth and development here; all you need is your desire and a bit of luck.